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The Real

Download The Real Full eBooks in PDF, EPUB, and kindle. The Real is one my favorite book and give us some inspiration, very enjoy to read. you could read this book anywhere anytime directly from your device. This site is like a library, Use search box in the widget to get ebook that you want.

The New Real Book

The New Real Book Book
Author : Chuck Sher
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2005-06-01
ISBN : 9781883217259
File Size : 20,9 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


The New Real Book Book PDF/Epub Download

The new standard in jazz fake books since 1988. Endorsed by McCoy Tyner, Ron Carter, Dave Liebman, and many more. Evenly divided between standards, jazz classics and pop-fusion hits, this is the all-purpose book for jazz gigs, weddings, jam sessions, etc. Like all Sher Music fake books, it features composer-approved transcriptions, easy-to-read calligraphy, and many extras (sample bass lines, chord voicings, drum appendix, etc.) not found in conventional fake books.

Evaluation for the real world

Evaluation for the real world Book
Author : Palfrey, Colin,Thomas, Paul
Publisher : Policy Press
Release : 2012-06-13
ISBN : 144730845X
File Size : 52,6 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Evaluation for the real world Book PDF/Epub Download

Evaluation research findings should be a key element of the policy-making process, yet in reality they are often disregarded. This valuable book examines the development of evaluation and its impact on public policy by analysing evaluation frameworks and criteria which are available when evaluating public policies and services. It further examines the nature of evidence and its use and non-use by decision-makers and assesses the work of influential academics in the USA and UK in the context of evaluation and policy making. The book emphasises the 'real world' of decision-makers in the public sector and recognises how political demands and economic pressures can affect the decisions of those who commission evaluation research while providing recommendations for policymakers on adopting a different approach to evaluation. This is essential reading for under-graduate and post-graduate students of policy analysis and public sector management, and those who are involved in the planning and evaluation of public policies and services.

The Real Metaphysical Club

The Real Metaphysical Club Book
Author : Frank X. Ryan,Brian E. Butler,James A. Good
Publisher : SUNY Press
Release : 2019-05-01
ISBN : 1438473257
File Size : 27,9 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


The Real Metaphysical Club Book PDF/Epub Download

A full account of the Metaphysical Club, featuring the members’ philosophical writings and four critical essays. The Metaphysical Club, a gathering of intellectuals in the 1870s, is widely recognized as the crucible where pragmatism, America’s distinctively original philosophy, was refined and proclaimed. Louis Menand’s bestseller about the group was a dramatic publishing success. However, only three actual members—Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., Charles S. Peirce, and William James—appear in the book, alongside other thinkers who were never in the Club. The Real Metaphysical Club tells the full story of how this influential group shifted the course of philosophy in America. In addition to pioneering pragmatism, the group explored radical empiricism and idealism, and formulated personalism and process philosophy, equally important developments. This volume contains the important writings dating from 1870 to 1885 by the real members of the Metaphysical Club. The first section centers on pragmatism and science; the second part collects writings of the lawyers; and the third part covers idealist and personalist philosophers. Many of these writings have never been reprinted before, and nothing like this impressive collection has ever been attempted. A general introduction provides a narrative history, and the editors’ three introductions to the volume’s sections vividly bring to life the intense meetings, sustained debates, and pioneering thought of the Metaphysical Club. “The Real Metaphysical Club includes some very important thinkers that don’t always make it into anthologies of American philosophy. The period is also important. 1870 to 1885 is critical to the development of classical American philosophy. It precedes it and sets its direction. The book accomplishes its goal of giving the reader a sense of the period by arranging the works in a very interesting way. The readings and introduction are very readable and would be helpful to both graduate and undergraduate students as well as general readers interested in American Thought.” — James M. McLachlan, Western Carolina University

The Real Diana Dors

The Real Diana Dors Book
Author : Anna Cale
Publisher : White Owl
Release : 2021-09-30
ISBN : 1526782189
File Size : 20,7 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


