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How Emotions Are Made

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How Emotions Are Made

How Emotions Are Made Book
Author : Lisa Feldman Barrett
Publisher : HarperCollins
Release : 2017-03-07
ISBN : 0544129962
File Size : 44,7 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


How Emotions Are Made Book PDF/Epub Download

Preeminent psychologist Lisa Barrett lays out how the brain constructs emotions in a way that could revolutionize psychology, health care, the legal system, and our understanding of the human mind. “Fascinating . . . A thought-provoking journey into emotion science.”—The Wall Street Journal “A singular book, remarkable for the freshness of its ideas and the boldness and clarity with which they are presented.”—Scientific American “A brilliant and original book on the science of emotion, by the deepest thinker about this topic since Darwin.”—Daniel Gilbert, best-selling author of Stumbling on Happiness The science of emotion is in the midst of a revolution on par with the discovery of relativity in physics and natural selection in biology. Leading the charge is psychologist and neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett, whose research overturns the long-standing belief that emotions are automatic, universal, and hardwired in different brain regions. Instead, Barrett shows, we construct each instance of emotion through a unique interplay of brain, body, and culture. A lucid report from the cutting edge of emotion science, How Emotions Are Made reveals the profound real-world consequences of this breakthrough for everything from neuroscience and medicine to the legal system and even national security, laying bare the immense implications of our latest and most intimate scientific revolution.

How Emotions Are Made in Talk

How Emotions Are Made in Talk Book
Author : Jessica S. Robles,Ann Weatherall
Publisher : John Benjamins Publishing Company
Release : 2021-05-12
ISBN : 9027260060
File Size : 26,7 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


How Emotions Are Made in Talk Book PDF/Epub Download

How Emotions Are Made in Talk brings together an exciting collection of cutting-edge interactional research examining emotions and affectivity as social actions. The international selection of scholars draw on ethnomethodology and conversation analysis applied to a range of settings including sports, workplaces, telephone calls, classrooms, friends and healthcare. The aim of the book is to provide new insights into how emotions are produced as social actions in relation to, for example, encouragement, responsibility, crying, objects, empathy, joy, surprise, touch, and pain. This volume should be of interest to interactional scholars and researchers interested in social approaches to emotion, and addresses a range of scholarship across the disciplines of sociology, communication, psychology, linguistics, and anthropology.

Seven and a Half Lessons about the Brain

Seven and a Half Lessons about the Brain Book
Author : Lisa Feldman Barrett
Publisher : Houghton Mifflin
Release : 2020-11-17
ISBN : 0358157145
File Size : 30,6 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Seven and a Half Lessons about the Brain Book PDF/Epub Download

From the author of How Emotions Are Made, a myth-busting primer on the brain, in the tradition of Seven Brief Lessons on Physics and Astrophysics for People in a Hurry

The Mind in Context

The Mind in Context Book
Author : Batja Mesquita,Lisa Feldman Barrett,Eliot R. Smith
Publisher : Guilford Press
Release : 2010-01-29
ISBN : 1606235540
File Size : 44,5 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


The Mind in Context Book PDF/Epub Download

Most psychology research still assumes that mental processes are internal to the person, waiting to be expressed or activated. This compelling book illustrates that a new paradigm is forming in which contextual factors are considered central to the workings of the mind. Leading experts explore how psychological processes emerge from the transactions of individuals with their physical, social, and cultural environments. The volume showcases cutting-edge research on the contextual nature of such phenomena as gene expression, brain networks, the regulation of hormones, perception, cognition, personality, knowing, learning, and emotion.


Failure Book
Author : Stuart Firestein
Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA
Release : 2016
ISBN : 019939010X
File Size : 50,6 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Failure Book PDF/Epub Download

In his sequel to Ignorance (Oxford University Press, 2012), Stuart Firestein shows us that the scientific enterprise is riddled with mistakes and errors - and that this is a good thing! Failure: Why Science Is So Successful delves into the origins of scientific research as a process that relies upon trial and error, one which inevitably results in a hefty dose of failure.

