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Niv Lifeconnect Study Bible

Download Niv Lifeconnect Study Bible Full eBooks in PDF, EPUB, and kindle. Niv Lifeconnect Study Bible is one my favorite book and give us some inspiration, very enjoy to read. you could read this book anywhere anytime directly from your device. This site is like a library, Use search box in the widget to get ebook that you want.

NIV LifeConnect Study Bible

NIV  LifeConnect Study Bible Book
Author : Zondervan,
Publisher : Zondervan
Release : 2016-04-05
ISBN : 0310411254
File Size : 36,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


NIV LifeConnect Study Bible Book PDF/Epub Download

GROW DEEPER AND STRONGER In Your Spiritual Life AT HOME ^s ONLINE ^s AROUND THE WORLD Dr. Wayne Cordeiro has something to say to you today: Love your Bible. In a world competing for your time and attention at every turn, that’s easier said than done. Until now. Through helpful notes and articles, a variety of study tools, and links that direct you to an incredible set of digital resources, connecting with the Word of God is never more than a click, a tap, or a swipe away. The NIV LifeConnect Study Bible includes expanded margins with subtle ruled lines, so you can personally interact with the Bible by writing down your thoughts and insights right on the page. Includes access to a wealth of digital resources about Biblical discipleship and in-depth Bible study by Dr. Wayne Cordeiro and others, right on your handheld device. Features: The complete text of the NIV Bible, the world’s most-read and most-trusted modern-English translation Thousands of verse-by-verse notes explain and provide background on the Scripture text SOAP (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer) articles invite interaction with the text through a helpful framework Extra room in the margins and after each Bible book allows for writing directly on the page LifeConnect Articles bring the truths of the Bible to your life today Insightful quotes invite reflection Study tools include book introductions, NIV cross-references and an NIV concordance 9-point type size

Life Connect Study Bible

Life Connect Study Bible Book
Author : Wayne Cordeiro
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2016-04-26
ISBN : 9780310444732
File Size : 20,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Life Connect Study Bible Book PDF/Epub Download

Grow deeper in your spiritual life with the NIV LifeConnect Study Bible. Dr. Wayne Cordeiro includes articles bringing the truths of the Scriptures to your life today, as well as Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer (SOAP) articles that offer an interactive framework to apply the Word of God to your life. Free digital resources included.

Liquid Scripture

Liquid Scripture Book
Author : Jeffrey S. Siker
Publisher : Fortress Press
Release : 2017-09-01
ISBN : 1506407870
File Size : 43,5 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Liquid Scripture Book PDF/Epub Download

The electronic Bible is here to stay‒‒packaged in software on personal computers, available as apps on tablets and cell phones. Increasingly, students look at glowing screens to consult the Bible in class, and congregants do the same in Bible study and worship. Jeffrey S. Siker asks, what difference does it make to our experience of Scripture if we no longer hold a book in our hands, if we again “scroll” through Scripture? How does the “flow” of electronic Scripture change our perception of the Bible’s authority and significance? Siker discusses the difference made when early Christians adopted the codex rather than the scroll and Gutenberg began the mass production of printed Bibles. He also reviews the latest research on how the reading brain processes digital texts and how churches use digital Bibles, including American Bible Society research and his own surveys of church leaders. Siker asks, does the proliferation of electronic translations reduce the perceived seriousness of Scripture? Does it promote an individualistic response to the Bible? How does the change from a physical Bible affect liturgical practice? His synthesis of the advantages and risks of the digitized Bible merit serious reflection in classrooms and churches alike.

