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Misreading Scripture With Western Eyes

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Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes

Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes Book
Author : E. Randolph Richards,Brandon J. O'Brien
Publisher : InterVarsity Press
Release : 2012-07-31
ISBN : 9780830863471
File Size : 31,7 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes Book PDF/Epub Download

Brandon O'Brien and Randy Richards shed light on the ways that Western readers often misunderstand the cultural dynamics of the Bible. Identifying nine areas where commonplaces of modern Western thought diverge with the text, the authors ask us to reconsider long-held opinions about our most beloved book.

Misreading Scripture with Individualist Eyes

Misreading Scripture with Individualist Eyes Book
Author : E. Randolph Richards,Richard James
Publisher : InterVarsity Press
Release : 2020-10-13
ISBN : 0830843795
File Size : 31,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Misreading Scripture with Individualist Eyes Book PDF/Epub Download

The Bible was written within collectivist cultures, and it's easy for Westerners to misinterpret—or miss—important elements. Combining the expertise of a biblical scholar and a missionary practitioner, this essential guidebook explores the deep social structures of the ancient Mediterranean, stripping away individualist assumptions and helping us read the Bible better.

Paul Behaving Badly

Paul Behaving Badly Book
Author : E. Randolph Richards,Brandon J. O'Brien
Publisher : InterVarsity Press
Release : 2016-11-01
ISBN : 0830873325
File Size : 39,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Paul Behaving Badly Book PDF/Epub Download

Randolph Richards and Brandon O'Brien explore the complicated persona and teachings of the apostle Paul. Unpacking his personal history and cultural context, they show how Paul both offended Roman perspectives and scandalized Jewish sensibilities, revealing a vision of Christian faith that was deeply disturbing to others in his day and remains so in ours.

Paul and First Century Letter Writing

Paul and First Century Letter Writing Book
Author : E. Randolph Richards
Publisher : InterVarsity Press
Release : 2004-10-22
ISBN : 9780830827886
File Size : 55,7 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Paul and First Century Letter Writing Book PDF/Epub Download

Informed by the historical evidence and with a sharp eye for telltale clues in the Apostle Paul's letters, E. Randolph Richards takes us into his world and places us on the scene with Paul the letter writer offering a glimpse that overthrows our preconceptions and offers a new perspective on how this important portion of Christian Scripture came to be.

Abusing Scripture

Abusing Scripture Book
Author : Manfred Brauch
Publisher : InterVarsity Press
Release : 2009-09-20
ISBN : 0830877894
File Size : 44,7 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Abusing Scripture Book PDF/Epub Download

Virtually all Christians recognize the centrality of the Bible to their faith. Yet many Christians misquote and misapply Scripture regularly. Often those who are most passionate about the authority of the Bible are at the greatest loss when it comes to understanding its message clearly and applying it faithfully. Professor Manfred Brauch believes this kind of mistaken interpretation and application of Scripture is a detriment to the integrity of our Christian witness and contributes to profound misunderstandings in Christian belief and practice. In this practical book written with the non-specialist in mind, Manfred Brauch identifies and corrects a number of basic errors that interpret and apply biblical texts in ways that distort their meaning and message. Chapters explore issues of context, genre, consistency, author intent and other important considerations, addressing not just the act of interpretation, but also the attitudes behind the ways we choose to apply Scripture. Whether you lead a Bible study or small group, are a pastor or Sunday school teacher, are engaged in biblical study at a college or seminary, or are just an everyday Christian who wants to understand how to interpret God's Word well and recognize good interpretation (or the lack therof) when you encounter it, this important book will be an invaluable guide.

Light Through an Eastern Window

Light Through an Eastern Window Book
Author : Bishop K. C. Pillai
Publisher : Pickle Partners Publishing
Release : 2016-11-11
ISBN : 1787202763
File Size : 25,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Light Through an Eastern Window Book PDF/Epub Download

First published in 1963, this book by Bishop K. C. Pillai was written on the urging of many of his listeners to put his teachings into book form, “so that more Christians may be encouraged to trust in the Word of God, and believe more deeply through understanding.” He explains in his Introduction that he was unable to put all of his teachings into one book at this time due to time constraints, but with this volume intends to “touch upon some of the portions of the Bible which my listeners tell me have been the most interesting and inspiring.” A wonderful book for any reader who seeks to know and understand the Word of God...

Reading Romans with Eastern Eyes

Reading Romans with Eastern Eyes Book
Author : Brad Vaughn
Publisher : InterVarsity Press
Release : 2019-06-11
ISBN : 0830873619
File Size : 22,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Reading Romans with Eastern Eyes Book PDF/Epub Download

According to Brad Vaughn, some traditional East Asian cultural values are closer to those of the first-century biblical world than common Western cultural values. In this work Vaughn demonstrates how paying attention to East Asian culture provides a helpful lens for interpreting Paul's most complex letter, and we see how honor and shame shape so much of Paul's message and mission.

