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The Tax And Legal Playbook

Download The Tax And Legal Playbook Full eBooks in PDF, EPUB, and kindle. The Tax And Legal Playbook is one my favorite book and give us some inspiration, very enjoy to read. you could read this book anywhere anytime directly from your device. This site is like a library, Use search box in the widget to get ebook that you want.

The Tax and Legal Playbook

The Tax and Legal Playbook Book
Author : Mark J. Kohler
Publisher : Entrepreneur Press
Release : 2019-07-23
ISBN : 161308403X
File Size : 22,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


The Tax and Legal Playbook Book PDF/Epub Download

The Tax Rules Have Changed. Your Business Should, Too. The Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 marks the biggest tax reform in more than 30 years. The changes to the tax code are complex (especially for the small-business owner), but you don't have to go it alone. CPA and Attorney Mark J. Kohler delivers a comprehensive analysis of the new tax and legal structure you desperately need to help make the new tax law work for you. In this revised edition of The Tax and Legal Playbook, Kohler reveals clear-cut truths about tax and legal planning and delivers a practical, play-by-play guide that helps you build wealth, save on taxes, and protect your assets. Using real-world case studies, tax-savvy tips, game plans, and discussion points, Kohler coaches you through the complexities of the tax game of the small-business owner. You'll also learn how to: Examine your business needs and pick the right business entity for you Build your personal and corporate credit in eight steps Implement affordable asset protection strategies Take advantage of underutilized business tax deductions Pick the right health-care, retirement, and estate plans Bring on partners and investors the right way Plan for your future with self-directed retirement funds Reading from cover to cover or refer to each chapter as needed, you will come away wiser and better equipped to make the best decisions for your business, your family, and yourself.

What Your CPA Isn t Telling You

What Your CPA Isn t Telling You Book
Author : Mark J. Kohler
Publisher : Entrepreneur Press
Release : 2011-03-01
ISBN : 1613080263
File Size : 32,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


What Your CPA Isn t Telling You Book PDF/Epub Download

Tackling the fundamental question asked by all taxpayers – “How can I save on my taxes?,” attorney and CPA Mark Kohler empowers frustrated taxpayers to dismiss the common CPA jargon that their tax payment “is what it is” and ignore widely used tax talk like “you just make too much money.” Kohler reveals 8 life-changing tax principles, and teaches both wage earners and business owners how to apply fundamental, but underutilized tax strategies to achieve huge tax savings, greater wealth, and ultimately, a winning pursuit of the American Dream. Kohler presents wage earners with applicable strategies beyond writing off mortgage interest and contributing more to their IRA. Following the story of a typical family, tax payers discover the undeniable benefit of owning a side/or small business, how hiring their spouse and children can help their bottom line, the financial windfall that comes with owning rental real estate, and the secret success behind self directing their retirement plan, which is something 9 out of 10 CPAs don’t know or don’t talk about! Small business owners uncover new avenues for adding to their bottom line including how to save on health care and legitimate bookkeeping techniques that can put thousands back in their pocket—all illustrated through checklists, charts and templates available in the additional resources toolkit provided by Kohler.

The Not a Tax Book Tax Book

The  Not a Tax Book  Tax Book Book
Author : Andrew Stevens, EA, MBA,Ea Mba Andrew L Stevens,Michael York, EA
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2020-01-28
ISBN : 0987650XXX
File Size : 50,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