NIV Lifehacks Bible

NIV  Lifehacks Bible Book
Author : Zondervan,
Publisher : Zondervan
Release : 2016-06-07
ISBN : 0310434122
File Size : 43,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


NIV Lifehacks Bible Book PDF/Epub Download

Practical and achievable techniques to build Godly habits and enhance your walk with God A “Lifehack” describes any advice, shortcut, tip or skill that will help you get things done more efficiently and effectively. The NIV Lifehacks Bible uses lifehacking methods to give you practical and achievable tools to integrate spiritual habits into your busy, technology-centric, 21st century life. With 365 articles covering 30 life-changing disciplines, not only does this Bible illuminate scriptural wisdom on spiritual practices, it provides practical tips and strategies for applying them every day. Featuring a foreword by author and theologian Kevin DeYoung, the NIV Lifehacks Bible is full of common-sense articles on foundational topics such as prayer, self-reflection, character formation, and fasting, as well as advice and helpful tips for building habits around these disciplines. Features: Complete text of the accurate, readable, and clear New International Version (NIV) 4 Tips for Making Wise Decisions 6 Steps for Interpreting the Bible 7 Questions for Recognizing Intentional Sins 4 Tips for Finding Time to Pray


Zondervan Book
Author : D. A. Carson,T. Desmond Alexander,Richard Hess,Douglas J. Moo
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2016-08-09
ISBN : 9780310444794
File Size : 52,5 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Zondervan Book PDF/Epub Download

The first-ever study Bible infused through and through with Biblical theology! Built on the NIV and based on the latest in Biblical scholarship, the NIV Zondervan Study Bible is full of robust new study features that work together to unpack God's story in a fresh, powerful, life-changing way.

The Waterproof Bible

The Waterproof Bible Book
Author : Andrew Kaufman
Publisher : Saqi
Release : 2011-08-12
ISBN : 1846590981
File Size : 21,5 Mb
Language : Ennglish


The Waterproof Bible Book PDF/Epub Download

Rebecca has a most unusual problem: no matter how hard she tries, she can't stop broadcasting her feelings to people around her. Luckily, she's discovered how to trap and store her feelings in personal objects -- but just how much emotional baggage can Unit 207, E.Z. Self Storage hold? Lewis is grieving for his wife, Lisa, Rebecca's sister. Inconsolable, he skips Lisa's funeral, flies to Winnipeg, gets a haircut and meets a woman who claims to be God. At the wheel of a stolen Honda Civic is Aberystwyth, aka Aby, driving across Canada to save the soul of her dying mother. She is green, gill-necked, and very uncomfortable out of the water. An unexpected encounter with Aby sets off a chain of events which sends each of them on a personal quest. Can Rebecca, Lewis and Aby find redemption before a terrible flood destroys their chance at happiness? "A quirky, tender, fantastical page-turner" -- The Globe and Mail

NIV Life Application Study Bible Personal Size Red Letter Edition Third Edition Burgundy

NIV Life Application Study Bible Personal Size Red Letter Edition  Third Edition  Burgundy  Book
Author : Zondervan
Publisher : NIV Life Application Study Bib
Release : 2020-04-07
ISBN : 9780310452980
File Size : 42,7 Mb
Language : Ennglish


NIV Life Application Study Bible Personal Size Red Letter Edition Third Edition Burgundy Book PDF/Epub Download

Discover How You Can Apply the Bible to Your Life Today Impacted by over 20 million readers for over 30 years, the Life Application(R) Study Bible is today's #1-selling study Bible. Now, it has been thoroughly updated and expanded, offering even more relevant insights for understanding and applying God's Word to everyday life in today's world. With a fresh, two-color interior design and meaningfully updated study notes and features, this Bible will help you understand God's Word better than ever. It answers the real-life questions that you may have and provides you with practical yet powerful ways to apply it to your life every day. Study the stories and teachings of the Bible with verse-by-verse commentary. Gain wisdom from people in the Bible by exploring their accomplishments and learning from their mistakes. Survey the big picture of each book through overviews, vital statistics, outlines, and timelines, and grasp difficult concepts using in-text maps, charts, and diagrams--all to help you do life God's way, every day. Features: (Enhanced, updated, and with new content added throughout) Now more than 10,000 Life Application(R) notes and features Over 100 Life Application(R) profiles of key Bible people Introductions and overviews for each book of the Bible More than 500 maps and charts placed for quick reference Dictionary/concordance Extensive side-column cross-reference system to facilitate deeper study Life Application(R) index to notes, charts, maps, and profiles Refreshed design with a second color for visual clarity 16 pages of full-color maps Presentation page Two ribbon markers Single-column format Christian Worker's Resource, a special supplement to enhance the reader's ministry effectiveness Full text of the accurate, readable, and clear New International Version (NIV) 7.3-point type size