The Real Diana Dors Book PDF/Epub Download

The story of Swindon-born film star Diana Dors is one of fame, glamour and intrigue. From the moment she came into the world, her life was full of drama. Her acting career began in the shadow of the Second World War, entering the film world as a vulnerable young teenager and negotiating the difficult British studio system of the 1940s and 50s. Yet she battled against the odds to become one of the most iconic British actors of the 20th century. This book follows her remarkable story, from childhood in suburban Swindon, to acting success as a teenager and finding fame as the ‘the English Marilyn Monroe’. Many remember her as an outspoken and sometimes controversial figure, grabbing headlines for her personal life as often as her film roles. For Diana, image seemed to be everything, but there was more to her than the ‘blonde bombshell’ reputation suggested. A talented actor, she worked on numerous film and television projects, building a fascinating career that spanned decades. Set against the backdrop of the changing social landscape of twentieth century Britain, this book charts the ups and downs of her diverse acting career and her tumultuous private life, to build a fascinating picture of a truly unique British screen icon.

Introduction to the Real World 101

Introduction to the Real World 101 Book
Author : Kaz Nagai
Publisher :
Release : 2023-02-06
ISBN : 1733113509
File Size : 32,5 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Introduction to the Real World 101 Book PDF/Epub Download

Download Introduction to the Real World 101 book written by Kaz Nagai and published by with total hardcover pages 146 . Available in PDF, EPUB, and Kindle, read book directly with any devices anywhere and anytime.

The Real Cruel Sea

The Real Cruel Sea Book
Author : Richard Woodman
Publisher : Pen and Sword
Release : 2011-07-06
ISBN : 1844689751
File Size : 28,5 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


The Real Cruel Sea Book PDF/Epub Download

For the British, the Battle of the Atlantic was a fight for survival. They depended on the safe transit of hundreds of convoys of merchant ships laden with food, raw materials and munitions from America to feed the country and to keep the war effort going, and they had to export manufactured goods to pay for it all. So Britain's merchant navy, a disparate collection of private vessels, became the country's lifeline, while its seamen, officially non-combatants, bravely endured the onslaught of the German U-boat offensive until Allied superiority overwhelmed the enemy.In this important, moving and exciting book, drawing extensively on first-hand sources, the acclaimed maritime historian Richard Woodman establishes the importance of the British and Allied merchant fleets in the struggle against Germany and elevates the heroic seamen who manned them to their rightful place in the history of the Second World War.

The Real and the Ideal

The Real and the Ideal Book
Author : Anthony Lake,David Ochmanek
Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Release : 2001-08-28
ISBN : 1461614805
File Size : 53,9 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


The Real and the Ideal Book PDF/Epub Download

A teacher, scholar, practitioner, and publicist, Richard Ullman has been a unique and influential figure in U.S. foreign and security policy over the past forty years. This volume, created on the initiative of some of Ullman's most accomplished former students, is less a summing up of his work than a sort of intellectual kaleidoscope held up to his ideas. The result is a spirited and highly readable set of essays on themes relating to U.S. foreign and defense policy in a period of nearly unprecedented dynamism in the international system. The volume includes contributions by David Gompert, I.M. Destler, Michael Doyle, Michael O'Hanlon, and eight other distinguished scholars and practitioners of international relations. A Council on Foreign Relations book.

An Economist in the Real World

An Economist in the Real World Book
Author : Kaushik Basu
Publisher : MIT Press
Release : 2015-10-09
ISBN : 0262331683
File Size : 33,9 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


An Economist in the Real World Book PDF/Epub Download

An economist's perspective on the nuts and bolts of economic policymaking, based on his experience as the Chief Economic Adviser in India. In December 2009, the economist Kaushik Basu left the rarefied world of academic research for the nuts and bolts of policymaking. Appointed by the then Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh, to be chief economic adviser (CEA) to the Government of India, Basu—a theorist, with special interest in development economics, and a professor of economics at Cornell University—discovered the complexity of applying economic models to the real world. Effective policymaking, Basu learned, integrates technical knowledge with political awareness. In this book, Basu describes the art of economic policymaking, viewed through the lens of his two and a half years as CEA. Basu writes from a unique perspective—neither that of the career bureaucrat nor that of the traditional researcher. Plunged into the deal-making, non-hypothetical world of policymaking, Basu suffers from a kind of culture shock and views himself at first as an anthropologist or scientist, gathering observations of unfamiliar phenomena. He addresses topics that range from the macroeconomic—fiscal and monetary policies—to the granular—designing grain auctions and policies to assure everyone has access to basic food. Basu writes about globalization and India's period of unprecedented growth, and he reports that at a dinner hosted by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, President Obama joked to him, “You should give this guy some tips”—“this guy” being Timothy Geithner. Basu describes the mixed success of India's anti-poverty programs and the problems of corruption, and considers the social norms and institutions necessary for economic development. India is, Basu argues, at an economics crossroad. As CEA from 2009 to 2012, he was present at the creation of a potential economic powerhouse.

