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Meathead Book
Author : Meathead Goldwyn,Rux Martin
Publisher : HarperCollins
Release : 2016-05-17
ISBN : 0544018508
File Size : 39,5 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Meathead Book PDF/Epub Download

New York Times Bestseller Named "22 Essential Cookbooks for Every Kitchen" by Named "25 Favorite Cookbooks of All Time" by Christopher Kimball Named "Best Cookbooks Of 2016" by Chicago Tribune, BBC, Wired, Epicurious, Leite's Culinaria Named "100 Best Cookbooks of All Time" by Southern Living Magazine For succulent results every time, nothing is more crucial than understanding the science behind the interaction of food, fire, heat, and smoke. This is the definitive guide to the concepts, methods, equipment, and accessories of barbecue and grilling. The founder and editor of the world's most popular BBQ and grilling website,, “Meathead” Goldwyn applies the latest research to backyard cooking and 118 thoroughly tested recipes. He explains why dry brining is better than wet brining; how marinades really work; why rubs shouldn't have salt in them; how heat and temperature differ; the importance of digital thermometers; why searing doesn't seal in juices; how salt penetrates but spices don't; when charcoal beats gas and when gas beats charcoal; how to calibrate and tune a grill or smoker; how to keep fish from sticking; cooking with logs; the strengths and weaknesses of the new pellet cookers; tricks for rotisserie cooking; why cooking whole animals is a bad idea, which grill grates are best;and why beer-can chicken is a waste of good beer and nowhere close to the best way to cook a bird. He shatters the myths that stand in the way of perfection. Busted misconceptions include: • Myth: Bring meat to room temperature before cooking. Busted! Cold meat attracts smoke better. • Myth: Soak wood before using it. Busted! Soaking produces smoke that doesn't taste as good as dry fast-burning wood. • Myth: Bone-in steaks taste better. Busted! The calcium walls of bone have no taste and they just slow cooking. • Myth: You should sear first, then cook. Busted! Actually, that overcooks the meat. Cooking at a low temperature first and searing at the end produces evenly cooked meat. Lavishly designed with hundreds of illustrations and full-color photos by the author, this book contains all the sure-fire recipes for traditional American favorites and many more outside-the-box creations. You'll get recipes for all the great regional barbecue sauces; rubs for meats and vegetables; Last Meal Ribs, Simon & Garfunkel Chicken; Schmancy Smoked Salmon; The Ultimate Turkey; Texas Brisket; Perfect Pulled Pork; Sweet & Sour Pork with Mumbo Sauce; Whole Hog; Steakhouse Steaks; Diner Burgers; Prime Rib; Brazilian Short Ribs; Rack Of Lamb Lollipops; Huli-Huli Chicken; Smoked Trout Florida Mullet –Style; Baja Fish Tacos; Lobster, and many more.


Meathead Book
Author : Allison Brager
Publisher : WestBow Press
Release : 2015-02-10
ISBN : 1490864431
File Size : 42,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Meathead Book PDF/Epub Download

Meathead bridges scientific discoveries with athletic anecdotes to unravel the neuroscience of exercise for the jock, gym rat, and sports nut. This is one of few popular science books that strictly focuses on exercise and athletic performance at the level of the brain. This book also serves as inspirational reading for the “pre-determined” couch potato by showing how easy it is for the brain to positively crave exercise and the short- and long-term benefits of exercise for brain health and function. For athletes and coaches, this book provides unique perspectives for enhancing athletic performance and recovery.

The Way of the Vegan Meathead

The Way of the Vegan Meathead Book
Author : Daniel Austin
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2022-03-18
ISBN : 9780999788875
File Size : 33,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


The Way of the Vegan Meathead Book PDF/Epub Download

In the second edition of The Way of The Vegan Meathead, champion powerlifter Daniel Austin demolishes the mass of lies you've heard about the "difficulties" of building strength on a vegan diet. He'll show you how eating to become a Vegan Beast is easier than you ever thought it could be.After going vegan in 2005, Daniel has gone from being the stereotypically "skinny vegan" to winning competition medals on national and international platforms, continuing to hone greater strength year after year, proving that veganism is no impediment to fitness--so long as you know how to build your diet in accordance with your goals.With an hour-by-hour, calorie-by-calorie meal plan that comfortably overshoots protein requirements for strength athletes, The Way of The Vegan Meathead will have you poised to achieve new personal records and leaner body composition in no time. Packed from cover to cover with seemingly unconventional yet easily digestible expertise regarding nutrition, supple-mentation, and ample doses of motivational shit-talking, this book will drag you by the collar to meet your new, stronger self. You're welcome.

