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Millicent Glenns Last Wish

Download Millicent Glenns Last Wish Full eBooks in PDF, EPUB, and kindle. Millicent Glenns Last Wish is one my favorite book and give us some inspiration, very enjoy to read. you could read this book anywhere anytime directly from your device. This site is like a library, Use search box in the widget to get ebook that you want.

Millicent Glenn s Last Wish

Millicent Glenn s Last Wish Book
Author : Tori Whitaker
Publisher : Lake Union Publishing
Release : 2020-10
ISBN : 9781542023313
File Size : 55,5 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Millicent Glenn s Last Wish Book PDF/Epub Download

Three generations of women--and the love, loss, sacrifice, and secrets that can bind them forever or tear them apart. Millicent Glenn is self-sufficient and contentedly alone in the Cincinnati suburbs. As she nears her ninety-first birthday, her daughter Jane, with whom she's weathered a shaky relationship, suddenly moves back home. Then Millie's granddaughter shares the thrilling surprise that she's pregnant. But for Millie, the news stirs heartbreaking memories of a past she's kept hidden for too long. Maybe it's time she shared something, too. Millie's last wish? For Jane to forgive her. Sixty years ago Millie was living a dream. She had a husband she adored, a job of her own, a precious baby girl, and another child on the way. They were the perfect family. All it took was one irreversible moment to shatter everything, reshaping Millie's life and the lives of generations to come. As Millie's old wounds are exposed, so are the secrets she's kept for so long. Finally revealing them to her daughter might be the greatest risk a mother could take in the name of love.

A Matter of Happiness

A Matter of Happiness Book
Author : Tori Whitaker
Publisher : Lake Union Publishing
Release : 2022-11-08
ISBN : 9781542038072
File Size : 46,7 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


A Matter of Happiness Book PDF/Epub Download

A cherished heirloom opens up a century of secrets in a bittersweet novel about family, hard truths, and self-discovery by the author of Millicent Glenn's Last Wish. Melanie Barnett thinks she has it all together. With an ex-fiancé and a pending promotion at a Kentucky bourbon distillery, Melanie has figured out that love and career don't mix. Until she makes a discovery while cleaning her Jordan MX car, a scarlet-red symbol of the Jazz Age's independent women that she inherited from her great-great-great-aunt Violet. Its secret compartment holds Violet's weathered journal--within it an intriguing message: Take from this story what you will, Melanie, and you can bury the rest. Melanie wonders what more there is to learn from Violet's past. In 1921 Violet Bond defers to no one. Hers is a life of adventure in Detroit, the hub of the motorcar boom and the fastest growing city in America. But in an era of speakeasies, financial windfalls, free-spirited friends, and unexpected romance, it's easy to spin out of control. Now, as Melanie's own world takes unexpected turns, her life and Violet's life intersect. Generations apart, they're coming into their own and questioning what modern womanhood--and happiness--really means.


Bestiary Book
Author : K-Ming Chang
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2020-09-29
ISBN : 0735238839
File Size : 30,7 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Bestiary Book PDF/Epub Download

LONGLISTED FOR THE 2021 PEN/FAULKNER AWARD FOR FICTION FINALIST FOR THE 2021 LAMBDA LITERARY AWARD FOR LESBIAN FICTION NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW EDITORS' CHOICE LONGLISTED FOR THE CENTER FOR FICTION FIRST NOVEL PRIZE Three generations of Taiwanese American women are haunted by the myths of their homeland in this blazing debut of one family's queer desires, violent impulses, and buried secrets. One evening, Mother tells Daughter a story about a tiger spirit who lived in a woman's body. She was called Hu Gu Po, and she hungered to eat children, especially their toes. Soon afterwards, Daughter awakes with a tiger tail. And more mysterious events follow: holes in the backyard spit up letters penned by her grandmother; a visiting aunt arrives with snakes in her belly; a brother tests the possibility of flight. All the while, Daughter is falling for Ben, a neighbourhood girl with strange powers of her own. As the two young lovers translate the grandmother's letters, Daughter begins to understand that each woman in her family embodies a myth--and that she will have to bring her family's secrets to light in order to change their destiny. With a poetic voice of crackling electricity, K-Ming Chang is an explosive young writer who combines the wit and fabulism of Helen Oyeyemi with the subversive storytelling of Maxine Hong Kingston. Tracing one family's history from Taiwan to America, from Arkansas to California, Bestiary is a novel of migration, queer lineages, and girlhood.