Truths versus Shadows or the Real and the False

Truths versus Shadows  or the Real and the False Book
Author : F. R. Waring
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1871
ISBN : 0987650XXX
File Size : 27,6 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Truths versus Shadows or the Real and the False Book PDF/Epub Download

Download Truths versus Shadows or the Real and the False book written by F. R. Waring and published by with total hardcover pages 523 . Available in PDF, EPUB, and Kindle, read book directly with any devices anywhere and anytime.

The Real Story of The Negro Leagues

The Real Story of The Negro Leagues Book
Author : Wayne Moody
Publisher : Covenant Books, Inc.
Release : 2022-03-11
ISBN : 1638148554
File Size : 29,7 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


The Real Story of The Negro Leagues Book PDF/Epub Download

The Real Story of the Negro Leagues is an account that has needed to be told since before 1920. With the new revelation of Major League Baseball accepting Negro League statistics, it makes this book even more relevant today. There are a multitude of players who toiled in anonymity simply because of the color of their skin. This book brings to light the people who made the Negro Leagues happen, as well as the players and executives who allowed it to flourish. There are Negro League players who have become household names, while others, who had a major influence in its success, have gotten ignored over time. Most people believe that Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play Major League Baseball. He wasn’t. Jackie actually signaled the end of Negro League baseball. Jackie’s accomplishments were monumental, but there is a rich history that led up to that moment. That rich history is where we will begin. The struggles these great players faced and degradation they had to endure is a testament to the resolve of these individuals. Their love and desire for the great game of baseball made them tackle obstacles others would never attempt. This is a story of triumph over all odds. This is “the real story of the Negro Leagues.”

Living the Real Tree of Life

Living the Real Tree of Life Book
Author : Colleen Jiron, PhD
Publisher : LifeRich Publishing
Release : 2017-08-11
ISBN : 1489712151
File Size : 55,9 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Living the Real Tree of Life Book PDF/Epub Download

Despite our best efforts and regardless of our spiritual paths and beliefs, we all find ourselves confronted moment-to-moment with a mind-boggling array of life demands and challenges. In Living the Real Tree of Life, Dr. Jiron offers strategies and tools for help in navigating this dance on spinning logs in churning rapids that can be used almost anywhere, anytime. Chapters are presented in brief, essay format, for ease of reading and application. Topics are sequenced like a tree, beginning with the Roots, such as Bodacious Breathing and Building Focus, then moving on to Branches and Foliage, the universal challenges of managing conflict and adversity, with the Canopy chapters addressing deeper discussions of personal and spiritual growth. Appendices include Italicized Points to Ponder, Joyful or Useful Self-Talk, and a Glossary of Terms. With this book, Dr. Jiron presents a grass roots manual grounded in the bedrock of perennial teachings and applied to contemporary issues. These ideas are based on extensive study/practice and professional experience, yielding a unique blend of common sense and the spiritually sublime, and are intended to be helpful for people from all walks of life.

The Real Doctor Will See You Shortly

The Real Doctor Will See You Shortly Book
Author : Matt McCarthy
Publisher : Crown
Release : 2015-04-07
ISBN : 0804138664
File Size : 38,6 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