Rediscovering Paul

Rediscovering Paul Book
Author : E. Randolph Richards,David B. Capes,Rodney Reeves
Publisher : InterVarsity Press
Release : 2017-11-21
ISBN : 0830889027
File Size : 47,8 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Rediscovering Paul Book PDF/Epub Download

For some of us, the apostle Paul is intimidating, prickly, and unpredictable. But maybe it's time to get to know Paul on his own terms. Drawing on the best of contemporary scholarship, and with language shaped by conversations with today's students, this expanded edition of Rediscovering Paul gives fresh consideration to Paul’s conversion, call, and his ongoing impact on church and culture.

Knowing Scripture

Knowing Scripture Book
Author : R. C. Sproul
Publisher : InterVarsity Press
Release : 2009-02-25
ISBN : 083083723X
File Size : 41,8 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Knowing Scripture Book PDF/Epub Download

In this revised edition of his classic, R. C. Sproul helps us dig out the meaning of Scripture for ourselves. He presents a commonsense approach to studying Scripture and gives eleven practical guidelines for biblical interpretation and applying what we learn. He lays the groundwork by discussing why we should study the Bible and how our own personal study relates to interpretation.

Introduction to Biblical Interpretation

Introduction to Biblical Interpretation Book
Author : William W. Klein,Craig L. Blomberg,Robert L. Hubbard, Jr.
Publisher : Zondervan Academic
Release : 2017-03-28
ISBN : 0310524180
File Size : 20,7 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Introduction to Biblical Interpretation Book PDF/Epub Download

Introduction to Biblical Interpretation, now in its third edition, is a classic hermeneutics textbook that sets forth concise, logical, and practical guidelines for discovering the truth in God’s Word. With updates and revisions throughout that keep pace with current scholarship, this book offers students the best and most up-to-date information needed to interpret Scripture. Introduction to Biblical Interpretation: Defines and describes hermeneutics, the science of biblical interpretation Suggests effective methods to understand the meaning of the biblical text Surveys the literary, cultural, social, and historical issues that impact any text Evaluates both traditional and modern approaches to Bible interpretation Examines the reader’s role as an interpreter of the text and helps identify what the reader brings to the text that could distort its message Tackles the problem of how to apply the Bible in valid and significant ways today Provides an extensive and revised annotated list of books that readers will find helpful in the practice of biblical interpretation Used in college and seminary classrooms around the world, this volume is a trusted and valuable tool for students and other readers who desire to understand and apply the Bible.

How to Read the Bible in Changing Times

How to Read the Bible in Changing Times Book
Author : Mark L. Strauss
Publisher : Baker Books
Release : 2011-08-01
ISBN : 1441232184
File Size : 36,7 Mb
Language : Ennglish


How to Read the Bible in Changing Times Book PDF/Epub Download

Many find it difficult to take words that were written thousands of years ago and apply them to twenty-first-century life in the Western world. How do we read God's unchanging Word in a world that is increasingly defined by change? How to Read the Bible in Changing Times shows everyday Christians how to interpret and apply the Scriptures regardless of time and culture. Rather than seeing the Bible as a magic answer book, a list of commands to obey, or a series of promises to claim, this insightful book allows the Bible to retain its identity as a complex, inspired document while showing that the truth it contains is relevant and life-changing. It shows the reader how to determine the meaning of the text in its original context identify culturally relative features understand what the text teaches about God, his will, and his purposes apply the truths discovered to contemporary life situations It even shows readers how to discern God's will on the many modern issues that the Bible does not directly address.

Crossing Cultures with Jesus

Crossing Cultures with Jesus Book
Author : Katie J. Rawson
Publisher : InterVarsity Press
Release : 2015-11-04
ISBN : 0830898921
File Size : 51,5 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Crossing Cultures with Jesus Book PDF/Epub Download

You can be a missionary by crossing an ocean or by crossing the street. Filled with compelling stories, practical resources and relational tools, this guide from veteran crosscultural minister Katie Rawson shows how we can witness the way Jesus did, entering into people's worlds and drawing them into God-centered community.

