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Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew

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Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew

Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew Book
Author : Sherrie Eldridge
Publisher : Delta
Release : 2009-10-07
ISBN : 0307570819
File Size : 21,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew Book PDF/Epub Download

"Birthdays may be difficult for me." "I want you to take the initiative in opening conversations about my birth family." "When I act out my fears in obnoxious ways, please hang in there with me." "I am afraid you will abandon me." The voices of adopted children are poignant, questioning. And they tell a familiar story of loss, fear, and hope. This extraordinary book, written by a woman who was adopted herself, gives voice to children's unspoken concerns, and shows adoptive parents how to free their kids from feelings of fear, abandonment, and shame. With warmth and candor, Sherrie Eldridge reveals the twenty complex emotional issues you must understand to nurture the child you love--that he must grieve his loss now if he is to receive love fully in the future--that she needs honest information about her birth family no matter how painful the details may be--and that although he may choose to search for his birth family, he will always rely on you to be his parents. Filled with powerful insights from children, parents, and experts in the field, plus practical strategies and case histories that will ring true for every adoptive family, Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew is an invaluable guide to the complex emotions that take up residence within the heart of the adopted child--and within the adoptive home.

20 Things Adoptive Parents Need to Succeed

20 Things Adoptive Parents Need to Succeed Book
Author : Sherrie Eldridge
Publisher : Delta
Release : 2009-10-27
ISBN : 0385341628
File Size : 38,7 Mb
Language : Ennglish


20 Things Adoptive Parents Need to Succeed Book PDF/Epub Download

Do I have what it takes to be a successful adoptive parent? Does my child consider me a successful parent? Will I ever hear my rebellious teen say, “I love you”? What tools do I need to succeed? In her groundbreaking first book, Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew, Sherrie Eldridge gave voice to the very real concerns of adopted children, whose unique perspectives offered unprecedented insight. In this all-new companion volume, Eldridge goes beyond those insights and shifts her focus to parents, offering them much-needed encouragement and hope. Speaking from her own experience as an adoptee and an expert in the field of adoption, Eldridge shares proven strategies and the moving narratives of nearly one hundred adoptive families, helping parents gain a deeper understanding of what is normal, both for their children and themselves. By first strengthening yourself as a parent, you’ll be able to truly listen to your child, and to connect with him on every level, by opening the channels of communication and keeping them open forever. Then you and your child can grow closer through the practical exercises at the end of every chapter. Discover how to • be confident that your role in your child’s life is vital and irreplaceable • pass on the legacy of healthy self-care by assessing and regulating your stress • communicate unconditional love to your child • talk candidly with your child about her adoption and her birth family • teach your family how to respond positively to insensitive remarks about adoption • connect with other adoptive families–and build a support network • plus learn to become a “warrior” parent…settle the “real parent” question…cope with emotional triggers–what to do when you “lose it” . . . celebrate the miracle of your family…and much more

Questions Adoptees are Asking

Questions Adoptees are Asking Book
Author : Sherrie Eldridge
Publisher : NavPress Publishing Group
Release : 2009
ISBN : 9781600065958
File Size : 34,7 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Questions Adoptees are Asking Book PDF/Epub Download

More than 70 adoptees share their stories and questions concerning adoption. A great resource for adult adoptees.

Talking with Young Children about Adoption

Talking with Young Children about Adoption Book
Author : Mary Watkins,Susan Fisher,Susan M. Fisher
Publisher : Yale University Press
Release : 1995-02-01
ISBN : 9780300063172
File Size : 54,7 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Talking with Young Children about Adoption Book PDF/Epub Download

Discusses how young children make sense of the fact that they are adopted with 20 accounts of parents talking to their children about adoption.

Under His Wings

Under His Wings Book
Author : Sherrie Eldridge,Beth Miller
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2012-07-01
ISBN : 9780615629216
File Size : 41,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Under His Wings Book PDF/Epub Download

Under His Wings is a life-changing resource for: - adoptees - orphans - foster children - children waiting to be adopted Effective for children, ages nine and upward. Also, orphan ministry training materials for leaders. Healing tool for parents and children to complete together.

Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish

Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Book
Author : Sherrie Eldridge
Publisher : New Hope Publishers
Release : 2015-10-05
ISBN : 1596699167
File Size : 22,8 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Book PDF/Epub Download

Twenty Things Adoptive Kids Wish devotional gives adoptive families encouragement as they seek God to work through the emotions unique to their family. Daily 365 inspiring devotions are filled with scripture and authentic insight into the heart of adopted children. Powerful prayer prompts help you navigate through difficult topics such as rejection, the missing faces in their lives, and much more. As you pray together through these tough topics, you will become the greatest prayer warrior for your adopted child and God will knit your hearts together in His love.