The Not a Tax Book Tax Book Book PDF/Epub Download

When it comes to taxes, do you know what you don't know? Taxes don't have to be taxing, take control of your finances and learn the secrets of sophisticated tax strategies from professionals! Put money in your pocket with easy to read relatable stories of real people, just like you!* Powerful tax strategies in every story!* Save $$$ this year and every year after that!* Stories conclude with "Questions for your tax professional", so you will always know the right questions to ask.* Each story is easy to read and self-contained, skip straight to the stories that relate to YOU!* Tax Tips for small business owners, read how to save money without spending a dime and so many more, WOW!* Tax Tips for W2 employees, read about RMD tricks, "Bunching", Backdoor Roth's, using college savings accounts to buy a beach house and much MORE!* DON'T GO THERE DOUG! Examples of how to avoid "tax traps" and pitfalls.* Don't miss out on tax saving strategies any longer!Wouldn't it be great if there was a tax book that anyone could read and understand, that wasn't boring, and that actually had great information that you could use today to start saving money? Unlike tax books filed with complicated tax codes, The "Not a Tax Book" Tax Book helps you discover tax reduction strategies through the success stories of real people, just like you.This easy read is packed full of information that will provide you with strategies to save taxes and put your money back where it belongs―in your bank account. If you own a small business and want to maximize your tax benefit, this book is for you! Do you own a rental, contribute to 401K's, IRA's, HSA's, 529's or other accounts with letters and numbers? Then this book is for you! This book gives you the answers you need quickly, with straightforward guidance that will give you a tremendous head start toward keeping more cash in your pocket every month and year after year. About the authors: Michael A. York, EA (Michael A. York & Associates, Salt Lake City, UT) literally grew up in a CPA firm - his dad didn't teach him how to fix anything, he taught Michael how to deduct it, and Michael has spent decades focusing on nothing but taxes. Andrew L. Stevens, EA, MBA (Houston Tax Advisors, Houston, TX) began working in that same tax firm in 1999, and has since gone to business school, worked in management consulting, started a business and sold it, all while remaining grounded to his roots in taxes. When Michael and Andrew sat down to compare notes, they started with the question, "What is the best thing we have found to educate clients about tax strategy?" Their answers were identical: relatable stories! No one likes code sections and very few understand tax language, but everyone can relate to (and remember!) real stories about real people. So they wrote a book full of real stories about how real people save real money on their taxes, and the best part is that you can use these strategies, too! Taxes don't need to tax you anymore!Need a tax professional? Contact The York Tax GroupTel: (801) [email protected]

8 Steps to Start and Grow Your Business

8 Steps to Start and Grow Your Business Book
Author : Mark Kohler
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2018-10
ISBN : 9781724208903
File Size : 22,5 Mb
Language : Ennglish


8 Steps to Start and Grow Your Business Book PDF/Epub Download

This is not just a workbook! Here is what is also included when you purchase 8 Steps: * 49+ Videos * 12+ Webinars/Podcasts * PDF Version also available * Downloadable Business Plan, Marketing Plan, and Strategic Plan * 8 Live Training Sessions (live & recorded)Learn from one of the Nation's Best Selling Authors and an actual Attorney and CPA on How to Start Your Business Today! Ever thought of starting your own small business- but thought it was too hard or had no idea where to start? Then this is the workbook for you! Listen to invaluable legal and tax advice given by Best Selling author and CPA/Attorney Mark Kohler, all which are geared toward helping you succeed in your dreams of being your own boss- and live well while doing so! No matter what your age, income, or current status in small business 'start-up' mode you will find material here to be truly invaluable and guaranteed to save you thousands in lawsuits, issues with the government or IRS and general heartache. Buy with confidence knowing we offer a 100% 30-day money back guarantee!

Lawyers are Liars

Lawyers are Liars Book
Author : Mark J. Kohler
Publisher : Lambert Munz
Release : 2007
ISBN : 9780979738500
File Size : 50,7 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Lawyers are Liars Book PDF/Epub Download

Are all Lawyers Liars? Of course not! But some lawyers are, and others who are not lawyers use that charge to sell the unsuspecting public asset protection structures or strategies that are outright lies. Until now, no other professional has been willing to call out the frauds and cheats in this powerful industry where self-professed experts and do-it-yourself hacks wreak havoc on the innocent just wanting to protect their assets. Mark Kohler exposes the liars and tells us the truth! In Lawyers are Liars, Mark explains the strategies that actually work to protect our assets and uses more than 270 footnotes to do it, quoting and referencing the true experts around the country. Undoubtedly, this book will become a desktop resource for not only the average middle income American wanting to protect his or her assets, but attorneys, estate planners and financial professionals guiding their clients through this complex area of the law.