Down the Gully

Down the Gully Book
Author : James B Zimmerman
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2021-10-21
ISBN : 9781684337873
File Size : 32,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Down the Gully Book PDF/Epub Download

Jimmy, known by his friends as Meathead, is struggling to keep a secret. He wets the bed. Together with his dog and his pet ferret, Meathead rides his Big Wheel to misadventures in the gully, a swampy stream that cuts through his neighborhood. Impressing the older kids seems important, but it leads him into trouble. Losing his beloved pets and having his secret exposed, Meathead learns his lessons the hard way.

Sous Vide Que Made Easy

Sous Vide Que Made Easy Book
Author : Meathead Goldwyn
Publisher : Deep Dive Guides a division of Meathead’s
Release : 2021-12-24
ISBN : 0987650XXX
File Size : 40,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Sous Vide Que Made Easy Book PDF/Epub Download

By marrying water and fire, by marrying sous vide with the grill or smoker, you get "sous vide que", and you can achieve extraordinary results, in many cases, better than with either cooking method on its own. With this book you will learn all the basics of sous vide along with never-before-published safety info and learn how to use fire and smoke to amp the food up. We'll show you how to sear on a grill, gas or charcoal, on top of a charcoal chimney at well over 1000F, with a torch, and how to add smoke. You'll learn that is better to add smoke and spice after sous vide, get our recommendations on tools, and get links to a growing list of recipes. But most important, we have busted myths and super simplified cooking temperatures and times and you can download and print a great chart.

Cool Smoke

Cool Smoke Book
Author : Tuffy Stone
Publisher : St. Martin's Griffin
Release : 2018-05-15
ISBN : 1250137853
File Size : 41,5 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Cool Smoke Book PDF/Epub Download

Five time Barbecue World Champion Tuffy Stone’s complete guide to barbeque Flame, smoke, and meat—these simple elements combine to make great barbecue. Creating the perfect bite of tender, spicy, smoky barbecue is a science and an art form, and Tuffy Stone—five time World Champion Pitmaster, co-host and judge of Destination America’s BBQ Pitmasters, and co-owner of the award-winning Q Barbecue restaurants—has mastered it. Cool Smoke is the distillation of all his years of experience and wisdom. Inside you’ll find a wealth of barbecue information including: - How to choose the right cooker - The best way to trim a cut of meat - How to prepare your own brines, rubs, and sauces - Insider tips and hints for taking on the competition circuit - Over 100 creative, delicious recipes to make you a barbecue master The recipes include classic barbecue dishes with updated preparations like Smoked Ribs with Cherry Barbecue Sauce, Dove Breasts with Crispy Bacon and Chipotle White Sauce, and even the Holy Grail of barbecue: the Whole Hog. As no plate of ‘cue is complete without a generous helping of sides, there are also recipes for Corn Pudding with Poblano Pepper, Collard Greens with Pepper Relish, and Pineapple Hot Pot, along with delicious desserts like Frozen Coconut Lime Pie. For backyard barbecuers who are interested in taking on the competition circuit, Cool Smoke offers tips and tricks from one of the best in the business. Stone’s competition secrets—gleaned from more than a decade of success on the circuit—have never before been shared beyond the walls of his cook school in Richmond, Virginia. Cool Smoke gives an insider’s look behind the scenes and offers advice on creating perfect competition turn-ins that have made Stone a World Champion five times over. With mouthwatering recipes, over 200 hundred color photos, essential guides to cookers and equipment, and expert advice, Tuffy Stone’s Cool Smoke is the definitive guide to all things barbecue.

Peace Love Barbecue

Peace  Love    Barbecue Book
Author : Mike Mills,Amy Mills Tunnicliffe
Publisher : Rodale
Release : 2005-05-20
ISBN : 1594861099
File Size : 47,5 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Peace Love Barbecue Book PDF/Epub Download

An entertaining cookbook, memoir, and travelogue presents a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the barbecue contest circuit, with one hundred prize-winning recipes, as well as the author's own treasured family dishes and contributions from friends, that encompass all kinds of meat, fish, poultry, sauces and dry rubs, soups, side dishes, and tasty sweets. Original. 75,000 first printing.