Emotion and Consciousness

Emotion and Consciousness Book
Author : Lisa Feldman Barrett,Paula M. Niedenthal,Piotr Winkielman
Publisher : Guilford Press
Release : 2007-01-10
ISBN : 1593854587
File Size : 35,8 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Emotion and Consciousness Book PDF/Epub Download

Presenting state-of-the-art work on the conscious and unconscious processes involved in emotion, this integrative volume brings together leading psychologists, neuroscientists, and philosophers. Carefully organized, tightly edited chapters address such compelling questions as how bodily responses contribute to conscious experience, whether "unconscious emotion" exists, how affect is transmitted from one person to another, and how emotional responses are produced in the brain. Bringing a new level of coherence to lines of inquiry that often remain disparate, the book identifies key, cross-cutting ideas and themes and sets forth a cogent agenda for future research.

Between Us How Cultures Create Emotions

Between Us  How Cultures Create Emotions Book
Author : Batja Mesquita
Publisher : W. W. Norton & Company
Release : 2022-07-19
ISBN : 1324002476
File Size : 55,6 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Between Us How Cultures Create Emotions Book PDF/Epub Download

Featured in Behavioral Scientist’s Summer Book List 2022 A pioneer of cultural psychology argues that emotions are not innate, but made as we live our lives together. “How are you feeling today?” We may think of emotions as universal responses, felt inside, but in Between Us, acclaimed psychologist Batja Mesquita asks us to reconsider them through the lens of what they do in our relationships, both one-on-one and within larger social networks. From an outside-in perspective, readers will understand why pride in a Dutch context does not translate well to the same emotion in North Carolina, or why one’s anger at a boss does not mean the same as your anger at a partner in a close relationship. By looking outward at relationships at work, school, and home, we can better judge how our emotions will be understood, how they might change a situation, and how they change us. Brilliantly synthesizing original psychological studies and stories from peoples across time and geography, Between Us skillfully argues that acknowledging differences in emotions allows us to find common ground, humanizing and humbling us all for the better.

The Book of Human Emotions

The Book of Human Emotions Book
Author : Tiffany Watt Smith
Publisher : Profile Books
Release : 2015-09-17
ISBN : 1847659675
File Size : 35,7 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


The Book of Human Emotions Book PDF/Epub Download

Is your heart fluttering in anticipation? Is your stomach tight with nerves? Are you falling in love? Feeling a bit miffed? Are you curious (perhaps about this book)? Do you have the heebie-jeebies? Are you antsy with iktsuarpok? Or giddy with dpaysement? The Book of Human Emotions is a gleeful, thoughtful collection of 156 feelings, both rare and familiar. Each has its own story, and reveals the strange forces which shape our rich and varied internal worlds. In reading it, you'll discover feelings you never knew you had (like basorexia, the sudden urge to kiss someone), uncover the secret histories of boredom and confidence, and gain unexpected insights into why we feel the way we do. Published in partnership with the Wellcome Collection. WELLCOME COLLECTION is the free museum and library for the incurably curious. It explores the connections between medicine, life and art in the past, present and future. It is part of Wellcome, a global charitable foundation that exists to improve health for everyone by helping great ideas thrive.


Emotional Book
Author : Leonard Mlodinow
Publisher : Vintage
Release : 2022-01-11
ISBN : 1524747602
File Size : 38,5 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Emotional Book PDF/Epub Download

We’ve all been told that thinking rationally is the key to success. But at the cutting edge of science, researchers are discovering that feeling is every bit as important as thinking. You make hundreds of decisions every day, from what to eat for breakfast to how you should invest, and not one of those decisions would be possible without emotion. It has long been said that thinking and feeling are separate and opposing forces in our behavior. But as Leonard Mlodinow, the best-selling author of Subliminal, tells us, extraordinary advances in psychology and neuroscience have proven that emotions are as critical to our well-being as thinking. How can you connect better with others? How can you make sense of your frustration, fear, and anxiety? What can you do to live a happier life? The answers lie in understanding your emotions. Journeying from the labs of pioneering scientists to real-world scenarios that have flirted with disaster, Mlodinow shows us how our emotions can help, why they sometimes hurt, and what we can learn in both instances. Using deep insights into our evolution and biology, Mlodinow gives us the tools to understand our emotions better and to maximize their benefits. Told with his characteristic clarity and fascinating stories, Emotional explores the new science of feelings and offers us an essential guide to making the most of one of nature’s greatest gifts.