Parenting the Hurt Child

Parenting the Hurt Child Book
Author : Gregory Keck,Regina Kupecky
Publisher : Tyndale House
Release : 2014-02-27
ISBN : 1615214542
File Size : 32,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Parenting the Hurt Child Book PDF/Epub Download

The world is full of hurt children, and bringing one into your home can quickly derail the easy family life you once knew. Get effective suggestions, wisdom, and advice to parent the hurt child in your life. The best hope for tragedy prevention is knowledge! Updated and revised.

Forever Fingerprints

Forever Fingerprints Book
Author : Sherrie Eldridge
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2020-08-21
ISBN : 9781787756632
File Size : 25,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Forever Fingerprints Book PDF/Epub Download

An uplifting children's picture book about an adopted child who realises that her fingerprints alone give her a special connection to her birth parents.

What White Parents Should Know about Transracial Adoption

What White Parents Should Know about Transracial Adoption Book
Author : Melissa Guida-Richards
Publisher : North Atlantic Books
Release : 2021-10-05
ISBN : 1623175836
File Size : 33,5 Mb
Language : Ennglish


What White Parents Should Know about Transracial Adoption Book PDF/Epub Download

The White Fragility for transracial adoption--practical tools for nurturing identity, unlearning white saviorism, and fixing the mistakes you don't even know you're making. If you're the white parent of a transracially or internationally adopted child, you may have been told that if you try your best and work your hardest, good intentions and a whole lot of love will be enough to give your child the security, attachment, and nurturing family life they need to thrive. The only problem? It's not true. What White Parents Need to Know About Transracial Adoption breaks down the dynamics that frequently fly under the radar of the whitewashed, happily-ever-after adoption stories we hear so often. Written by Melissa Guida-Richards--a transracial, transnational, and late-discovery adoptee--this book unpacks the mistakes you don't even know you're making and gives you the real-life tools to be the best parent you can be, to the child you love more than anything. From original research, personal stories, and interviews with parents and adoptees, you'll learn: • What parents wish they'd known before they adopted--and what kids wish their adoptive parents had done differently • What white privilege, white saviorism, and toxic positivity are...and how they show up, even when you don't mean it • How your child might feel and experience the world differently than you • All about microaggressions, labeling, and implicit bias • How to help your child connect with their cultural heritage through language, food, music, and clothing • The 5 stages of grief for adoptive parents • How to start tough conversations, work with defensiveness, and process guilt

The Post Adoption Blues

The Post Adoption Blues Book
Author : Karen J. Foli,John R. Thompson
Publisher : Rodale Books
Release : 2004-08-07
ISBN : 1609616103
File Size : 28,7 Mb
Language : Ennglish


The Post Adoption Blues Book PDF/Epub Download

Over 150,000 people adopt children each year, and more than 2 million parents are now raising adopted children and grandchildren. While the path to parenting through adoption is rich with rewards and fulfillment, it's not without its bumps. This compassionate, illuminating, and ultimately uplifting book is the first to openly recognize the very normal feelings of stress that adoptive families encounter as they cope with the challenges and expectations of their new families. Where do parents turn when the waited-for bonding with their adopted child is slow to form? When they find themselves grieving over the birth child they couldn't have? When the child they so eagerly welcomed into their home arrives with major, unexpected needs? Until now, adoptive parents have had to struggle silently with their feelings, which can range from flutters of anxiety to unbearable sadness. At last, Karen J. Foli, a registered nurse, and her husband, John R. Thompson, a psychiatrist, lift the curtain of secrecy from "Post Adoption Depression Syndrome" (PADS). Drawing on their own experience as adoptive parents as well as interviews with dozens of adoptive families and experts in the field, the couple offers parents the understanding, support, and concrete solutions they need to overcome post-adoption blues-and open their hearts to the joy adoption can bring.

In on it

In on it Book
Author : Elisabeth O'Toole
Publisher : Fig Press, LLC
Release : 2010-10
ISBN : 9780982876503
File Size : 24,7 Mb
Language : Ennglish


In on it Book PDF/Epub Download

One adoption social worker called In On It "the adoption book for everyone else": the grandparents and friends, neighbors and colleagues, aunts and uncles, teachers and caregivers of adoptive families. In On It contains helpful advice and instructive anecdotes from adoptive parents, adult adoptees, adoption professionals, and the friends and relatives of already established adoptive families. The author, an adoptive parent herself, has written an informative, friendly and very useful adoption guide that informs and enlightens readers even as it offers them a warm welcome into adoption.