The Real Doctor Will See You Shortly Book PDF/Epub Download

A scorchingly frank look at how doctors are made, bringing readers into the critical care unit to see one burgeoning physician's journey from ineptitude to competence. In medical school, Matt McCarthy dreamed of being a different kind of doctor—the sort of mythical, unflappable physician who could reach unreachable patients. But when a new admission to the critical care unit almost died his first night on call, he found himself scrambling. Visions of mastery quickly gave way to hopes of simply surviving hospital life, where confidence was hard to come by and no amount of med school training could dispel the terror of facing actual patients. This funny, candid memoir of McCarthy’s intern year at a New York hospital provides a scorchingly frank look at how doctors are made, taking readers into patients’ rooms and doctors’ conferences to witness a physician's journey from ineptitude to competence. McCarthy's one stroke of luck paired him with a brilliant second-year adviser he called “Baio” (owing to his resemblance to the Charles in Charge star), who proved to be a remarkable teacher with a wicked sense of humor. McCarthy would learn even more from the people he cared for, including a man named Benny, who was living in the hospital for months at a time awaiting a heart transplant. But no teacher could help McCarthy when an accident put his own health at risk, and showed him all too painfully the thin line between doctor and patient. The Real Doctor Will See You Shortly offers a window on to hospital life that dispenses with sanctimony and self-seriousness while emphasizing the black-comic paradox of becoming a doctor: How do you learn to save lives in a job where there is no practice?

The REAL Meaning of Biblical References to Homosexuality

The REAL Meaning of Biblical References to Homosexuality Book
Author : John Humble
Publisher : Better Price Quality Products, Inc
Release : 2018-11-12
ISBN : 1645161013
File Size : 51,7 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


The REAL Meaning of Biblical References to Homosexuality Book PDF/Epub Download

This is a second look and a thorough analysis of those scriptures in the Bible that have been traditionally used to judge and condemn homosexuals. While the reader may encounter a few logical conclusions that are surprising, it must be stated that this work is not an attempt to make any kind of moral judgement. The chapters of this text will strike at the main points of the Apostle Paul's letters, revealing what he was really trying to address within the early church communities. The same gender sex act has occurred in many contexts throughout Greek and Roman history, and the reader is about to discover that those acts being referred to in the New Testament had nothing to do with homosexuality as it exists in modern times.

Heartfelt Hero Exploring the real hero of our times

Heartfelt Hero  Exploring the real hero of our times Book
Author : Amit Jha
Publisher : Blue Rose Publishers
Release : 2020-11-04
ISBN : 0987650XXX
File Size : 20,9 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Heartfelt Hero Exploring the real hero of our times Book PDF/Epub Download

Who is the real hero in our society? Is it a singer with melodious voice who has fan-following in millions or a soldier who died guarding the nation or a common man struggling for his family needs or a devotee who has spent his life for a religious cause? Heartfelt hero is a story that takes the reader to a journey of finding out the real hero of our times. The story is about Arjun who is blessed with a magical voice. He aspires to become a professional singer and song writer. He gets enrolled for an engineering degree in Avadh Engineering College and falls in love with Aditi there. Arjun proposes Aditi, only to get rejected. Aditi eventually marries Rahul who happens to be a Captain in Indian Army. Set in the temple town of Ayodhya, the story studies the significance of Lord Ram in modern India. The story also looks into the role that Ram Mandir had in changing the political discourse of the country and determining its destiny. After graduation, Arjun moves to Delhi to chase his dreams. In the turn of events, Captain Rahul dies in his line of duty while fighting the terrorists. After Rahul’s death, what emerges between Arjun and Aditi?

Design for the Real World

Design for the Real World Book
Author : Victor J. Papanek
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1982
ISBN : 0987650XXX
File Size : 37,7 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Design for the Real World Book PDF/Epub Download

Download Design for the Real World book written by Victor J. Papanek and published by with total hardcover pages 338 . Available in PDF, EPUB, and Kindle, read book directly with any devices anywhere and anytime.

Real Frank Zappa Book

Real Frank Zappa Book Book
Author : Frank Zappa,Peter Occhiogrosso
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 1989
ISBN : 0671705725
File Size : 42,7 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Real Frank Zappa Book Book PDF/Epub Download

Recounts the life and career of the inventive and controversial rock musician, and includes information on his philosophies on art, his opinions on the music industry, and his thoughts on raising children.