Children of Ambition

Children of Ambition Book
Author : J.J. McAvoy
Publisher : NYLA
Release : 2017-12-20
ISBN : 1641970014
File Size : 24,5 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Children of Ambition Book PDF/Epub Download

Children of Vice #2 "Show me a strong woman and I’ll show you the scars on her soul that made her so.” Everything I’ve done, everything I will remorse. The world is a vicious place for a woman. It’s even crueler to the daughter of the Ceann na Conairte—discarded, married off, left powerless... But I am no ordinary daughter of the mafia. Unlike every other mafia family, my mother was Melody Callahan, Bloody Mel, the Don of the Italian Mafia, and the Don didn’t raise some precious mafia princess. Bone by bone she broke me first, so no one else could—and bone by bone, I pieced myself back together. I am no longer just the daughter. I am the Don. I am Donatella Aviela Callahan, and there is only one way—my way.

The Secret Women

The Secret Women Book
Author : Sheila Williams
Publisher : HarperCollins
Release : 2020-06-09
ISBN : 0062934244
File Size : 27,8 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


The Secret Women Book PDF/Epub Download

TOP SUMMER 2020 BEACH READ PICK--theSKIMM, PopSugar, Time, Woman's World, Parade, and Bookstr The author of Dancing on the Edge of the Roof, now a Netflix film starring Alfre Woodard, returns with a riveting, emotionally rich, novel that explores the complex relationship between mothers and daughters in a fresh, vibrant way—a stunning page-turner for fans of Terry McMillan, Tayari Jones, and Kimberla Lawson Roby. Elise Armstrong, Carmen Bradshaw, and DeeDee Davis meet in a yoga class. Though vastly different, these women discover they all have one thing in common: their mothers have recently passed away. Becoming fast friends, the trio make a pact to help each other sort through the belongings their mothers’ left behind. But when they find old letters and diaries, Elise, Carmen, and DeeDee are astonished to learn that each of their mothers hid secrets—secrets that will transform their own lives. Meeting each month over margaritas, the trio share laughter, advice, and support. As they help each other overcome challenges and celebrate successes, Elise, Carmen, and DeeDee gain not only a better understanding of the women their mothers were, but of themselves. They also come to realize they have what their mothers needed most but did not have during difficult times—other women they could trust. Filled with poignant life lessons, The Secret Women pays tribute to the power of friendship and family and the bonds that tie us together. Beautiful, full of spirit and heart, it is a thoughtful and ultimately uplifting story of unconditional love.

While Paris Slept

While Paris Slept Book
Author : Ruth Druart
Publisher : Grand Central Publishing
Release : 2021-02-23
ISBN : 1538735172
File Size : 27,9 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


While Paris Slept Book PDF/Epub Download

One woman must make the hardest decision of her life in this unforgettably moving story of resistance and faith during one of the darkest times in history. Santa Cruz, 1953. Jean-Luc is a man on the run from his past. The scar on his face is a small price to pay for surviving the horrors of Nazi occupation in France. Now, he has a new life in California, a family. He never expected the past to come knocking on his door. Paris, 1944. A young Jewish woman's past is torn apart in a heartbeat. Herded onto a train bound for Auschwitz, in an act of desperation she entrusts her most precious possession to a stranger. All she has left now is hope. On a darkened platform, two destinies become intertwined, and the choices each person makes will change the future in ways neither could have imagined. Told from alternating perspectives, While Paris Slept reflects on the power of love, resilience, and courage when all seems lost. Exploring the strength of family ties, and what it really means to love someone unconditionally, this debut novel will capture your heart. Includes a Reading Group Guide.