Permission to Feel

Permission to Feel Book
Author : Marc Brackett, Ph.D.
Publisher : Celadon Books
Release : 2020-08-04
ISBN : 9781250212832
File Size : 28,6 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Permission to Feel Book PDF/Epub Download

The mental well-being of children and adults is shockingly poor. Marc Brackett, author of Permission to Feel, knows why. And he knows what we can do. "We have a crisis on our hands, and its victims are our children." Marc Brackett is a professor in Yale University’s Child Study Center and founding director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. In his 25 years as an emotion scientist, he has developed a remarkably effective plan to improve the lives of children and adults – a blueprint for understanding our emotions and using them wisely so that they help, rather than hinder, our success and well-being. The core of his approach is a legacy from his childhood, from an astute uncle who gave him permission to feel. He was the first adult who managed to see Marc, listen to him, and recognize the suffering, bullying, and abuse he’d endured. And that was the beginning of Marc’s awareness that what he was going through was temporary. He wasn’t alone, he wasn’t stuck on a timeline, and he wasn’t “wrong” to feel scared, isolated, and angry. Now, best of all, he could do something about it. In the decades since, Marc has led large research teams and raised tens of millions of dollars to investigate the roots of emotional well-being. His prescription for healthy children (and their parents, teachers, and schools) is a system called RULER, a high-impact and fast-effect approach to understanding and mastering emotions that has already transformed the thousands of schools that have adopted it. RULER has been proven to reduce stress and burnout, improve school climate, and enhance academic achievement. This book is the culmination of Marc’s development of RULER and his way to share the strategies and skills with readers around the world. It is tested, and it works. This book combines rigor, science, passion and inspiration in equal parts. Too many children and adults are suffering; they are ashamed of their feelings and emotionally unskilled, but they don’t have to be. Marc Brackett’s life mission is to reverse this course, and this book can show you how.

The Wisdom in Feeling

The Wisdom in Feeling Book
Author : Lisa Feldman Barrett,Peter Salovey
Publisher : Guilford Press
Release : 2002-08-19
ISBN : 9781572307858
File Size : 22,8 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


The Wisdom in Feeling Book PDF/Epub Download

The fundamental concern of psychotherapy is change. While practitioners are constantly greeted with new strategies, techniques, programs, and interventions, this book argues that the full benefits of the therapeutic process cannot be realized without fundamental revision of the concept of change itself. Applying cybernetic thought to family therapy, Bradford P. Keeney demonstrates that conventional epistemology, in which casue and effect have a linear relationship, does not sufficiently accommodate the reciprocal nature of causation in experience. Written in an unconventional style that includes stories, case examples, and imagined dialogues between an epistemologist and a skeptical therapist, the volume presents a philosophically grounded, ecological framework for contemporary clinical practice.

Your Journey to Success How to Accept the Answers You Discover Along the Way

Your Journey to Success  How to Accept the Answers You Discover Along the Way Book
Author : Kenny Weiss
Publisher :
Release : 2017-12-20
ISBN : 1456629654
File Size : 43,9 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Your Journey to Success How to Accept the Answers You Discover Along the Way Book PDF/Epub Download

This is a book for the person who is hungry for an answer. I know that feeling. I was stuck in it for years and as a Coach and Speaker, I have noticed there is a constant theme for us all. We have read all of the success books, we have gone to the seminars but when we go to execute their wonderful information a feeling comes up. We lay in bed and just don't "feel" like doing what they suggest even though we know it will make our life better. That "feeling" stops us from executing one or more steps they suggest we take to make our lives better. I couldn't overcome that feeling either. Here I was an alcoholic, a sex addict, sugar addict, spending addict, tobacco addict, love addict, I had gone bankrupt, been through two horrific divorces, a child custody battle, I played two professional sports I never wanted to play and I contemplated suicide. None of the books showed me or explained where that feeling comes from, why we all get it and how to overcome it. Without that information, I couldn't execute all of their wonderful suggestions. So this is my story and how I took all of that great information from all of those great success teachers, I collated it and then added to it. I discuss where that feeling comes from, why we all get it and how to overcome it. This book bridges the gap. When you have this information, this skillset to overcome that "feeling" than you can put into place all of their incredible advice and have the personal and professional success we are all searching for.