Author : Cameron Straughan
Publisher :
Release : 2020-07
ISBN : 0968698115
File Size : 29,8 Mb
Language : Ennglish



Anthony Zen is an eccentric, free-spirited young man who collects round objects and shares his flat with a ringing cat. He lives in an unnamed city and works at a place called 'WORK', where he diligently shuffles papers and sharpens pencils. He is set upon by a wide variety of modern, commonplace problems yet chooses to deal with them in a playful, mischievous manner in his search for enlightenment, inner peace and a really good pair of trousers. In Anthony's universe, even the most mundane day-to-day activity can - and probably will - spiral into absurd, surreal chaos.With a healthy sense of the absurd, liberal doses of humour, two cups fantasy, dollops of surrealism and a pinch of shocking unpredictability, 'The Surreal Adventures of Anthony' reflects our modern predicament. The twenty-three short stories collected in 'Anthony Zen' share common themes including the struggle to remain an individual, the impact of a poor work / life balance, loss/disregard of spirituality, difficulty living in the moment, maintaining relationships, embracing the inner child's sense of wonderment and fun and coping with expectations that don't match reality. While these themes are fundamentally serious, 'Anthony' reaches for the light. Thus, serious messages are interspersed with moments of levity. These are stories that don't forget to loosen up and have some fun. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

Smokin with Myron Mixon

Smokin  with Myron Mixon Book
Author : Myron Mixon,Kelly Alexander
Publisher : Ballantine Books
Release : 2011-05-10
ISBN : 0345528549
File Size : 34,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Smokin with Myron Mixon Book PDF/Epub Download

The winningest man in barbecause shares the secrets of his success. Rule number one? Keep it simple. In the world of competitive barbecue, nobody’s won more prize money, more trophies, or more adulation than Myron Mixon. And he comes by it honestly: From the time he was old enough to stoke a pit, Mixon learned the art of barbecue at his father’s side. He grew up to expand his parent’s sauce business, Jack’s Old South, and in the process became the leader of the winningest team in competitive barbecue. It’s Mixon’s combination of killer instinct and killer recipes that has led him to three world championships and more than 180 grand championships and made him the breakout star of TLC’s BBQ Pitmasters. Now, for the first time, Mixon’s stepping out from behind his rig to teach you how he does it. Rule number one: People always try to overthink barbecue and make it complicated. Don’t do it! Mixon will show you how you can apply his “keep it simple” mantra in your own backyard. He’ll take you to the front lines of barbecue and teach you how to turn out ’cue like a seasoned pro. You’ll learn to cook like Mixon does when he’s on the road competing and when he’s at home, with great tips on • the basics, from choosing the right wood to getting the best smoker or grill • the formulas for the marinades, rubs, injections, and sauces you’ll need • the perfect ways to cook up hog, ribs, brisket, and chicken, including Mixon’s famous Cupcake Chicken Mixon shares more than 75 of his award-winning recipes—including one for the most sinful burger you’ll ever eat—and advice that will end any anxiety over cooking times and temps and change your backyard barbecues forever. He also fills you in on how he rose to the top of the competitive barbecue universe and his secrets for succulent success. Complete with mouth-watering photos, Smokin’ with Myron Mixon will fire you up for a tasty time.

Cartoon Voices of the Golden Age Vol 2

Cartoon Voices of the Golden Age  Vol  2 Book
Author : Keith Scott
Publisher : BearManor Media
Release : 2022-10-03
ISBN : 0987650XXX
File Size : 22,8 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Cartoon Voices of the Golden Age Vol 2 Book PDF/Epub Download

Cartoon voices of the golden age, 1930-70 Volume Two of CARTOON VOICES is the massive reference companion to Volume One. This is the information for which animation enthusiasts have been waiting. Based on thirty two years of painstaking research in archives and libraries, this volume features an exhaustive listing of thousands of theatrical cartoons, containing never-before-published voice credits for hundreds of obscure acting talents who until now remained unidentified. The listings herein cover the Golden Age output and voice talent of the following major film studios: Warner Bros. (the immortal Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies), MGM (cartoons by giants like Hanna-Barbera and Tex Avery), Columbia (the often oddball Screen Gems cartoons), UPA (home of Mister Magoo), Universal (the Walter Lantz Cartunes), Walt Disney Productions (both shorts and feature-length films of the Golden Age supervised by Walt), and from New York & Miami, Paramount’s releases of the great Max Fleischer cartoons. While various vintage cartoon voice mysteries are still to be solved, the one-of-a-kind information in this volume finally confirms hundreds of hitherto uncredited voice artists for the first time in decades. Keith Scott has spent over forty years as an internationally recognized cartoon voice actor and impressionist. He narrated two George of the Jungle movies, and was the voice of both Bullwinkle J. Moose and the Narrator in The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle. He is the author of The Moose That Roared and many articles on animation and Hollywood radio history.