Adoption Parenting

Adoption Parenting Book
Author : Jean MacLeod,Sheena Macrae
Publisher : Emk Press
Release : 2006
ISBN : 9780972624459
File Size : 32,8 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Adoption Parenting Book PDF/Epub Download

This book is a virtual one-step shop for adoption information for readers at any knowledge level . . . Strongly recommended for all public libraries and for all large university social science collections.--Lynn C. Maxwell, "Library Journal."


Adopting Book
Author : Patricia Irwin Johnston
Publisher : Perspectives Press (IN)
Release : 2008-01
ISBN : 9780944934340
File Size : 34,8 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Adopting Book PDF/Epub Download

Advance readers of Adopting: Sound Choices, Strong Families offer these comments (and more, see page 1) about this new book by the author of Taking Charge of Infertility, Adopting after Infertility, Launching a Baby's Adoption and Adoption Is a Family Affair! Adopting: Sound Choices, Strong Families is a "must-read" for anyone considering adoption. With compassion and candor, it helps sort out the emotional, relational and practical aspects of the journey to family-building through adoption. Pat's warm and direct style gives readers the courage to face the losses they have experienced so they can continue exploring adoption as a means to parenthood. Specifically, readers will be empowered to: Regain a sense of control over their lives, Decide whether they are honestly open to the idea of adoption, Understand the central issues of attachment and adoptive family life, Feel confident in their decision to pursue-or not-adoption as a viable option, Make informed decisions about the details of the adoption process, Embrace their decision to adopt with practical support and information, Navigate the first few months after placement with realistic expectations and practical information. Book jacket.

Being Adopted

Being Adopted Book
Author : David M. Brodzinsky,Marshall D. Schecter,Robin Marantz Henig
Publisher : Anchor
Release : 1993-03-01
ISBN : 0385414269
File Size : 42,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Being Adopted Book PDF/Epub Download

Like Passages, this groundbreaking book uses the poignant, powerful voices of adoptees and adoptive parents to explore the experience of adoption and its lifelong effects. A major work, filled with astute analysis and moving truths.

10 Steps to Successful International Adoption

10 Steps to Successful International Adoption Book
Author : Brenda K. Uekert
Publisher : Third Ave Press
Release : 2007
ISBN : 9780978943400
File Size : 52,5 Mb
Language : Ennglish


10 Steps to Successful International Adoption Book PDF/Epub Download

What prospective adoptive parent wouldn't delight in this incredible mixture of research, practical tools, and reflections from fellow adoptive parents? Dr. Uekert speaks with the wisdom of a coach and the heart of a mother. I consider this book a must read for those who are adopting internationally. -Sherrie Eldridge, Author of Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew Ten Steps to Successful International Adoption is the definitive adoption guide. It is a concise, inspirational workbook that will help you make educated decisions and move forward in your adoption plans. Learn how to successfully complete an adoption by finding the best country from which to adopt, securing the services of a top-notch agency, paying for adoption expenses without going broke, sailing through the home study, traveling to a foreign country with ease, crafting an adjustment plan for your child, and building connections to your child's birth culture. Carefully orchestrated action steps will lead you toward your ultimate goal. In addition, you get:

Parenting Your Adopted Older Child

Parenting Your Adopted Older Child Book
Author : Brenda McCreight
Publisher : New Harbinger Publications
Release : 2002
ISBN : 9781572242845
File Size : 43,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Parenting Your Adopted Older Child Book PDF/Epub Download

This comprehensive guide provides specific parenting strategies for the growing number of people who adopt children over two years old. Parents learn to identify their child's needs, meet such challenges as aggressive behavior and attention deficit disorder, and create a sense of belonging.

Honestly Adoption

Honestly Adoption Book
Author : Mike Berry,Kristin Berry
Publisher : Harvest House Publishers
Release : 2019-08-06
ISBN : 0736976795
File Size : 38,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Honestly Adoption Book PDF/Epub Download

Discover What Adoption and Foster Care Really Look Like If you are considering adoption or foster care or are already somewhere in this difficult and complicated process, you need trusted information from people who have been where you are. Mike and Kristin Berry have adopted eight children and cared for another 23 kids in their nine-year stint as foster parents. They aren’t just experts. They have experienced every emotional high and low and encountered virtually every situation imaginable as parents. Now, they want to share what they’ve learned with you. Get the answers you need to the following questions, and many more: Should I foster parent or adopt? How do I know? What is the first step in becoming an adoptive or foster parent? What are the benefits of an open versus closed adoption? How and when do I tell my child that he or she is adopted? How do I help my child embrace his or her cultural and racial identity? Honestly Adoption will provide you with practical, down-to-earth advice to make good decisions in your own adoption and foster parenting journey and give you the help and hope you need.