Tax Free Wealth

Tax Free Wealth Book
Author : Tom Wheelwright
Publisher : RDA Press, LLC
Release : 2013-02-28
ISBN : 1937832406
File Size : 52,7 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Tax Free Wealth Book PDF/Epub Download

Tax-Free Wealth is about tax planning concepts. It’s about how to use your country’s tax laws to your benefit. In this book, Tom Wheelwright will tell you how the tax laws work. And how they are designed to reduce your taxes, not to increase your taxes. Once you understand this basic principle, you no longer need to be afraid of the tax laws. They are there to help you and your business—not to hinder you. Once you understand the basic principles of tax reduction, you can begin, immediately, reducing your taxes. Eventually, you may even be able to legally eliminate your income taxes and drastically reduce your other taxes. Once you do that, you can live a life of Tax-Free Wealth.

The Practical Playbook

The Practical Playbook Book
Author : J. Lloyd Michener,Denise Koo,Brian C. Castrucci,James Baird Sprague
Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA
Release : 2016
ISBN : 019022214X
File Size : 26,8 Mb
Language : Ennglish


The Practical Playbook Book PDF/Epub Download

Why a practical playbook for partnerships between public health and primary care? / Denise Koo, J. Lloyd Michener, James B. Sprague, Brian C. Castrucci -- The value of public health and primary care partnerships / Brian C. Castrucci, J. Lloyd Michener, Densie Koo, James B. Sprague -- Primary care and public health: partners for population health / Julie K. Wood -- The value of integration : public health, primary care, and beyond / Paul E. Jarris, Katie Sellers -- Principles of partnerships between public health and primary care / J. Lloyd Michener, Brian C. Castrucci, Denise Koo -- Stages of partnerships between public health and primary care / J. Lloyd Michener, Brian C. Castrucci -- How to have difficult conversations / Justine Strand de Oliveira -- Group dynamics / Mina Silberberg, Seamus Bhatt-Mackin -- Pitching your project / Justine Strand de Oliveira -- Positioned for sustainability / Karen J. Minyard, Amanda Phillips Martinez, Tanisa Adimu -- The role of early wins in long-term success / Frederick S. Johnson -- The value of early wins in be well Lake County / Christina Arnold -- Challenges of working together / Lara Snyder -- Starting off on the right foot: a communication strategy is essential / Karen Remley -- Leveraging media / Kate Reuterswärd -- The practice of public health and how it is changing / Brian C. Castrucci, Hugh H. Tilson, Denise Koo, Jonathon P. Leider -- The changing landscape of primary care / Andrew Bazemore, Russell Phillips, Robert L. Phillips, Jr -- Addressing social determinants of health / Mina Silberberg, Brian C. Castrucci -- Creating a culture of health in Cambridge, MA / Claude-Alix Jacob, Susan Feinberg -- Community health assessments : past, present, and future / Kevin Barnett, Sara Rosenbaum -- Community health needs assessments benefit communities and hospitals alike / Philip Alberti, Ivy Baer -- Leveraging the affordable care act for population health / Eduardo Sanchez -- Partnering with Medicaid, Medicare, public health, and primary care to improve health outcomes / Sharon G. Moffatt, Monica Valdes Lupi, Kathleen Nolan -- Working with accountable care organizations / Joanne M. Conroy, Clese Erikson, Coleen Kivlahan -- Local health departments and a primary care safety net / Robert M. Pestronk -- Co-locating primary care and public health services / Michelle J. Lyn -- Return on investment and economic evaluation / Steven M. Teutsch, Denise Koo, Scott D. Grosse -- The promise and power of using data together / Brian C. Castrucci, Hugh H. Tilson, David A. Ross -- Working with data / Mina Silberberg, Denise Koo, Raymond J. King -- Metrics : how to select them, how to use them / Mina Silberberg, Denise Koo -- Use of electronic health records for population health / Denise Koo, Raymond J. King, Seth Foldy -- Electronic health records : forging common ground for primary care and public health / Dave Ross -- Public and population health it in the age of EHRS and the ACA : expert perspectives on current trends / John W. Loonsk -- Using geographic health information systems (GHIS) for population health / Joshua L. Tootoo, Brian C. Castrucci, Pamela Maxson, Michele Casper, Marie Lynn Miranda -- Shared space : using geography to identify relationships and increase understanding in primary care and public health / Robert L. Phillips, Jr, Andrew Bazemore -- Data and the future of public health / Jeffrey Engel -- San Diego, CA, promotes healthy weight to improve community health / Shaila Serpas, Christina Khaokham, Sharon Hillidge, Virginia Watson -- Indiana reduces the burden of asthma / Virginia Watson -- "Top-down" and "bottom-up" initiatives create a comprehensive prescription drug overdose prevention program in North Carolina / Virginia Watson