On the Mound

On the Mound Book
Author : Kristin Waring
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2021-04-29
ISBN : 0987650XXX
File Size : 24,5 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


On the Mound Book PDF/Epub Download

Set amongst beautiful Cape Cod; the daughter of a New York baseball tycoon makes her way one night to witness a 19 year old pitching phenom in hopes of telling his story to the world. The young man's career will end that night because of his protective father, whom takes hold of her heart in an instant. Working hard to gain the trust and confidence from the family, one mistake nearly costs her everything.

This Magnificent Dappled Sea

This Magnificent Dappled Sea Book
Author : David Biro
Publisher : Lake Union Publishing
Release : 2020-11
ISBN : 9781542019811
File Size : 52,5 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


This Magnificent Dappled Sea Book PDF/Epub Download

Two strangers--generations and oceans apart--have a chance to save each other in this moving and suspenseful novel about family secrets and the ineffable connections that attach us. In a small Northern Italian village, nine-year-old Luca Taviano catches a stubborn cold and is subsequently diagnosed with leukemia. His only hope for survival is a bone marrow transplant. After an exhaustive search, a match turns up three thousand miles away in the form of a most unlikely donor: Joseph Neiman, a rabbi in Brooklyn, New York, who is suffering from a debilitating crisis of faith. As Luca's young nurse, Nina Vocelli, risks her career and races against time to help save the spirited redheaded boy, she uncovers terrible secrets from World War II--secrets that reveal how a Catholic child could have Jewish genes. Can inheritance be transcended by accidents of love? That is the question at the heart of This Magnificent Dappled Sea, a novel that challenges the idea of identity and celebrates the ties that bind us together.

The Boy and the Lake

The Boy and the Lake Book
Author : Adam Pelzman
Publisher : Jackson Heights Press
Release : 2020-10-07
ISBN : 9781733258524
File Size : 24,5 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


The Boy and the Lake Book PDF/Epub Download

The family of teenage Benjamin Baum leaves the 1967 Newark riots to summer at an idyllic northern New Jersey lake. While fishing, Ben sees the dead body of a beloved neighbor float to the water's surface. Searching for clues to her death, Ben is forced to confront the possibility that his close-knit community isn't what it seems to be.

King of the Wind

King of the Wind Book
Author : Marguerite Henry
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2012-12-11
ISBN : 144248800X
File Size : 49,7 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


King of the Wind Book PDF/Epub Download

He was named “Sham” for the sun, this golden-red stallion born in the Sultan of Morocco’s stone stables. Upon his heel was a small white spot, the symbol of speed. But on his chest was the symbol of misfortune. Although he was swift as the desert winds, Sham’s pedigree would be scorned all his life by cruel masters and owners. This is the classic story of Sham and his friend, the stable boy Agba. Their adventures take them from the sands of the Sahara to the royal courts of France, and finally to the green pastures and stately homes of England. For Sham was the renowned Godolphin Arabian, whose blood flows through the veins of almost every superior thoroughbred. Sham’s speed—like his story—has become legendary.

The Last Tudor

The Last Tudor Book
Author : Philippa Gregory
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2017-08-08
ISBN : 1476758786
File Size : 36,6 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