Monster Ink

Monster Ink Book
Author : Timothy Baker
Publisher : Black Bed Sheet Books
Release : 2014-10-10
ISBN : 0692312315
File Size : 47,5 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Monster Ink Book PDF/Epub Download

Pony is a magical tattooist with Johnny Boy, a Sons of Flesh MC brother, in dire need of a new skin to live. But the prospects of new dead-on meat strolling into the tattoo shop are slim. Time is running out for Johnny Boy when Pony’s oldest friend and MC brother, Feaster, comes through for them; but he has a hidden agenda: revenge. Monster Ink is a horror novelette that tells the gruesome tale of three men that extend their lives beyond normal by taking others living full body skin and wearing them as their own, all through the use of a cursed magical tattoo. It is a story of brotherhood, disloyalty, and vengeance. Together with two compelling horror chillers, Front Lines, Big City and Hell and Tarnation, Monster Ink propels you into an exciting page-turning thrillogy that will make real fans of horror fiction wow and your average reader scream!

Rodney Scott s World of BBQ

Rodney Scott s World of BBQ Book
Author : Rodney Scott,Lolis Eric Elie
Publisher : Clarkson Potter
Release : 2021-03-16
ISBN : 198482693X
File Size : 36,5 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Rodney Scott s World of BBQ Book PDF/Epub Download

IACP AWARD FINALIST • In the first cookbook by a Black pitmaster, James Beard Award–winning chef Rodney Scott celebrates an incredible culinary legacy through his life story, family traditions, and unmatched dedication to his craft. “BBQ is such an important part of African American history, and no one is better at BBQ than Rodney.”—Marcus Samuelsson, chef and restaurateur ONE OF THE BEST COOKBOOKS OF THE YEAR: The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time Out, Food52, Taste of Home, Garden & Gun, Epicurious, Vice, Salon, Southern Living, Wired, Library Journal Rodney Scott was born with barbecue in his blood. He cooked his first whole hog, a specialty of South Carolina barbecue, when he was just eleven years old. At the time, he was cooking at Scott's Bar-B-Q, his family's barbecue spot in Hemingway, South Carolina. Now, four decades later, he owns one of the country's most awarded and talked-about barbecue joints, Rodney Scott's Whole Hog BBQ in Charleston. In this cookbook, co-written by award-winning writer Lolis Eric Elie, Rodney spills what makes his pit-smoked turkey, barbecued spare ribs, smoked chicken wings, hush puppies, Ella's Banana Puddin', and award-winning whole hog so special. Moreover, his recipes make it possible to achieve these special flavors yourself, whether you're a barbecue pro or a novice. From the ins and outs of building your own pit to poignant essays on South Carolinian foodways and traditions, this stunningly photographed cookbook is the ultimate barbecue reference. It is also a powerful work of storytelling. In this modern American success story, Rodney details how he made his way from the small town where he worked for his father in the tobacco fields and in the smokehouse, to the sacrifices he made to grow his family's business, and the tough decisions he made to venture out on his own in Charleston. Rodney Scott's World of BBQ is an uplifting story that speaks to how hope, hard work, and a whole lot of optimism built a rich celebration of his heritage—and of unforgettable barbecue.

Born to Be

Born to Be Book
Author : Jim Hill
Publisher : Dorrance Publishing
Release : 2022-06-24
ISBN : 1685373607
File Size : 29,5 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Born to Be Book PDF/Epub Download

Born to Be By: Jim Hill Born to a poverty-stricken Black family, Jim Hill’s memoir recounts his life as a child and his journey to break out of the ghetto. An inspiring tale of strength and resilience, Hill, now seventy-five, depicts a life of ups and downs and his passion for life leading him to success. Now seventy-five years old, Hill can say he has never worked a day in his life, and attributes that happiness to finding joy and meaning in his careers. His story is one of hope, a symbol to others in poverty that success and a better life is possible, no matter how far the odds are stacked against you.