Wounded Children Healing Homes

Wounded Children  Healing Homes Book
Author : Jayne Schooler,Betsy Keefer Smalley,Timothy Callahan
Publisher : Tyndale House
Release : 2014-02-27
ISBN : 1615215220
File Size : 22,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Wounded Children Healing Homes Book PDF/Epub Download

Why doesn’t our child return our love? What are we failing to understand? What are we failing to do? These questions can fill the minds of adoptive parents caring for wounded, traumatized children. Families often enter into this experience with high expectations for their child and for themselves but are broadsided by shattered assumptions. This book addresses the reality of those unmet expectations and offers validation and solutions for the challenges of parenting deeply traumatized and emotionally disturbed children.

What to Expect When You re Adopting

What to Expect When You re Adopting    Book
Author : Dr Ian Palmer
Publisher : Random House
Release : 2009-04-02
ISBN : 1407027263
File Size : 44,5 Mb
Language : Ennglish


What to Expect When You re Adopting Book PDF/Epub Download

As would-be parents cycle through the adoption process, they balance anxiety and fear with the life-altering decision of adoption. The emotional toll of this dance can be completely overwhelming and can confuse parents while navigating the decisions of how to expand their families. Drawing on extensive research and the author's own experience of being adopted, What to Expect When You're Adopting... does not gloss over the realities of the adoption process, but rather leads parents through the many stages and emotional aspects involved and offer practical and sensitive advice allowing you to: - Make crucial decisions with confidence - Build a strong foundation for your family - Separate the myths about adopted children from the realities - Discover the key to healthy attachment with your child Dr Ian Palmer will also deal with the issues of single-parent adoption, infertility and, unusually, the option of remaining childless.

Raising Adopted Children Revised Edition

Raising Adopted Children  Revised Edition Book
Author : Lois Ruskai Melina
Publisher : Harper Collins
Release : 2010-09-07
ISBN : 0062014374
File Size : 51,8 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Raising Adopted Children Revised Edition Book PDF/Epub Download

In this completely revised and updated edition of Raising Adopted Children, Lois Melina, editor of Adopted Child newsletter and the mother of two children by adoption, draws on the latest research in psychology, sociology, and medicine to guide parents through all stages of their child's development. Melina addresses the pressing adoption issues of today, such as open adoption, international adoption, and transracial adoption, and answers parents' most frequently asked questions, such as: How will my child "bond" or form attachments to me? When and how should I tell my child that he was adopted? What should schools be told about my child? Will adoption make adolescent upheavals more complicated? Up-to-date, sensitive, and clear, Raising Adopted Children is the definitive resource for all adoptive parents and concerned professionals.

In Their Voices

In Their Voices Book
Author : Rhonda M. Roorda
Publisher : Columbia University Press
Release : 2015-11-03
ISBN : 0231540485
File Size : 44,8 Mb
Language : Ennglish


In Their Voices Book PDF/Epub Download

While many proponents of transracial adoption claim that American society is increasingly becoming "color-blind," a growing body of research reveals that for transracial adoptees of all backgrounds, racial identity does matter. Rhonda M. Roorda elaborates significantly on that finding, specifically studying the effects of the adoption of black and biracial children by white parents. She incorporates diverse perspectives on transracial adoption by concerned black Americans of various ages, including those who lived through Jim Crow and the Civil Rights era. All her interviewees have been involved either personally or professionally in the lives of transracial adoptees, and they offer strategies for navigating systemic racial inequalities while affirming the importance of black communities in the lives of transracial adoptive families. In Their Voices is for parents, child-welfare providers, social workers, psychologists, educators, therapists, and adoptees from all backgrounds who seek clarity about this phenomenon. The author examines how social attitudes and federal policies concerning transracial adoption have changed over the last several decades. She also includes suggestions on how to revise transracial adoption policy to better reflect the needs of transracial adoptive families. Perhaps most important, In Their Voices is packed with advice for parents who are invested in nurturing a positive self-image in their adopted children of color and the crucial perspectives those parents should consider when raising their children. It offers adoptees of color encouragement in overcoming discrimination and explains why a "race-neutral" environment, maintained by so many white parents, is not ideal for adoptees or their families.