Leading on Empty

Leading on Empty Book
Author : Dr. Wayne Cordeiro
Publisher : Bethany House
Release : 2010-04-01
ISBN : 1441207422
File Size : 22,8 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Leading on Empty Book PDF/Epub Download

Wayne Cordeiro found himself paralyzed by burnout. He had been in ministry for 30 years, and 10 years after founding what is now the largest church in Hawaii, he found himself depleted. Wayne took a season out of his growing ministry to recharge and refocus on the truly important. He was able to get back in touch with his life, get back in proper balance, and re-energize his spirit through Christ in a way that propelled him forward to greater levels of service. Wayne first gave this message at a recent Willow Creek Leadership Summit, where it was the highest-rated presentation by those in attendance. Pulling no punches, Wayne talks about the walls leaders must break through and how to move on with integrity. Included are ways to care for oneself physically and emotionally as well as spiritually.

The Moody Bible Commentary

The Moody Bible Commentary Book
Author : Michael Rydelnik,Michael Vanlaningham
Publisher : Moody Publishers
Release : 2014-03-15
ISBN : 0802490182
File Size : 21,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


The Moody Bible Commentary Book PDF/Epub Download

Now you can study the Bible with the faculty of the Moody Bible Institute! Imagine having a team of 30 Moody Bible Institute professors helping you study the Bible. Now you can with this in-depth, user-friendly, one-volume commentary. General editors Michael Rydelnik and Michael Vanlaningham have led a team of contributors whose academic training, practical church experience, and teaching competency make this commentary excellent for anyone who needs help understanding the Scriptures. This comprehensive and reliable reference work should be the first place Sunday school teachers, Bible study leaders, missionaries, and pastors turn to for biblical insight. Scripture being commented on is shown in bold print for easy reference, and maps and charts provide visual aids for learning. Additional study helps include bibliographies for further reading and a subject and Scripture index. The Moody Bible Commentary is an all-in-one Bible study resource that will help you better understand and apply God's written revelation to all of life.

Breaking Free from Body Shame

Breaking Free from Body Shame Book
Author : Jess Connolly
Publisher : Zondervan
Release : 2021-06-22
ISBN : 0310352509
File Size : 20,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Breaking Free from Body Shame Book PDF/Epub Download

You were made for more than a love/hate relationship with your body. It's one thing to know in your head that you were created in the image of God. Yet it's quite another to experience this belief in your body, against the cultural ideals of a woman's worth. And between the two lies a world of frustration, disappointment, and the shame of somehow feeling both too much and never enough in your body. Jess Connolly is a bestselling author, sought-after speaker, and trusted Bible teacher who knows this inner conflict all too well, and this book details her journey--and yours--of setting out to discover how to break free from the broken beliefs we all hold about our bodies that hold us back from our fullest life. The truest thing about you is that you are made and loved by God. And the truest thing about Him is that He cannot make bad things. This book will help you believe it with your whole self, as Jess guides you through an eye-opening, empowering process of: Renaming what the world has labeled as less-than Resting in God's workmanship Experiencing restoration where there has been injury And becoming a change agent in partnering with God to bring revival to a generation of women Far from a superficial issue, self-image is a spiritual issue, because God has named your body good from the beginning. Whether your struggle is with eating and exercise habits, stress or trauma, infertility or injury, this book makes space for you to experience God meeting you in this tender place, and ring His freedom bell over your body in a whole new way.