Mulcahey s Meatheads

Mulcahey s Meatheads Book
Author : Vernon Holmberg
Publisher : iUniverse
Release : 2000-08
ISBN : 0595098010
File Size : 21,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Mulcahey s Meatheads Book PDF/Epub Download

TEXT FOR AUTHOR BIO: Vernon D. Holmberg made sculpture for twenty-seven years and supported his family with military-industrial complex editorial work before taking to writing fiction in 1984. He has written over two hundred short stories, finished two novels, drafted two more, and finished a collection of essays in Sport is Dangerous to your Health. TEXT FOR BOOK DESCRIPTION: Mulcahey's Meatheads are 200 civilians in transformation to infantry riflemen. Fat and lazy Ernest Ohmstead is one. Drafted in to the U.S. Army on St. Patrick's Day, 1953 he gets into trouble with questions in Fort Sheridan and subsequently in Camp Polk, Louisiana. His curiosity attracts the attention of Sergeant Mulcahey, the First Sergeant. Mulcahey makes it his personal vendetta to break Ohmstead's body and spirit and subjects Ohmstead to degradation and scorn for his person and ideas. Because of his Reserve Officers Training Corp experience in college and his dismal performance at military athletics, Ohmstead is maliciously promoted to acting sergeant. He is forced to be mean and nasty to the eight inept men he is assigned to teach to march. He and his 'spastics' (the fifth platoon) are constantly called for extra duty in the blistering heat doing dirty, sweaty, labor. Mulcahey constantly reminds the meatheads that they are worthless human trash. He uses military training techniques with them to mold them into obedient soldiers. Ohmstead resists, yet succombs to the training method. he emerges a professional infantryman: lean, mean, fit, proud, and trained to kill. So much so he is disappointed at the armistice signed at Panmunjon.

Odyssey Tale

Odyssey Tale Book
Author : Cody Schlegel
Publisher : March Lily Publications
Release : 2020-10-31
ISBN : 0987650XXX
File Size : 49,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Odyssey Tale Book PDF/Epub Download

Classic fairy tales collide with Greek mythology's greatest adventure in this gritty retelling of Homer's epic. After a decade of wrongful imprisonment following his heroics in the Trojan War, King Otis Seehus must overcome a series of treacherous obstacles to return home to his wife and son. Otis's son, Mac, is nearing adulthood. Having never met his father, and despite rumors of Otis's demise, Mac arranges for a ship and crew. Led by a wise, magical man named Jinni and a ragtag group of sailors who call themselves "Lost Boys," the sheltered prince sets sail to find his long-lost father. The result is a mash-up of fantastical proportions, filled with twists, turns, and nostalgia, as "once upon a time" provides the framework for reimagining one man's journey to reunite with his family and reclaim his kingdom.

Mission 6 Short Circuit

Mission 6  Short Circuit Book
Author : Jonny Zucker
Publisher : Darby Creek
Release : 2013-11-01
ISBN : 1467712116
File Size : 51,7 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Mission 6 Short Circuit Book PDF/Epub Download

Max, exceptional escapologist and master magician, returns for another electrifying mission. Futuristic robots have been spotted at large on the streets of London, and the Department for Extraordinary Activity is sending Max to investigate. He must follow the robots back to their own world, where they are making their final preparations to wage war on humans. Can Max uncover the sinister cyborgs' deadly state-of-the-art new weapon and save the world from total meltdown?

DOG Gone Christmas

DOG Gone Christmas Book
Author : Terry I. Miles
Publisher : iUniverse
Release : 2006-09
ISBN : 0595410987
File Size : 54,7 Mb
Language : Ennglish


DOG Gone Christmas Book PDF/Epub Download

Seven years ago the housekeeper, Maudelle Perkins, found Horace Fletcher, Director of Shady Rest Funeral Home, dead at his desk. Cyrus Dedeaux, one of three morticians hired by Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher, was declared guilty. However, new DNA evidence, presented by his lawyer, had proven Mr. Dedeaux innocent and he has been set free Three days after Cyrus returned, there has been an alleged attempted murder on Rose Fletcher, Horace's widow, and a body has washed up on the beach. Before attending the gala benefit honoring environmentalist, Dr. Horatio Banks, in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, Mrs. Julia McKenna and her boyfriend, Captain Eric VonBoatner, are supposed to pick up a 1927 Model T. Ford, which she won two months earlier in a drawing. During an impromptu shopping spree, Aunt Jewels and a dog named Maggie May are kidnapped and dog napped respectively. Upon inspection of the floorboards inside of the antique car, her niece, Private Investigator Bea Winslow, discovers small specks of dried blood. Mystery, mayhem and merriment, follow these two sleuths as they weave their humor, crime solving tactics and hilarious antics, through a host of unsavory characters, the funeral parlor, saving the environment, Christmas festivities in the Bay and finding Aunt Jewels and Maggie May.