The Practical Playbook II

The Practical Playbook II Book
Author : J. Lloyd Michener,Brian C. Castrucci,Don W. Bradley
Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA
Release : 2019
ISBN : 0190936010
File Size : 47,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


The Practical Playbook II Book PDF/Epub Download

The definitive guide to the secret sauce of improving public and population health Nontraditional collaborations have produced some of the most sweeping, health-improving results in recent memory. But whether it's public/private, cross-discipline, or interagency, the formula for identifying these partnerships -- not to mention making them work -- remains very much in progress. The Practical Playbook II is the first resource to elucidate what works (and what doesn't) when it comes to collaborating for change in and around health. It brings together voices of experience and authority to answer this topic's most challenging questions and provide guideposts for applying what they've learned to today's thorniest problems. Readers will find answers to common and advanced questions around multisector partnerships, including: · Identifying sectors and actors that can help to collaborate to improve health · Best practices for initial engagement · Specifics related to collaborations with government, business, faith communities, and other types of partners · The role of data in establishing and running a partnership · Scaling up to maximize impact and remain sustainable · The role of financing · Implications for policy Written in practical terms that will resonate with readers from any background and sector, The Practical Playbook II is the resource that today's helping professions need -- and a roadmap for the next generation of health-improving partnerships.

Tax Strategies for the Small Business Owner

Tax Strategies for the Small Business Owner Book
Author : Russell Fox
Publisher : Apress
Release : 2013-01-04
ISBN : 9781430248422
File Size : 30,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Tax Strategies for the Small Business Owner Book PDF/Epub Download

Tax Strategies for the Small Business Owner: Reduce Your Taxes and Fatten Your Profits will help the small business owner increase profits while feeling more comfortable dealing with taxes. It begins by looking at the often overlooked critical decision small business owners face when they start a business: the choice of business entity. The book then examines all the deductions that a business owner can take legally to reduce taxes. It also provides advice business owners need to make good tax-related decisions: Should I lease or buy? Should I hire an employee or outsource the task? How much will buying a building reduce my taxes and for how long? Many people freeze up when they are forced to prepare or even think about taxes. Some receive a notice from the IRS and put it aside: They’re too scared to open it! Yet taxes for the most part follow common sense rules. You just need to know what they are and how they affect your decisions. In this book, readers will learn about the different business entities, the different taxes you must deal with (primarily income taxes), documentation procedures, how to work with a tax professional, how to handle an audit, and, in general, how to use the U.S. Tax Code to your advantage. Among other things, readers learn to take full advantage of tax benefits and avoid potholes hidden in things like: Startup and ongoing expenses Cost of goods sold Depreciation Payroll Retirement plans In short, Tax Strategies for the Small Business Owner will not only help you relax when you deal with your taxes—it’ll show you how to use tax law to your financial benefit.