Fixing the Money Thing

Fixing the Money Thing Book
Author : Gary Keesee
Publisher : Sound Wisdom
Release : 2011-01-01
ISBN : 0768490251
File Size : 31,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Fixing the Money Thing Book PDF/Epub Download

Your days of feeling enslaved, discouraged, and overwhelmed by your financial problems are over! From struggling financially all the way up to building a successful worldwide ministry and enjoying financial freedom, author Gary Keesee shares his journey and his proven successful principles so you can control your finances. You will learn the spiritual laws of God’s Kingdom and exactly how to apply each principle discussed. Also clearly and expertly explained is how to: Find lost money. Put a plan in place to be out of debt in less than 7 years (including your mortgage!). Save in every area of life. See that the financial laws of the Kingdom can intersect with the natural realm to bring you freedom from worry and fear. From pitfalls to avoid to proactive steps to take, the path to financial freedom is clearly illuminated. Fixing the Money Thing is not a book of boring numbers and budgets—it is an inspirational book that will change your life in many positive and lucrative ways.

Gift and Award Bible KJV

Gift and Award Bible KJV Book
Author : Hendrickson Publishers
Publisher : Hendrickson Publishers
Release : 2006-02
ISBN : 1598560239
File Size : 54,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Gift and Award Bible KJV Book PDF/Epub Download

The beloved and timeless King James Version is made available in an edition priced right for Sunday schools, Bible clubs, church presentations, and giveaways. Offering affordable quality, these handsome award Bibles will withstand heavy use thanks to better quality paper and supple but sturdy cover material. A great way to honor special achievements-at a budget-conscious price A spectrum of attractive colors-black, burgundy, blue, royal purple, dark green, and white-suit any occasion Imitation leather, 640 pages, 5 8 inches Clear 7-point type Color maps and presentation page The words of Christ in red 32 pages of study helps Sewn binding Shipped with an attractive four-color half-wrap and shrink-wrap.

The Tony Evans Bible Commentary

The Tony Evans Bible Commentary Book
Author : Tony Evans,CSB Bibles by Holman
Publisher : B&H Publishing Group
Release : 2019-10-01
ISBN : 0805499431
File Size : 24,5 Mb
Language : Ennglish


The Tony Evans Bible Commentary Book PDF/Epub Download

Tony Evans is one of the most influential church leaders of our time and has been studying and preaching the Gospel for over 50 years. He is senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, TX and founder of The Urban Alternative, a ministry which promotes a kingdom agenda philosophy designed to enable people to live all of life underneath the comprehensive rule of God. The Tony Evans Bible Commentary includes an introduction to each Bible book followed by passage-by-passage exposition of the entire Bible by Dr. Tony Evans. In addition, there is a special front matter section with introductory resources. The insights in this commentary will help explain God’s Word in a fresh way. Applying these truths will empower readers to have transformed lives that then transfer the values of the kingdom of God to others. The Tony Evans Bible Commentary features the highly readable, highly reliable text of the Christian Standard Bible® (CSB). The CSB stays as literal as possible to the Bible's original meaning without sacrificing clarity, making it easier to engage with Scripture's life-changing message and to share it with others.

The Purpose Driven Life

The Purpose Driven Life Book
Author : Rick Warren
Publisher : Zondervan
Release : 2012-10-23
ISBN : 0310329337
File Size : 47,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