The Real Rock Book Songbook

The Real Rock Book  Songbook  Book
Author : Hal Leonard Corp.
Publisher : Hal Leonard Corporation
Release : 2011-01-01
ISBN : 1458458547
File Size : 49,7 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


The Real Rock Book Songbook Book PDF/Epub Download

(Fake Book). Since the 1970s, The Real Book has been the most popular book for gigging jazz musicians. Hal Leonard is proud to publish completely legal and legitimate editions of the original volumes as well as exciting new volumes to carry on the tradition to new generations of players in all styles of music! All the Real Books feature hundreds of time-tested songs in accurate arrangements in the famous easy-to-read, hand-written notation. This collection presents 200 classics from all genres of rock 'n' roll in the world-famous Real Book format: Against the Wind * Ain't No Sunshine * All Shook Up * American Woman * Another One Bites the Dust * Bad Case of Loving You * Bad Moon Rising * Band on the Run * Beast of Burden * Born to Be Wild * California Dreamin' * Centerfold * Cocaine * Dancing in the Street * Don't Do Me like That * Don't Stand So Close to Me * Free Bird * Give Me One Reason * Got to Get You into My Life * Hang on Sloopy * Hard Habit to Break * Hey Jude * Highway to Hell * The House of the Rising Sun * I Love Rock 'N Roll * I Will Survive * Imagine * La Bamba * Layla * Livin' on a Prayer * The Logical Song * Maggie May * Minute by Minute * Money for Nothing * Mustang Sally * My Sharona * One Headlight * Oye Como Va * Pride and Joy * Rhiannon * Rikki Don't Lose That Number * Roxanne * September * Sir Duke * (Sittin' On) the Dock of the Bay * Slow Ride * Smoke on the Water * Sunshine of Your Love * Takin' It to the Streets * Tears in Heaven * Tempted * Under the Boardwalk * Walk Don't Run * We Are the Champions * What I like About You * With or Without You * Yesterday * Young Americans * and more.

The Real Latin Book

The Real Latin Book Book
Author : Hal Leonard Corp.
Publisher : Hal Leonard
Release : 2014-03-01
ISBN : 1480390402
File Size : 25,5 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


The Real Latin Book Book PDF/Epub Download

(Fake Book). The ultimate collection for Latin lovers everywhere! Over 350 standards in one Real Book collection, including: Adios * Agua De Beber (Water to Drink) * Aguas De Marco (Waters of March) * All That's Left Is to Say Goodbye (E Preciso Dizer Adeus) * Alma Con Alma * Always in My Heart (Siempre En Mi Corazon) * Amapola (Pretty Little Poppy) * Amor (Amor, Amor, Amor) * Antigua * Babalu * Besame Mucho (Kiss Me Much) * Bonita * Brazil * Call Me * Cast Your Fate to the Wind * Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White * Con Alma * Copacabana (At the Copa) * Corazon Corazon * Desafinado * Don't Cry for Me Argentina * El Triste * Evil Ways * Feelings (?Dime?) * 500 Miles High * For Once in My Life * Frenesi * The Girl from Ipanema (Garota De Ipanema) * Granada * Himno Nacional Mexicano (Mexican National Hymn) * How Insensitive (Insensatez) * It's Impossible (Somos Novios) * Killer Joe * Kiss of Fire * La Bamba * La Malaguena * Little Boat * Livin' La Vida Loca * The Look of Love * Malaguena * Meditation (Meditacao) * More (Ti Guardero Nel Cuore) * Never on Sunday * A Night in Tunisia * One Note Samba (Samba De Uma Nota So) * Oye Como Va * Paloma Blanca * Papa Loves Mambo * Perfidia * Por Amor * St. Thomas * Sway (Quien Sera) * Tico Tico (Tico Tico No Fuba) * Triste * Wave * What a Diff'rence a Day Made * and more!

The Real Book Volume I

The Real Book   Volume I Book
Author : Hal Leonard Corp.
Publisher : Hal Leonard Corporation
Release : 2004-09-01
ISBN : 1458426173
File Size : 34,9 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