How Pleasure Works The New Science of Why We Like What We Like

How Pleasure Works  The New Science of Why We Like What We Like Book
Author : Paul Bloom
Publisher : W. W. Norton & Company
Release : 2010-06-14
ISBN : 9780393077117
File Size : 42,7 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


How Pleasure Works The New Science of Why We Like What We Like Book PDF/Epub Download

“Engaging, evocative. . . . [Bloom] is a supple, clear writer, and his parade of counterintuitive claims about pleasure is beguiling.”—NPR Why is an artistic masterpiece worth millions more than a convincing forgery? Pleasure works in mysterious ways, as Paul Bloom reveals in this investigation of what we desire and why. Drawing on a wealth of surprising studies, Bloom investigates pleasures noble and seamy, lofty and mundane, to reveal that our enjoyment of a given thing is determined not by what we can see and touch but by our beliefs about that thing’s history, origin, and deeper nature.

It s Not Always Depression

It s Not Always Depression Book
Author : Hilary Jacobs Hendel
Publisher : Random House
Release : 2018-02-06
ISBN : 0399588159
File Size : 24,7 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


It s Not Always Depression Book PDF/Epub Download

Fascinating patient stories and dynamic exercises help you connect to healing emotions, ease anxiety and depression, and discover your authentic self. Sara suffered a debilitating fear of asserting herself. Spencer experienced crippling social anxiety. Bonnie was shut down, disconnected from her feelings. These patients all came to psychotherapist Hilary Jacobs Hendel seeking treatment for depression, but in fact none of them were chemically depressed. Rather, Jacobs Hendel found that they’d all experienced traumas in their youth that caused them to put up emotional defenses that masqueraded as symptoms of depression. Jacobs Hendel led these patients and others toward lives newly capable of joy and fulfillment through an empathic and effective therapeutic approach that draws on the latest science about the healing power of our emotions. Whereas conventional therapy encourages patients to talk through past events that may trigger anxiety and depression, accelerated experiential dynamic psychotherapy (AEDP), the method practiced by Jacobs Hendel and pioneered by Diana Fosha, PhD, teaches us to identify the defenses and inhibitory emotions (shame, guilt, and anxiety) that block core emotions (anger, sadness, fear, disgust, joy, excitement, and sexual excitement). Fully experiencing core emotions allows us to enter an openhearted state where we are calm, curious, connected, compassionate, confident, courageous, and clear. In It’s Not Always Depression, Jacobs Hendel shares a unique and pragmatic tool called the Change Triangle—a guide to carry you from a place of disconnection back to your true self. In these pages, she teaches lay readers and helping professionals alike • why all emotions—even the most painful—have value. • how to identify emotions and the defenses we put up against them. • how to get to the root of anxiety—the most common mental illness of our time. • how to have compassion for the child you were and the adult you are. Jacobs Hendel provides navigational tools, body and thought exercises, candid personal anecdotes, and profound insights gleaned from her patients’ remarkable breakthroughs. She shows us how to work the Change Triangle in our everyday lives and chart a deeply personal, powerful, and hopeful course to psychological well-being and emotional engagement.