How to Read the Bible Book by Book

How to Read the Bible Book by Book Book
Author : Gordon D. Fee
Publisher : Zondervan Academic
Release : 2009-07-13
ISBN : 0310853648
File Size : 47,5 Mb
Language : Ennglish


How to Read the Bible Book by Book Book PDF/Epub Download

Reading the Bible doesn't need to be a difficult journey through strange and bewildering territory. How to Read the Bible Book by Book walks you through the Scriptures like an experienced tour guide, helping you understand each of its sixty-six books. For each book of the Bible, the authors start with a quick snapshot, then expand the view to help you better understand its message and how it fits into the grand narrative of the Bible. Written by two top evangelical scholars, this survey is designed to get you actually reading the Bible knowledgeably and understanding it accurately. In an engaging, conversational style, Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart take you through every book of the Bible using their unique approach: Orienting Data—Concise info bytes that form a thumbnail of the book. Overview—A brief panorama that introduces key concepts and themes and important landmarks in the book Specific Advice for Reading—Pointers for accurately understanding the details and message of the book in context with the circumstances surrounding its writing. A Walk Through—The actual section-by-section tour that helps you see both the larger landscape of the book and how its various parts work together to form the whole. How to Read the Bible Book by Book can be used as a companion to How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth. It also stands on its own as a reliable guide to reading and understanding the Bible for yourself.

Miraculous Movements

Miraculous Movements Book
Author : Jerry Trousdale
Publisher : Thomas Nelson
Release : 2012-03-05
ISBN : 1418550477
File Size : 25,5 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Miraculous Movements Book PDF/Epub Download

How do the people most resistant to the transformative power of the gospel come to be its most devoted followers? Miraculous Movement recounts an amazing change taking place within Muslim communities where the truth of Jesus Christ is turning around the lives of many thousands of Muslims from more than twenty people groups. Discover through the sometimes humorous, often sobering, but always enlightening and encouraging true stories how imams, sheikhs, and entire mosques are forsaking Islam and embracing Christ. This close look at what the Lord is doing to spread the gospel highlights the key scriptural principles that help Christians reach out in love to share the gospel in their own community. The authors outline the principle of service to others that open doors of opportunity to the work of the gospel. Author Jerry Trousdale works with CityTeam Ministries, an organization dedicated to helping disciples make disciples through CityTeamÆs own ministry and through training other ministries in more than thirty countries. Features includes: Outlines important principles on how to share the gospel with non-Christians Explains how ordinary people can lead neighbors to Christ in love and humility Tells many exciting and encouraging stories of Muslims who have accepted Jesus Describes CityTeamÆs unique program focused on GodÆs work through disciple-making movements, a strategy that harnesses the power of disciples making disciples and churches planting churches

Western Christians in Global Mission

Western Christians in Global Mission Book
Author : Paul Borthwick
Publisher : InterVarsity Press
Release : 2012-10-03
ISBN : 9780830866052
File Size : 23,7 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Western Christians in Global Mission Book PDF/Epub Download

Missions specialist Paul Borthwick brings an urgent report on how the Western church can best continue in global mission. Providing current analysis of the state of the world and Majority World opinion, Borthwick offers concrete advice for Western churches who want to avoid the pitfalls of colonialism.

Rediscovering Jesus

Rediscovering Jesus Book
Author : David B. Capes,Rodney Reeves,E. Randolph Richards
Publisher : InterVarsity Press
Release : 2015-07-08
ISBN : 0830898565
File Size : 39,7 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Rediscovering Jesus Book PDF/Epub Download

Who is your Jesus? This textbook introduction gives an enjoyable and challenging look at how we encounter Jesus in Scripture and our culture—from the New Testament to the gnostic gospels, historical Jesus studies, Islam, Mormonism, Hollywood and Americana. Follow the path to seeing Jesus truly and notice the difference it makes for faith and life.

Saving the Bible from Ourselves

Saving the Bible from Ourselves Book
Author : Glenn R. Paauw
Publisher : InterVarsity Press
Release : 2016-03-30
ISBN : 0830851240
File Size : 30,5 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Saving the Bible from Ourselves Book PDF/Epub Download

Has dividing the Bible into chapters and verses led to sampling Scripture rather than reading it deeply? According to author Glenn R. Paauw, misreading the Bible has divorced it from its context, leaving only a database of quick answers to life's questions. In these pages he introduces us to seven new understandings of Scripture to help us read and live the Bible well.