The Real Book Volume I Book PDF/Epub Download

(Fake Book). The Real Books are the best-selling jazz books of all time. Since the 1970s, musicians have trusted these volumes to get them through every gig, night after night. The problem is that the books were illegally produced and distributed, without any regard to copyright law, or royalties paid to the composers who created these musical masterpieces. Hal Leonard is very proud to present the first legitimate and legal editions of these books ever produced. You won't even notice the difference, other than that all of the notorious errors have been fixed: the covers and typeface look the same, the song list is nearly identical, and the price for our edition is even cheaper than the original! Every conscientious musician will appreciate that these books are now produced accurately and ethically, benefitting the songwriters that we owe for some of the greatest tunes of all time! Includes 400 songs: All Blues * Au Privave * Autumn Leaves * Black Orpheus * Bluesette * Body and Soul * Bright Size Life * Con Alma * Dolphin Dance * Don't Get Around Much Anymore * Easy Living * Epistrophy * Falling in Love with Love * Footprints * Four on Six * Giant Steps * Have You Met Miss Jones? * How High the Moon * I'll Remember April * Impressions * Lullaby of Birdland * Misty * My Funny Valentine * Oleo * Red Clay * Satin Doll * Sidewinder * Stella by Starlight * Take Five * There Is No Greater Love * Wave * and hundreds more!

The Jazz Piano Book

The Jazz Piano Book Book
Author : Mark Levine
Publisher : "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
Release : 2011-01-12
ISBN : 1457101440
File Size : 40,6 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


The Jazz Piano Book Book PDF/Epub Download

The most highly acclaimed jazz piano method ever published! Over 300 pages with complete chapters on Intervals and triads, The major modes and II-V-I, 3-note voicings, Sus. and phrygian Chords, Adding notes to 3-note voicings, Tritone substitution, Left-hand voicings, Altering notes in left-hand Stride and Bud Powell voicings, Block chords, Comping ...and much more! Endorsed by Kenny Barron, Down Beat, Jamey Aebersold, etc.

The Ideal made Real Unabridged edition

The Ideal made Real  Unabridged edition  Book
Author : Christian D. Larson
Publisher : David De Angelis
Release : 2022-03-26
ISBN : 0987650XXX
File Size : 20,5 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


The Ideal made Real Unabridged edition Book PDF/Epub Download

The purpose of this work is to present practical methods through which anyone, the beginner in particular, may realize his ideals, cause his cherished dreams to come true, and cause the visions of the soul to become tangible realities in everyday life. The best minds now believe that the ideal can be made real; that every lofty idea can be applied in practical living, and that all that is beautiful on the heights of existence can be made permanent expressions in personal existence. And so popular is this belief becoming that it is rapidly permeating the entire thought of the world. Accordingly, the demand for instructive knowledge on this subject, that is simple as well as scientific, is becoming almost universal. This book has been written to supply that demand. However, it does not claim to be complete; nor could any work on "The Ideal Made Real" possibly be complete, because the ideal world is limitless and the process of making real the ideal is endless. To know how to begin is the principal secret, and he who has learned this secret may go on further and further, forever and forever, until he reaches the most sublime heights that endless existence has in store. No attempt has been made to formulate the ideas, methods and principles presented, into a definite system. In fact, the tendency to form a new system of thinking or a new philosophy of life, has been purposely avoided. Closely defined systems invariably become obstacles to advancement, and we are not concerned with new philosophies of life. Our purpose is the living of a greater and a greater life, and in such a life all philosophies must constantly change. In preparing the following pages, the object has been to take the beginner out of the limitations of the old into the boundlessness of the new; to emphasize the fact that the possibilities that are latent in the human mind are nothing less than marvelous, and that the way to turn those possibilities to practical use is sufficiently simple for anyone to understand. But no method has been presented that will not tend to suggest new and better methods as required for further advancement. The best ideas are those that inspire new ideas, better ideas, greater ideas. The most perfect science of life is that science that gives each individual the power to create and recreate his own science as he ascends in the scale of life. (Great souls are developed only where minds are left free to employ the best-known methods according to their own understanding and insight. And it is only as the soul grows greater and greater that the ideal can be made real. It is individuality and originality that give each person the power to make his own life as he may wish it to be; but those two important factors do not flourish in definite systems. There is no progress where the soul is placed in the hands of methods; true and continuous progress can he promoted only where all ideas, all methods and all principles are placed in the hands of the soul. We have selected the best ideas and the best methods known for making the ideal real, and through this work, will place them in your hands. We do not ask you to follow these methods; we simply ask you to use them. You will then find them all to be practical; you will find that every one will work and produce the results you desire. You will then, not only make real the ideal in your present sphere of life, but you will also develop within yourself that Greater Life, the power of which has no limit, the joy of which has no end.