What Doctors Feel

What Doctors Feel Book
Author : Danielle Ofri
Publisher : Beacon Press
Release : 2013-06-04
ISBN : 0807073334
File Size : 34,6 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


What Doctors Feel Book PDF/Epub Download

A look at the emotional side of medicine—the shame, fear, anger, anxiety, empathy, and even love that affect patient care Physicians are assumed to be objective, rational beings, easily able to detach as they guide patients and families through some of life’s most challenging moments. But doctors’ emotional responses to the life-and-death dramas of everyday practice have a profound impact on medical care. And while much has been written about the minds and methods of the medical professionals who save our lives, precious little has been said about their emotions. In What Doctors Feel, Dr. Danielle Ofri has taken on the task of dissecting the hidden emotional responses of doctors, and how these directly influence patients. How do the stresses of medical life—from paperwork to grueling hours to lawsuits to facing death—affect the medical care that doctors can offer their patients? Digging deep into the lives of doctors, Ofri examines the daunting range of emotions—shame, anger, empathy, frustration, hope, pride, occasionally despair, and sometimes even love—that permeate the contemporary doctor-patient connection. Drawing on scientific studies, including some surprising research, Dr. Danielle Ofri offers up an unflinching look at the impact of emotions on health care. With her renowned eye for dramatic detail, Dr. Ofri takes us into the swirling heart of patient care, telling stories of caregivers caught up and occasionally torn down by the whirlwind life of doctoring. She admits to the humiliation of an error that nearly killed one of her patients and her forever fear of making another. She mourns when a beloved patient is denied a heart transplant. She tells the riveting stories of an intern traumatized when she is forced to let a newborn die in her arms, and of a doctor whose daily glass of wine to handle the frustrations of the ER escalates into a destructive addiction. But doctors don’t only feel fear, grief, and frustration. Ofri also reveals that doctors tell bad jokes about “toxic sock syndrome,” cope through gallows humor, find hope in impossible situations, and surrender to ecstatic happiness when they triumph over illness. The stories here reveal the undeniable truth that emotions have a distinct effect on how doctors care for their patients. For both clinicians and patients, understanding what doctors feel can make all the difference in giving and getting the best medical care.

The Relationship Between Affect and Rationality According to Lisa Feldman Barrett

The Relationship Between Affect and Rationality According to Lisa Feldman Barrett Book
Author : Kim Ann Woodley
Publisher : GRIN Verlag
Release : 2020-08-25
ISBN : 3346232352
File Size : 40,8 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


The Relationship Between Affect and Rationality According to Lisa Feldman Barrett Book PDF/Epub Download

Seminar paper from the year 2020 in the subject Philosophy - Philosophy of the present, grade: 1,0, Bielefeld University (Abteilung Philosophie), course: Konstruieren wir Emotionen?, language: English, abstract: The focus of this paper will lie on the relationship between affect and rationality, as described by Barrett. More specifically, I am going to discuss whether it is plausible to believe that affect subjugates rationality. My goal is to show that it indeed is credible to believe that there is necessarily a dependency between affect and rationality. To argue for this, I will proceed as follows: First, I will give an overview on Barrett’s emotion-theory in chapter two. Then, I will concentrate on the term 'affect' in chapter three. I will dis-cuss what affect means, where Barrett places it in her theory and what consequences we (may) derive from it. For these two parts I will focus on the fourth chapter ("The Origin of Feeling") of her book "How Emotions Are Made" (2018) because she outlines the main idea of her proposal here. Accordingly, the first part of this paper is mainly reconstructive and about identifying the underlying beliefs that lead Barrett to her assumptions. Outlining the consequences of affect will lead over to the critical approach to Barrett’s claims: In this step, I will explain why and how affect’s consequences connect to a person’s capability of rationality. To discuss the plausibility of the made assumptions I will attend to the model homo economicus in chapter four and five. Thereby I will focus on the definition(s) of rationality used in connection with this model and discuss the model in context with Barrett's theory. I chose homo economicus because Barrett herself argues against it. I am also interested in examining homo economicus because I want to know whether Barrett is justified in rejecting the model. Finally, I will draw a conclusion based on the acquired information in this paper in chapter six. In this conclusion I will elaborate whether I was successful in arguing for the plausibility of a necessary dependency between affect and rationality.