The Purpose Driven Life Book PDF/Epub Download

Discover and fulfill your God-given purpose by joining the more than thirty-five million others who have embarked on a spiritual journey that started with this #1 New York Times bestselling book by Pastor Rick Warren. Before you were born, God knew what your life had in store for you. His hope for you is to discover the life he created just for you--both here on earth, and forever in eternity. Let Rick Warren guide you as you learn to live out your true purpose. The Purpose Driven Life is more than a book; it's a road map for your spiritual journey. Combining thoughtful verses from Scripture with timely stories and perspectives from Warren's own life, The Purpose Driven Life will help you discover the answer to one of life's most important questions: What on earth am I here for? Throughout The Purpose Driven Life, Warren will teach you to spend time getting to know yourself and your creator in order to live your life to the fullest. Unlocking your true purpose will also reduce your stress, simplify your decisions, increase your satisfaction, and, most importantly, prepare you for eternity. Designed to be read over the course of forty-two days, The Purpose Driven Life will help you see the big picture, giving you a fresh perspective on the way that the pieces of your life fit together. Every chapter of The Purpose Driven Life provides a daily meditation and practical steps to help you uncover and live out your purpose, starting with exploring three essential questions: The Question of Existence: Why am I alive? The Question of Significance: Does my life matter? The Question of Purpose: What on earth am I here for? Each copy of The Purpose Driven Life also includes thoughtful discussion questions, audio Bible studies that go along with every chapter, and access to a supportive online community, giving you the opportunity to dive even deeper into each life-changing lesson.

The Divine Mentor

The Divine Mentor Book
Author : Wayne Cordeiro
Publisher : Bethany House
Release : 2008-10-01
ISBN : 9781585588282
File Size : 49,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


The Divine Mentor Book PDF/Epub Download

Many believers settle for a spiritual routine that lacks God's presence. But what they truly want, and truly need, is a dynamic, vital, and intimate relationship with God. Here Wayne Cordeiro gently but directly shows readers how to move from routine to relationship--from mundane actions to fresh encounters--by learning to hear Him speak to them through the Bible. Through stories, lessons, and anecdotes, Cordeiro equips readers to listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit as they read God's Word, enabling them to transform their daily quiet time with the Lord.

The Life Recovery Bible NLT

The Life Recovery Bible NLT Book
Author : Stephen Arterburn,David Stoop
Publisher : Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
Release : 2012-12-14
ISBN : 1414368690
File Size : 26,7 Mb
Language : Ennglish


The Life Recovery Bible NLT Book PDF/Epub Download

The Life Recovery Bible is today’s #1-selling recovery Bible and is based on the 12-step recovery model. It was created by two of today’s leading recovery experts, David Stoop, Ph.D., and Stephen Arterburn, M.Ed., to lead readers to the source of true healing—God himself. Features:New Living Translation Recovery Notes: Placed throughout the Bible text, these notes pinpoint passages and thoughts important to recovery Twelve Step Devotionals: A reading chain of 84 Bible-based devotionals tied to the Twelve Steps of recovery and placed throughout the Bible text Serenity Prayer Devotionals: Based on the Serenity Prayer, these devotionals (more than 50) provide an excellent guide to recovery Recovery Profiles: Key Bible characters are profiled and important recovery lessons are drawn from their lives Recovery Reflections: Topically arranged recovery reflections pinpoint specific Scripture passages at the end of most Bible books Recovery Themes: Prominent recovery themes are discussed at the openings of various Bible books Other Features: Outlines, book histories, topical index, devotional index, book introductions, user’s guide, and a new 12-step comparison chartPlus: Now includes a topical Bible Verse Finder to help the reader quickly find what the Bible says about common issues

Women of the Word

Women of the Word Book
Author : Jen Wilkin
Publisher : Crossway
Release : 2014-07-31
ISBN : 1433541793
File Size : 40,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Women of the Word Book PDF/Epub Download

We all know it’s important to study God’s Word. But sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. What’s more, a lack of time, emotionally driven approaches, and past frustrations can erode our resolve to keep growing in our knowledge of Scripture. How can we, as Christian women, keep our focus and sustain our passion when reading the Bible? Offering a clear and concise plan to help women go deeper in their study of Scripture, this book will equip you to engage God’s Word in a way that trains your mind and transforms your heart.