The Green to Gold Business Playbook

The Green to Gold Business Playbook Book
Author : Daniel C. Esty,P.J. Simmons
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2011-04-08
ISBN : 1118010892
File Size : 50,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


The Green to Gold Business Playbook Book PDF/Epub Download

"Implement the green strategies outlined in Dan Esty's and Andrew Winston’s bestseller Green to Gold" Hard-nosed business advice for gaining competitive advantage through sustainability action in buildings and operations, information technology, product design, sourcing, manufacturing, logistics and transportation, marketing, accounting, and other key business functions Whether you are a climate change skeptic or an environmentalist, sustainability issues cannot be ignored in today’s corporate world. With rising energy and natural resource costs, intensified regulations, investor pressures, and a growing demand for environmentally friendly products, sustainability is no longer an option—it’s a business imperative. Unlike many green business books, the Playbook skips the environmental ideology and deals exclusively with tools and strategies that have been shown to cut costs, reduce risks, drive revenues, and build brand identity. Builds on Dan Esty and Andrew Winston’s prizewinning Green to Gold, which has become a business classic and a staple of management training across the world. Shows in detail how each business function or department can achieve an eco-advantage over the competition Offers frameworks, checklists, and action plans applicable to any business–big or small, in manufacturing or services The Green to Gold Business Playbook gives you the tools to make green work-and work profitably-for your business.

Tax Strategies for High Net Worth Individuals

Tax Strategies for High Net Worth Individuals Book
Author : Adil Mackwani
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2020-04-02
ISBN : 9781734792621
File Size : 29,7 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Tax Strategies for High Net Worth Individuals Book PDF/Epub Download

This book contains strategies to Save Money, Invest, and Reduce Taxes. Such strategies include opening a SEP IRA, contributing to your 401K, maximizing Life Insurance and many more. It is intended to help all incomes levels but in particular people of? High Net-worth such as Business Owners, Doctors,? and Lawyers. The book contains strategies that could help your overall Financial Plan after consulting with a fiduciary professional.

The Business Owner s Guide to Financial Freedom

The Business Owner s Guide to Financial Freedom Book
Author : Mark J. Kohler
Publisher : Entrepreneur Press
Release : 2017-11-14
ISBN : 1613083750
File Size : 29,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


The Business Owner s Guide to Financial Freedom Book PDF/Epub Download

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURETailored for small business owners and entrepreneur like yourself who are looking for long-term financial planning and wealth management, The Business Owner's Guide to Financial Freedom reveals the secrets behind successfully investing in your business while bypassing Wall Street-influenced financial planners. Attorney and CPA Mark J. Kohler and expert financial planner Randall A. Luebke deliver a guide catered to your entrepreneurial journey as they teach you how to create assets that provide income so work is no longer a requirement, identify money and tax-saving strategies, and address business succession plans to help you transition into the investment phase of business ownership. Learn how to: Pinpoint the dollar value of your business with a step-by-step formula Eliminate and avoid bad debt while leveraging your good debt Uncover investment strategies Wall Street won't tell you Achieve long-term goals with the 4x4 Financial Independence Plan Find an advisor willing to look out for your best interests Super-charge your 401(k) and leverage your insurance to get rich Create the best exit strategy for you, your business, and your family Avoid the most common mistakes in real estate investment Protect your hard-earned assets from security threats ready to strike You can't predict the future, but you can plan for it. So if you're ready to stop treating your business like your only asset and want to start making it your most valuable legacy, this book is for you!

IR Playbook

IR Playbook Book
Author : Nicole A. Keefe,Ziv J Haskal,Auh Whan Park,John F. Angle
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2018-06-06
ISBN : 3319713000
File Size : 22,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


IR Playbook Book PDF/Epub Download

This textbook offers a comprehensive guide to interventional radiology (IR) for medical students, residents, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and fellows. IR is constantly evolving to meet the growing demands of patient care by applying cutting-edge technology to minimally invasive image-guided procedures. A dynamic specialty, interventional radiology has gained significant traction and interest in recent years, with combined IR/DR residencies rising to meet the increasing demand. This book addresses this growing need for a reference in IR, allowing students to gain a solid foundation to prepare them for their careers. The book is divided into two main sections, with many images and key point boxes throughout that offer high-yield pearls along with the specific How To's necessary for practice. The first section is designed to give readers an introduction to IR, including radiation safety, commonly used devices, patient care, and anatomy. The second portion divides into sections covering major body areas, diseases, conditions, and interventions. These chapters cover procedures including pathophysiology, indications for treatment, as well as alternative treatments before delving into interventional therapy. IR Playbook gives medical students, residents, and trainees a full perspective of interventional radiology.