Molecules Of Emotion

Molecules Of Emotion Book
Author : Candace Pert
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2012-12-11
ISBN : 1471109704
File Size : 36,9 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Molecules Of Emotion Book PDF/Epub Download

Why do we feel the way we feel? How do our thoughts and emotions affect our health? Are our bodies and minds distinct from each other or do they function together as part of an interconnected system? In MOLECULES OF EMOTION, neuroscientist Candace Pert provides startling and decisive answers to these long-debated questions, establishing the biomolecular basis for our emotions and explaining these new scientific developments in a clear and accessible way. Her pioneering research on how the chemicals inside us form a dynamic information network, linking mind and body, is not only provocative, it is revolutionary. In her groundbreaking book, Candace Pert offers a new scientific understanding of the power of our minds and our feelings to affect our health and well-being.

The Nature of the Beast

The Nature of the Beast Book
Author : David Anderson
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2022-03-15
ISBN : 9781541674639
File Size : 47,9 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


The Nature of the Beast Book PDF/Epub Download

Most of what we know about emotions is unreliable. It's gathered either by asking people about their feelings, or by putting them in an MRI and studying how they react to pretend situations, to which they are unlikely to respond as they would in real life. If we're ever going to understand how emotions work, we need a better way of studying them. In The Nature of the Beast, pioneering neuroscientist David J. Anderson reveals how he has begun to solve this problem. He and his team have figured out how to study the brain activity of animals as they navigate real-life scenarios, like foraging, fleeing a predator, or competing for a mate. His research has revolutionized what we know about animal fear and aggression. Here, he explains what his research can teach us about human behavior, offering new insights into why isolation makes us more aggressive, how sex and violence connect, and whether there's a link between aggression and mental illness. Part How Emotions Are Made, part Mama's Last Hug, The Nature of the Beast reconceptualizes how the brain regulates emotions--and explains why we have them at all.

Emotional Success

Emotional Success Book
Author : David DeSteno
Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Release : 2018
ISBN : 0544703103
File Size : 37,7 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Emotional Success Book PDF/Epub Download

A pioneering psychologist draws on fresh research to reveal the most effective--and least appreciated--route to achievement: our emotions.

Three Years with the Rat

Three Years with the Rat Book
Author : Jay Hosking
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2016-08-09
ISBN : 0143193635
File Size : 37,6 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Three Years with the Rat Book PDF/Epub Download

Shortlisted for the 2017 Kobo Emerging Writer Prize, Speculative Fiction Category A young man's quest to find his missing sister will catapult him into a dangerous labyrinth of secrets in this provocative, genre-bending, and page-turning debut. After several years of drifting between school and go-nowhere jobs, a young man is drawn back into the big city of his youth. The magnet is his beloved older sister, Grace: always smart and charismatic even when she was rebelling, and always his hero. Now she is a promising graduate student in psychophysics and the centre of a group of friends who take "Little Brother" into their fold, where he finds camaraderie, romance, and even a decent job. But it soon becomes clear that things are not well with Grace. Always acerbic, she now veers into sudden rages that are increasingly directed at her adoring boyfriend, John, who is also her fellow researcher. When Grace disappears, and John shortly thereafter, the narrator makes an astonishing discovery in their apartment: a box big enough to crawl inside, a lab rat, and a note that says This is the only way back for us. Soon he embarks on a mission to discover the truth, a pursuit that forces him to question time and space itself, and ultimately toward a perilous confrontation at the very limits of imagination. This kinetic novel catapults the classic noir plot of a woman gone missing into the 21st century city, where so-called reality crashes into speculative science in a novel reminiscent of Danielewski's House of Leaves. Three Years with the Rat is simultaneously a mind-twisting mystery that plays with the very nature of time and the story of a young man who must face the dangerously destructive forces we all carry within ourselves.


Ignorance Book
Author : Stuart Firestein
Publisher : OUP USA
Release : 2012-04-23
ISBN : 0199828075
File Size : 51,6 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Ignorance Book PDF/Epub Download

Contrary to the popular view of science as a mountainous accumulation of facts and data, Stuart Firestein takes the novel perspective that ignorance is the main product and driving force of science, and that this is the best way to understand the process of scientific discovery.