God s New Humanity

God s New Humanity Book
Author : David E. Stevens
Publisher : Wipf and Stock
Release : 2012-02-08
ISBN : 9781498260848
File Size : 50,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


God s New Humanity Book PDF/Epub Download

Description: ""I pray . . . that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. . . . May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me."" --Jesus Christ What if? What if believers of multiple ethnicities manifested the diversity in unity for which Jesus prayed? What if largely separate, homogeneous congregations--which account for nearly 92.5 percent of all churches in the United States--increasingly became connected, multiethnic congregations? What if, at eleven o'clock on Sunday mornings--or whenever believers gather to worship--local congregations were comprised of believing whites, African Americans, Koreans, Hispanics, Romanians, Native Americans, as well as the diverse mosaic of other ethnicities represented in our increasingly multicultural society? Would this not say something about the supernatural character of the gospel of reconciliation we proclaim? Jesus believed it would. That is why after praying for such diversity in unity among his followers, Jesus Christ--the Man for all nations--extended his arms and laid down his life to make it happen. This book, God's New Humanity, examines the biblical-theological vision and motivation for living in response to Jesus' prayer. Endorsements: ""God's New Humanity is a welcome, significant addition to the growing body of literature boldly proclaiming the biblical mandate for the multiethnic church. With the mind of a theologian, the heart of a pastor, and the insight of a practitioner, David Stevens effectively challenges systemic segregation and points the way to the coming integration of the local church for the sake of the Gospel."" --Mark DeYmaz Author of Building a Healthy Multi-ethnic Church, and coauthor of Ethnic Blends: Mixing Diversity into Your Local Church ""Stevens offers a fresh and much-needed theological approach to multiethnic ministry . . . This book encourages the reader to think theologically through the key issues in reaching across all barriers within the church, not just the most visible ones. If you are seeking a strong biblical and theological understanding of multiethnic ministry, God's New Humanity is a must-read."" --Rodney Woo Author of The Color of Church ""The greatest picture of the church is found on the pages of Revelation. There we see all of God's people gathered from around the world and down through the ages. There we can't help worshipping the One who paid the price to bring us together as one . . . If you're a Christian leader, this is must reading. Highly recommended!"" --David Sanford Executive editor of the acclaimed Holy Bible: Mosaic About the Contributor(s): David Stevens is Senior Pastor of Central Bible Church in Portland, Oregon. He is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary (ThM, 1982) and of the Faculte Libre de Theologie Evangelique (ThD, 1999) near Paris, France."


Hermeneutics Book
Author : Anthony C. Thiselton
Publisher : Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
Release : 2009-10-09
ISBN : 1467433950
File Size : 39,8 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Hermeneutics Book PDF/Epub Download

Anthony Thiselton here brings together his encyclopedic knowledge of hermeneutics and his nearly four decades of teaching on the subject to provide a splendid interdisciplinary textbook. After a thorough historical overview of hermeneutics, Thiselton moves into modern times with extensive analysis of scholarship from the mid-twentieth century, including liberation and feminist theologies, reader-response and reception theory, and postmodernism. No other text on hermeneutics covers the range of writers and subjects discussed in Thiselton’s Hermeneutics.

Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus

Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus Book
Author : Lois Tverberg
Publisher : Baker Books
Release : 2018-01-02
ISBN : 1493412671
File Size : 21,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus Book PDF/Epub Download

What would it be like for modern readers to sit down beside Jesus as he explained the Bible to them? What life-changing insights might emerge from such a transformative encounter? Lois Tverberg knows the treasures that await readers willing to learn how to read the Bible through Jewish eyes. By helping them understand the Bible as Jesus and his first-century listeners would have, she bridges the gaps of time and culture in order to open the Bible to readers today. Combining careful research with engaging prose, Tverberg leads us on a journey back in time to shed light on how this Middle Eastern people approached life, God, and each other. She explains age-old imagery that we often misinterpret, allowing us to approach God and the stories and teachings of Scripture with new eyes. By helping readers grasp the perspective of its original audience, she equips them to read the Bible in ways that will enrich their lives and deepen their understanding.

African Hermeneutics

African Hermeneutics Book
Author : Elizabeth Mburu
Publisher : Langham Publishing
Release : 2019-02-28
ISBN : 1783685387
File Size : 32,5 Mb
Language : Ennglish


African Hermeneutics Book PDF/Epub Download

Interpretation of Scripture occurs within one’s worldview and culture, which enhances our understanding and ability to apply Scripture in the world. However, few books address Bible interpretation from an African perspective and no other textbook uses the intercultural approach found here. This book brings both an awareness of how one’s African context gives a lens to hermeneutics, but also how to interpret texts with integrity despite our cultural influences. African Hermeneutics was born of Prof Elizabeth Mburu’s frustration at only having textbooks that predominantly followed a Western worldview to teach her African students. Mburu’s approach to hermeneutics is one that begins in Africa, moving from the known to the unknown as students learn to apply her ‘four-legged stool model’ to biblical texts, namely examining: the parallels to African contexts, the theological context, the literary context, and the historical and cultural context. This textbook will help students and pastors interpret Scripture with greater accuracy in their own context, allowing for faithful application in their local contexts.