Unshakeable Book
Author : Anthony Robbins,Tony Robbins,Peter Mallouk
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2017-02-28
ISBN : 1501164589
File Size : 53,8 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Unshakeable Book PDF/Epub Download

After interviewing fifty of the world's greatest financial minds and penning the #1 New York Times bestseller Money: Master the Game, Tony Robbins returns with a step-by-step playbook, taking you on a journey to transform your financial life and accelerate your path to financial freedom. No matter your salary, your stage of life, or when you started, this book will provide the tools to help you achieve your financial goals more rapidly than you ever thought possible. Robbins, who has coached more than fifty million people from 100 countries, is the world's #1 life and business strategist. In this book, he teams up with Peter Mallouk, the only man in history to be ranked the #1 financial advisor in the US for three consecutive years by Barron's. Together they reveal how to become unshakeable--someone who can not only maintain true peace of mind in a world of immense uncertainty, economic volatility, and unprecedented change, but who can profit from the fear that immobilizes so many. In these pages, through plain English and inspiring stories, you'll discover... -How to put together a simple, actionable plan that can deliver true financial freedom. -Strategies from the world's top investors on how to protect yourself and your family and maximize profit from the inevitable crashes and corrections to come. -How a few simple steps can add a decade or more of additional retirement income by discovering what your 401(k) provider doesn't want you to know. -The core four principles that most of the world's greatest financial minds utilize so that you can maximize upside and minimize downside. -The fastest way to put money back in your pocket: uncover the hidden fees and half truths of Wall Street--how the biggest firms keep you overpaying for underperformance. -Master the mindset of true wealth and experience the fulfillment you deserve today.

The Community Manager s Playbook

The Community Manager s Playbook Book
Author : Lauren Perkins
Publisher : Apress
Release : 2015-01-05
ISBN : 143024996X
File Size : 20,7 Mb
Language : Ennglish


The Community Manager s Playbook Book PDF/Epub Download

Savvy companies recognize the value of a strong community. Think of Nike and its community of runners, Nike+, and you’ll quickly understand that creating and fostering an online community around a product or brand is a powerful way to boost marketing efforts, gain valuable insight into consumers, increase revenue, improve consumer loyalty, and enhance customer service efforts. Companies now have the unprecedented opportunity to integrate their brand’s messaging into the everyday lives of their target audiences. But while supporting the growth of online communities should be at the top of every company’s priority list, all too often it falls by the wayside. That’s why brand strategy expert and digital marketer Lauren Perkins wrote The Community Manager’s Playbook (#CMplaybook on Twitter), a must-read guide for business and brand builders who need to strengthen their approach to online B2C community management and customer engagement. As Perkins explains, if companies want to create thriving online communities focused on their product or brand, they must do more than simply issue a few tweets a day, create (and then abandon) a Facebook page, and blog every once in a while. Instead, organizations of all sizes must treat community management as a central component of their overall marketing strategy. When they do, they will be rewarded handsomely with greater brand awareness, increased customer use and retention, lower acquisition costs, and a tribe of consumers who can’t wait to purchase their next product. Perkins not only teaches readers how to build an engaging community strategy from the ground up, but she also provides them with the tactical community management activities they need to acquire and retain customers, create compelling content, and track their results along the way. Distinctive in its comprehensive, step-by-step approach to creating online communities that are fully consistent with a company’s existing brand voice, The Community Manager’s Playbook: Explains how excellent community management provides a competitive advantage with a large impact on sales Provides an in-depth overview of brand and business alignment Teaches readers how to identify their community's online target audience and influence their needs and wants Details the appropriate online channels through which content should be distributed Champions the use of an agile approach through repeated testing to maximize the return on every company investment Discusses the many diverse metrics that can be used to measure community scope Today, there is no brand strategy without a community strategy. Companies that are not developing communities are losing control of their brands and missing opportunities to optimize their marketing investments. With The Community Manager’s Playbook as their guide, however, marketing professionals and the companies and brands they represent will be equipped with the tools they need to manage their online marketing efforts, engage their core customers at every level, leverage community insights into the product development cycle, and ensure that their messaging is heard across all corners of the digital landscape.