Life Application Study Bible

Life Application Study Bible Book
Author : Tyndale House Publishers
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2009-02-15
ISBN : 9781414324579
File Size : 50,5 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Life Application Study Bible Book PDF/Epub Download

"The Life Application Study Bible" includes nearly 10,000 notes and features designed to help the reader apply God's truth to everyday life. FEATURES: Nearly 10,000 Life Application notes and features help explain God's Word and challenge readers to apply the truth of Scripture to their lives Personality profiles highlight over 100 important Bible figures Book introductions with statistics, overviews, and timelines help readers understand the message of each book Over 200 thumbnail maps highlight important Bible places and events Christian Worker's Resource: a special supplement to enhance the reader's ministry effectiveness 260 charts help explain difficult concepts and relationships Harmony of the Gospels built into the text of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John Topical index to all notes, charts, maps, and profiles Dictionary/concordance Cross-references Daily reading plan.

The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge Book
Author : Thomas Nelson
Publisher : Thomas Nelson
Release : 2023-08-29
ISBN : 0310143527
File Size : 51,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge Book PDF/Epub Download

An exhaustive cross-referencing tool for interpreting Scripture with Scripture. The Bible is its own best commentary. To truly understand what the Bible teaches about a subject, we must consult all of what the Bible itself says about it. The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge allows you to do just that, providing a selection of other verses which shed light upon, clarify, or explain the verse you are consulting. Unlike a concordance, which is an alphabetical index to the words of the Bible, the cross-references given in the New Treasury are not merely to the same word, but to the same or a related thought, theme, doctrine, subject, concept, or literary motif, even when expressed in entirely different words. Special Features: Indicates degree of clarity, significance, or relationship between references Can be used with any translation or edition of the Bible Is arranged like the Bible (divided into the same books, chapters, and verses) for ease of use Provides a far more complete selection of cross-references than can be found in any other source Contains dozens of special study aids to help you develop powerful lessons or sermons--straight from the Bible itself Contains multiple indexes (subjects, figures of speech, etc.) Uses Strong's numbering system Uses a new font that makes it easier to read than previous versions No combination of other Bible study tools quite duplicates the carefully-research and indexed content in The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge. When used effectively, this invaluable resource will change your life.

Attributes of God

Attributes of God Book
Author : Rose Publishing
Publisher : Rose Publishing Inc
Release : 2014-10-01
ISBN : 1628622512
File Size : 37,8 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Attributes of God Book PDF/Epub Download

5 Ways Knowing God's Traits Will Improve Your Life Perspective Have you ever questioned God's goodness during tough seasons? It's easy to accept that God is loving when you receive a promotion and that he's merciful when someone forgives you. But, God's characteristics during troubling times can appear so abstract that applying his identity to our life circumstances can seem like a theological puzzle: we possess all the pieces but don't know how they fit together. How can God be good and my life remain troubled, uncertain, and instable? Let's face the truth. Logically knowing God's traits is not enough to change our perspectives. We need an overview that allows us to meditate on his traits and that suggests practical ways to apply his identity to our everyday lives. Rose Publishing's Attributes of God, a full color, 14-page pamphlet, explains 20 traits of God in an easy-to-reference chart. This easy–to–understand pamphlet explains each attribute, and provides probing questions and devotion–based activities to help you apply the insights to your personal walk. Experience the relief, joy, and hope that comes from deepening your understanding of God's identity with Rose publishing's Attributes of God. Knowing God's attributes will affect your— •Worship by deepening your understanding of God's praiseworthy attributes. •Life Perspective by enabling you to discover the hope that comes from realizing that his very nature meets your every need. •Relationship with God by fostering a more intimate awareness of His traits. •Relationship with Others by revealing the traits you can develop as you seek after him, such as patience, faithfulness, and love. •Identity by revealing to you your worth, as you focus on the astounding attributes of the God who loves you.

The Interrupted Life Booklet

The Interrupted Life Booklet Book
Author : Priscilla Shirer
Publisher : Lifeway Church Resources
Release : 2010-11
ISBN : 9781415869345
File Size : 29,8 Mb
Language : Ennglish


The Interrupted Life Booklet Book PDF/Epub Download

The Interrupted Life: Lessons from Jonah by Priscilla Shirer is a 64-page, pocket size booklet that contains daily nuggets of inspiration, based on content from the in-depth women's Bible study Jonah: Navigating a Life Interrupted.