Barbecue Sauces Rubs and Marinades Bastes Butters Glazes Too

Barbecue Sauces  Rubs  and Marinades  Bastes  Butters   Glazes  Too Book
Author : Steven Raichlen
Publisher : Workman Publishing Company
Release : 2017-05-02
ISBN : 1523502185
File Size : 38,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Barbecue Sauces Rubs and Marinades Bastes Butters Glazes Too Book PDF/Epub Download

Barbecue sauces, rubs, and marinades are every griller’s secret weapon—the flavor boosters that give grilled food its character, personality, depth, and soul. Steven Raichlen, America’s “master griller” (Esquire), has completely updated and revised his bestselling encyclopedia of chile-fired rubs, lemony marinades, buttery bastes, pack-a-wallop sauces, plus mops, slathers, sambals, and chutneys. It’s a cornucopia of all the latest flavor trends, drawing from irresistible Thai, Mexican, Indian, Cajun, Jamaican, Italian, and French cuisines, as well as those building blocks from America’s own barbecue belt. There are over 200 recipes in all, including a full sampler of dinner recipes using the sauces. And the book now has full-color photographs throughout. It’s the essential companion cookbook for every at-home pitmaster looking to up his or her game.

Serial Griller

Serial Griller Book
Author : Matt Moore
Publisher : Houghton Mifflin
Release : 2020
ISBN : 0358187265
File Size : 37,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Serial Griller Book PDF/Epub Download

From the author ofSouth's Best Butts andA Southern Gentleman's Kitchen, an all-around grilling cookbook showcasing different methods and diverse cuisines, as well as sought-after stories and recipes from America's all-star grillers Matt Moore confesses: He is a serial griller. He can't help it--if there's food and flame, he'll grill it. In his newest book, he shares his indiscriminate appetite for smoky perfection with a broad collection of recipes varied in method, technique, and cuisine. After a review of the basics--the Maillard reaction, which grill is best for you, and more--he takes the reader on a tour across America to round up authentic stories, coveted recipes, and indispensabletips from grill masters of the South and beyond, including stops at unexpected but distinguished chefs' spots like Michael Solomonov's Zahav and Ashley Christensen's Death & Taxes. Moore offers his own tried-and-true grilling recipes for every part of the meal, from starters and salads to handhelds (Tacos al Pastor, Pork Gyros) and big plates (Country-Style Ribs with Peach Salsa) to desserts (Grilled-Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwiches).Serial Griller is a serious and delicious exploration of how grilling is done all around America.


Knitalong Book
Author : Larissa Brown,Martin John Brown
Publisher : Open Road Media
Release : 2011-09-13
ISBN : 1453220763
File Size : 27,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Knitalong Book PDF/Epub Download

An inspiring history of communal knitting events—from circles to online meet-ups to socially conscious knit-ins. Includes 20 projects. The immensely popular knitalong—an organized event where people knit together for a common goal—has only grown with the explosion of the Internet. Yesterday’s wartime Red Cross sock drives have evolved into today’s meet-ups at locales as diverse as cafes, state fairs, and major league ballparks, as well as international online gatherings; in fact, at any given time tens of thousands of people worldwide are involved in knitalongs, organized around a particular yarn, a favorite social cause, an intriguing project, a special event, or myriad other themes. Authors Larissa Brown and Martin John Brown present an inspiring look at centuries of people knitting together, and why knitters find the interaction so meaningful and worthwhile. Along the way, they offer 20 projects especially suited for different types of knitalongs. The Barn Raising Quilt and the Traveling Scarf, for instance, call on individual knitters to collaborate on a single project; while the Pinwheel Blanket and the Meathead Hat encourage a community of knitters to improvise on the same pattern to come up with a variety of results. Also included is essential information about finding, joining, and starting knitalongs. Hundreds of knitters participated in the knitalongs hosted by the authors as part of their research, and this book will inspire thousands more to get involved in the knitalong movement. The only book that celebrates this tradition of community and purpose, Knitalong is sure to have a powerful impact.

Growing Up Meathead

Growing Up Meathead Book
Author : James B Zimmerman
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2020-10
ISBN : 9781684335480
File Size : 21,8 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Growing Up Meathead Book PDF/Epub Download

Meathead hilariously struggles to be a good kid after a terrible loss. Set in the 70s, lavishly illustrated, even Meathead slowly learns what it takes to be a good man.