The Last Tudor Book PDF/Epub Download

The latest novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Philippa Gregory features one of the most famous women in history, Lady Jane Grey, and her two sisters, each of whom dared to defy her queen. Jane Grey was queen of England for nine days. Her father and his allies crowned her instead of the dead king’s half-sister Mary Tudor, who quickly mustered an army, claimed her throne, and locked Jane in the Tower of London. When Jane refused to betray her Protestant faith, Mary sent her to the executioner’s block, where Jane transformed her father’s greedy power-grab into tragic martyrdom. “Learn you to die,” was the advice Jane wrote to her younger sister Katherine, who has no intention of dying. She intends to enjoy her beauty and her youth and fall in love. But she is heir to the insecure and infertile Queen Mary and then to her sister Queen Elizabeth, who will never allow Katherine to marry and produce a Tudor son. When Katherine’s pregnancy betrays her secret marriage, she faces imprisonment in the Tower, only yards from her sister’s scaffold. “Farewell, my sister,” writes Katherine to the youngest Grey sister, Mary. A beautiful dwarf, disregarded by the court, Mary keeps family secrets, especially her own, while avoiding Elizabeth’s suspicious glare. After seeing her sisters defy their queens, Mary is acutely aware of her own danger, but determined to command her own life. What will happen when the last Tudor defies her ruthless and unforgiving cousin Queen Elizabeth?

A Pigeon and a Boy

A Pigeon and a Boy Book
Author : Meir Shalev
Publisher : Schocken
Release : 2009-01-06
ISBN : 0805242686
File Size : 21,6 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


A Pigeon and a Boy Book PDF/Epub Download

A mesmerizing novel of two love stories, separated by half a century but connected by one enchanting act of devotion—from the internationally acclaimed Israeli writer Meir Shalev. During the 1948 War of Independence—a time when pigeons are still used to deliver battlefield messages—a gifted young pigeon handler is mortally wounded. In the moments before his death, he dispatches one last pigeon. The bird is carrying his extraordinary gift to the girl he has loved since adolescence. Intertwined with this story is the contemporary tale of Yair Mendelsohn, who has his own legacy from the 1948 war. Yair is a tour guide specializing in bird-watching trips who, in middle age, falls in love again with a childhood girlfriend. His growing passion for her, along with a gift from his mother on her deathbed, becomes the key to a life he thought no longer possible. Unforgettable in both its particulars and its sweep, A Pigeon and A Boy is a tale of lovers then and now—of how deeply we love, of what home is, and why we, like pigeons trained to fly in one direction only, must eventually return to it. In a voice that is at once playful, wise, and altogether beguiling, Meir Shalev tells a story as universal as war and as intimate as a winged declaration of love.

The Dickens Boy

The Dickens Boy Book
Author : Thomas Keneally
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2022-03-08
ISBN : 1982169168
File Size : 28,6 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


The Dickens Boy Book PDF/Epub Download

The award-winning author of modern classics such as Schindler’s List and Napoleon’s Last Island is at his triumphant best with this “engrossing and transporting” (Financial Times) novel about the adventures of Charles Dickens’s son in the Australian Outback during the 1860s. Edward Dickens, the tenth child of England’s most famous author Charles Dickens, has consistently let his parents down. Unable to apply himself at school and adrift in life, the teenaged boy is sent to Australia in the hopes that he can make something of himself—or at least fail out of the public eye. He soon finds himself in the remote Outback, surrounded by Aboriginals, colonials, ex-convicts, ex-soldiers, and very few women. Determined to prove to his parents and more importantly, himself, that he can succeed in this vast and unfamiliar wilderness, Edward works hard at his new life amidst various livestock, bushrangers, shifty stock agents, and frontier battles. By reimagining the tale of a fascinating yet little-known figure in history, this “roguishly tender coming-of-age story” (Booklist) offers penetrating insights into Colonialism and the fate of Australia’s indigenous people, and a wonderfully intimate portrait of Charles Dickens, as seen through the eyes of his son.

On the Inside

On the Inside Book
Author : Kim Cano
Publisher : CreateSpace
Release : 2013-12
ISBN : 9781494417994
File Size : 55,6 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


On the Inside Book PDF/Epub Download

After having committed a white collar crime, Kristen begins 17 years in prison, leaving her husband and sons behind and trying to survive on the inside.