The Book on Advanced Tax Strategies

The Book on Advanced Tax Strategies Book
Author : Amanda Han,Matthew Macfarland
Publisher : Biggerpockets Publishing, LLC
Release : 2020-01-16
ISBN : 9781947200227
File Size : 41,7 Mb
Language : Ennglish


The Book on Advanced Tax Strategies Book PDF/Epub Download

When it comes to taxes, it's not just about how much money you make--but how much money you actually get to keep. Are you tired of working hard all year, just to lose the largest chunk of that money to the IRS? Believe it or not, the U.S. tax system is filled with loopholes designed specifically to benefit real estate investors just like you. In this comprehensive follow-up to The Book on Tax Strategies, bestselling authors and CPAs Amanda Han and Matthew MacFarland bring you more strategies to slash your taxes and turn your real estate investments into a tax-saving machine. Inside, you will learn: How to take advantage of the tax reform benefits in all of your real estate deals Tax-deferral and tax-free techniques to significantly increase your return on investments How to use your rental properties to legally wipe out your taxable income What you need to know to take advantage of the Opportunity Zone tax benefits Tax-free methods to take cash out of a 1031 Exchange How to supercharge your nest egg using self-directed investment strategies Common retirement investing tax traps and how to avoid them Taxes saved means more money for you, your family, and more money to invest. Learning to save on your taxes could be the easiest money you ever make!


Streetfight Book
Author : Janette Sadik-Khan,Seth Solomonow
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2016-03-08
ISBN : 0698409418
File Size : 53,7 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Streetfight Book PDF/Epub Download

Like a modern-day Jane Jacobs, Janette Sadik-Khan transformed New York City's streets to make room for pedestrians, bikers, buses, and green spaces. Describing the battles she fought to enact change, Streetfight imparts wisdom and practical advice that other cities can follow to make their own streets safer and more vibrant. As New York City’s transportation commissioner, Janette Sadik-Khan managed the seemingly impossible and transformed the streets of one of the world’s greatest, toughest cities into dynamic spaces safe for pedestrians and bikers. Her approach was dramatic and effective: Simply painting a part of the street to make it into a plaza or bus lane not only made the street safer, but it also lessened congestion and increased foot traffic, which improved the bottom line of businesses. Real-life experience confirmed that if you know how to read the street, you can make it function better by not totally reconstructing it but by reallocating the space that’s already there. Breaking the street into its component parts, Streetfight demonstrates, with step-by-step visuals, how to rewrite the underlying “source code” of a street, with pointers on how to add protected bike paths, improve crosswalk space, and provide visual cues to reduce speeding. Achieving such a radical overhaul wasn’t easy, and Streetfight pulls back the curtain on the battles Sadik-Khan won to make her approach work. She includes examples of how this new way to read the streets has already made its way around the world, from pocket parks in Mexico City and Los Angeles to more pedestrian-friendly streets in Auckland and Buenos Aires, and innovative bike-lane designs and plazas in Austin, Indianapolis, and San Francisco. Many are inspired by the changes taking place in New York City and are based on the same techniques. Streetfight deconstructs, reassembles, and reinvents the street, inviting readers to see it in ways they never imagined.