A Pretty Deceit

A Pretty Deceit Book
Author : Anna Lee Huber
Publisher : Kensington Books
Release : 2020-10-06
ISBN : 1496728483
File Size : 40,9 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


A Pretty Deceit Book PDF/Epub Download

“A historical mystery to delight fans of Agatha Christie or Daphne du Maurier.” —Bookpage In the aftermath of the Great War, the line between friend and foe may be hard to discern, even for indomitable former Secret Service agent Verity Kent, in award-winning author Anna Lee Huber’s thrilling mystery series. Peacetime has brought little respite for Verity Kent. Intrigue still abounds, even within her own family. As a favor to her father, Verity agrees to visit his sister in Wiltshire. Her once prosperous aunt has fallen on difficult times and is considering selling their estate. But there are strange goings-on at the manor, including missing servants, possible heirloom forgeries, and suspicious rumors—all leading to the discovery of a dead body on the grounds. While Verity and her husband, Sidney, investigate this new mystery, they are also on the trail of an old adversary—the shadowy and lethal Lord Ardmore. At every turn, the suspected traitor seems to be one step ahead of them. And even when their dear friend Max, the Earl of Ryde, stumbles upon a code hidden among his late father’s effects that may reveal the truth about Ardmore, Verity wonders if they are really the hunters—or the hunted . . . Praise for Anna Lee Huber’s Penny for Your Secrets “Stellar mystery . . . a great read for fans of the series and all who enjoy Downton Abbey-era fiction.” —Booklist

The Anchor House

The Anchor House Book
Author : Spencer Margaret
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2019-09
ISBN : 9781688309500
File Size : 45,6 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


The Anchor House Book PDF/Epub Download

"An exploration of loss, happiness, and healing, Margaret's brilliant debut digs into the private lives of three women." -The Prairies Book Review For Winnie Spade, leaving her old life behind is the only thing that makes sense. Left uprooted after a broken engagement and with no family to call on, she hitchhikes across to country and lands in the small Minnesotan town of Manitou Lake. Winnie is taken in by Eleanor Reader, the caring owner of an island on which she lives and runs her unconventional church. Winnie is allowed to heal from her scarred past, but when Eleanor's ownership of the island is challenged, Winnie must break down the walls she's built in order to protect the home that has taken her in.A story of love and loss, religion and science, philosophy and dogma, and addiction and freedom, The Anchor House is a look at healing and happiness in an imperfect life and how we love those who save us.

A Dance in Donegal

A Dance in Donegal Book
Author : Jennifer Deibel
Publisher : Revell
Release : 2021-02-02
ISBN : 149342856X
File Size : 31,8 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


A Dance in Donegal Book PDF/Epub Download

"Deibel's descriptions of Ireland's landscape, enticing cuisine, sonorous language, and vibrant culture converge to form a spectacular background for the story."--BookPage starred review All of her life, Irish-American Moira Doherty has relished her mother's descriptions of Ireland. When her mother dies unexpectedly in the summer of 1920, Moira decides to fulfill her mother's wish that she become the teacher in Ballymann, her home village in Donegal, Ireland. After an arduous voyage, Moira arrives to a new home and a new job in an ancient country. Though a few locals offer a warm welcome, others are distanced by superstition and suspicion. Rumors about Moira's mother are unspoken in her presence but threaten to derail everything she's journeyed to Ballymann to do. Moira must rely on the kindness of a handful of friends--and the strength of Sean, an unsettlingly handsome thatcher who keeps popping up unannounced--as she seeks to navigate a life she'd never dreamed of . . . but perhaps was meant to live. Jennifer Deibel's debut novel delights the senses, bringing to life the sights, sounds, smells, and language of a lush country and a colorful people. Historical romance fans will embrace her with open arms. "God's redemptive love is the highlight of this debut work . . . Fans of historical Christian romances in the vein of Kristi Ann Hunter and Jen Turano will want to keep an eye on Deibel."--Library Journal "Deibel's exemplarily executed debut is a touching tale of love and forgiveness that also beautifully captures the warmth and magic of 1920s Ireland. The author's flair for vivid characterization is especially striking in Moira, whose realistic struggles with her faith give her memorable depth and relatability."--Booklist


Uprising Book
Author : Margaret Peterson Haddix
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2007-09-25
ISBN : 1416911715
File Size : 25,6 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Uprising Book PDF/Epub Download

Newly arrived in New York City in 1910, Bella is desperate to send money home to her family in Italy, and becomes one of the hundreds of workers at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. But one fateful March night, a spark ignites some cloth in the factory, resulting in a fire that will become one of the worst workplace disasters in history.

The Miracle Tragedy of the Dionne Quintuplets

The Miracle   Tragedy of the Dionne Quintuplets Book
Author : Sarah Miller
Publisher : Random House Studio
Release : 2019-08-27
ISBN : 1524713813
File Size : 35,6 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


The Miracle Tragedy of the Dionne Quintuplets Book PDF/Epub Download

In this riveting, beyond-belief true story from the author of The Borden Murders, meet the five children who captivated the entire world. When the Dionne Quintuplets were born on May 28, 1934, weighing a grand total of just over 13 pounds, no one expected them to live so much as an hour. Overnight, Yvonne, Annette, Cécile, Émilie, and Marie Dionne mesmerized the globe, defying medical history with every breath they took. In an effort to protect them from hucksters and showmen, the Ontario government took custody of the five identical babies, sequestering them in a private, custom-built hospital across the road from their family--and then, in a stunning act of hypocrisy, proceeded to exploit them for the next nine years. The Dionne Quintuplets became a more popular attraction than Niagara Falls, ogled through one-way screens by sightseers as they splashed in their wading pool at the center of a tourist hotspot known as Quintland. Here, Sarah Miller reconstructs their unprecedented upbringing with fresh depth and subtlety, bringing to new light their resilience and the indelible bond of their unique sisterhood.

Christmas Ever After

Christmas Ever After Book
Author : Karen Schaler
Publisher : Hawktale Publishing
Release : 2020-09-29
ISBN : 9781734766134
File Size : 22,8 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Christmas Ever After Book PDF/Epub Download

From Karen Schaler, the writer of the Netflix phenomenon A Christmas Prince and Hallmark's Christmas Camp comes this new heartwarming holiday romance. Mamma Mia meets The Bachelorette in Christmas Ever After... While promoting her next novel, a Christmas love story, author Riley Reynolds is caught off guard when she's asked during a live national television interview how she can write about romance when she still hasn't found "the one" herself. Scrambling for an answer, she quickly answers that she has had great love in her past and that love inspired her novels. Little does she know that this one offhanded remark will turn her world upside down. Three of her ex-boyfriends see the interview, and each, believing she's talking about him, shows up for her Christmas Camp book event at the Christmas Lake Lodge, determined to rewrite his happily-ever-after with her! Over the festive weekend, Riley's old boyfriends compete to win her heart, pulling out all the stops while planning the most romantic Christmas dates on the planet. Despite herself, Riley starts falling for each guy- again-but for different reasons. As Riley revisits each relationship and discovers more about herself, she embraces the magic of Christmas and finally finds true love and her own Christmas ever after... Bonus Content: Christmas Ever After includes delicious original Christmas recipes and fun holiday crafts and activities

When Robins Appear

When Robins Appear Book
Author : Densie Webb
Publisher : Red Adept Publishing, LLC
Release : 2020-10-20
ISBN : 0987650XXX
File Size : 45,9 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


When Robins Appear Book PDF/Epub Download

With a lucrative freelance career and a loving family, Deborah Earle has a life many women would envy. But her daughter, Amanda, is heading to college soon, and Deborah worries about having an empty nest. She thinks another child might be the answer. Her husband, Richard, however, may not be willing to start over so late in life. Amanda is excited about attending NYU next year, but she meets Graham, a handsome older boy, falls hard, and considers postponing her education to stay close to him. Her mother takes an instant dislike to Graham, but Amanda refuses to let her keep them apart. As Deborah watches her daughter rush headlong toward heartache on an all-too-familiar path, the secrets lurking in Deborah’s past continue to echo in her present. When tragedy strikes, Deborah faces a future she could never have imagined.