Ransomware Protection Playbook

Ransomware Protection Playbook Book
Author : Roger A. Grimes
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2021-09-14
ISBN : 1119849136
File Size : 43,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Ransomware Protection Playbook Book PDF/Epub Download

Avoid becoming the next ransomware victim by taking practical steps today Colonial Pipeline. CWT Global. Brenntag. Travelex. The list of ransomware victims is long, distinguished, and sophisticated. And it’s growing longer every day. In Ransomware Protection Playbook, computer security veteran and expert penetration tester Roger A. Grimes delivers an actionable blueprint for organizations seeking a robust defense against one of the most insidious and destructive IT threats currently in the wild. You’ll learn about concrete steps you can take now to protect yourself or your organization from ransomware attacks. In addition to walking you through the necessary technical preventative measures, this critical book will show you how to: Quickly detect an attack, limit the damage, and decide whether to pay the ransom Implement a pre-set game plan in the event of a game-changing security breach to help limit the reputational and financial damage Lay down a secure foundation of cybersecurity insurance and legal protection to mitigate the disruption to your life and business A must-read for cyber and information security professionals, privacy leaders, risk managers, and CTOs, Ransomware Protection Playbook is an irreplaceable and timely resource for anyone concerned about the security of their, or their organization’s, data.

475 Tax Deductions for Businesses and Self Employed Individuals

475 Tax Deductions for Businesses and Self Employed Individuals Book
Author : Bernard B. Kamoroff
Publisher : 475 Tax Deductions for Busines
Release : 2011
ISBN : 9781589796621
File Size : 22,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


475 Tax Deductions for Businesses and Self Employed Individuals Book PDF/Epub Download

Rev. ed. of: 422 tax deductions for businesses & self employed individuals. 5th ed. c2004.

The Triumph of Injustice How the Rich Dodge Taxes and How to Make Them Pay

The Triumph of Injustice  How the Rich Dodge Taxes and How to Make Them Pay Book
Author : Emmanuel Saez,Gabriel Zucman
Publisher : W. W. Norton & Company
Release : 2019-10-15
ISBN : 1324002735
File Size : 27,9 Mb
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The Triumph of Injustice How the Rich Dodge Taxes and How to Make Them Pay Book PDF/Epub Download

America’s runaway inequality has an engine: our unjust tax system. Even as they became fabulously wealthy, the ultra-rich have had their taxes collapse to levels last seen in the 1920s. Meanwhile, working-class Americans have been asked to pay more. The Triumph of Injustice presents a forensic investigation into this dramatic transformation, written by two economists who revolutionized the study of inequality. Eschewing anecdotes and case studies, Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman offer a comprehensive view of America’s tax system, based on new statistics covering all taxes paid at all levels of government. Their conclusion? For the first time in more than a century, billionaires now pay lower tax rates than their secretaries. Blending history and cutting-edge economic analysis, and writing in lively and jargon-free prose, Saez and Zucman dissect the deliberate choices (and sins of indecision) that have brought us to today: the gradual exemption of capital owners; the surge of a new tax avoidance industry, and the spiral of tax competition among nations. With clarity and concision, they explain how America turned away from the most progressive tax system in history to embrace policies that only serve to compound the wealth of a few. But The Triumph of Injustice is much more than a laser-sharp analysis of one of the great political and intellectual failures of our time. Saez and Zucman propose a visionary, democratic, and practical reinvention of taxes, outlining reforms that can allow tax justice to triumph in today’s globalized world and democracy to prevail over concentrated wealth. A pioneering companion website allows anyone to evaluate proposals made by the authors, and to develop their own alternative tax reform at

The Injury Case Playbook

The Injury Case Playbook Book
Author : James L. Paisley,Alex Martinez
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2021-11-03
ISBN : 9781665302531
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The Injury Case Playbook Book PDF/Epub Download

James L. Paisley has dedicated his career to practicing personal injury law, and he is here to tell you that it's not rocket science-but it is a methodical discipline. From dog bites to car crashes, The Injury Case Playbook: A Start to Finish Guide to Winning Your Injury Case is a great first-stop guide to understanding personal injury. By using his past cases, with personable prose as well as photos and professional knowledge amassed over a decade, Paisley, along with J.D. Candidate R. Alex Martinez, helps to explain the nuances and details of what goes into each personal injury case. This book gives professional guidance and teaches anyone, not just attorneys, how to create a successful case.