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Gold Mirrors And Tongue Reflections

Download Gold Mirrors And Tongue Reflections Full eBooks in PDF, EPUB, and kindle. Gold Mirrors And Tongue Reflections is one my favorite book and give us some inspiration, very enjoy to read. you could read this book anywhere anytime directly from your device. This site is like a library, Use search box in the widget to get ebook that you want.

Gold Mirrors and Tongue Reflections

Gold Mirrors and Tongue Reflections Book
Author : Ioannis Solos
Publisher : Singing Dragon
Release : 2012-11-15
ISBN : 085701076X
File Size : 55,5 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Gold Mirrors and Tongue Reflections Book PDF/Epub Download

Two of the major texts in the history of tongue diagnosis are presented and put into context in this volume, reaffirming the strength of tongue diagnosis as a core diagnostic method. These key texts are made available to western readers for the first time, with typical, traditional Chinese editions reproduced alongside the translation. The author provides an excellent overview of the tongue diagnosis theories in the major classics prior to the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), and discusses significant developments and publications. The Gold Mirror Records, first published in 1341, was a popular manual for centuries, appearing in many editions and variations. Tongue Reflections in Cold Damage, first published in 1668, developed the field of diagnosis as a whole by adopting the analysis of tongue colour as its main principle. Both texts are introduced with meticulous English translations and notes. This seminal text will give practitioners and students of Chinese medicine a sound understanding of the theory and practice of tongue diagnosis from the early texts, and will be of interest to academic readers of classic Chinese texts.

Ripples in the Flow

Ripples in the Flow Book
Author : Z'ev Rosenberg
Publisher : Singing Dragon
Release : 2019-10-21
ISBN : 0857013963
File Size : 40,8 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Ripples in the Flow Book PDF/Epub Download

In Z'ev Rosenberg's second book, the scholar-physician shares his insights from his study of discrimination of movement in the vessels in the Nàn Jing. This book provides an accessible window into the world of classic vessel discrimination, and a deep explanation of the Nàn Jing as well as advising how it can inform modern clinical practice. The first chapters of the Nàn Jing examine the parameters of depth, length, qualities, five phase relationships, viscera/bowel, channel/network vessel and season. Ripples in the Flow is designed as a compendium text that provides a commentary on these essential vessel discrimination chapters, as a teaching text, and as a clinical manual for practitioners of both acupuncture and herbal medicine. It will be especially useful for practitioners of five phase approaches to Chinese and Asian medical systems, as it will provide clear classical references for the knowledge that they have been taught in their formal training.


Afterglow Book
Author : Z'ev Rosenberg
Publisher : Singing Dragon
Release : 2022-10-21
ISBN : 1787754138
File Size : 23,5 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Afterglow Book PDF/Epub Download

Inspired by personal observations of the climate crisis, as well as health issues from patients involving ministerial fire, this text dives into the concepts of ming men and ministerial fire - core concepts of Chinese medical diagnosis and treatment. This book will assist practitioners in understanding the mechanisms of treating patients with autoimmune diseases, allergies, skin disorders and arthritic disorders. With material from the classic texts, Z'ev Rosenberg explains the concepts ming men and ministerial fire and its relation to the clinical treatment of chronic disorders and its ecological and philosophical implications for life on this planet. Including case histories, acupuncture strategies and herbal formulas, Afterglow is for practitioners that want to deepen their Chinese medicine knowledge in order to treat these complex yet common disorders.

Developing Internal Energy for Effective Acupuncture Practice

Developing Internal Energy for Effective Acupuncture Practice Book
Author : Ioannis Solos
Publisher : Singing Dragon
Release : 2014-06-21
ISBN : 0857011448
File Size : 47,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Developing Internal Energy for Effective Acupuncture Practice Book PDF/Epub Download

Drawing on ancient Chinese knowledge and tradition, this book teaches practitioners of acupuncture how to develop their internal energy and sensitivity to energy in order to improve their practice. Understanding and working with energy flow is essential to becoming a good acupuncturist and regular qigong practice helps the acupuncturist to direct energy flow within the patient more accurately and effectively. This book presents a complete training regime for Western acupuncturists and features qigong exercises dating back centuries. With images from the original manuscripts and the Chinese text alongside an English translation and commentary, Western readers are introduced to unique exercises and internal cultivation texts in a truly authentic way. This book provides essential internal training for acupuncture practitioners and students and will be of interest to a wide array of martial arts and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners.

The Art and Practice of Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine

The Art and Practice of Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine Book
Author : Nigel Ching
Publisher : Singing Dragon
Release : 2017-05-18
ISBN : 0857012673
File Size : 22,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


The Art and Practice of Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine Book PDF/Epub Download

This textbook on diagnosis in Chinese medicine is unique in its clarity and accessibility. Divided into two sections, it is a comprehensive diagnostic manual. The first section explains how to collect and collate the information required to formulate a diagnosis and is divided into four approaches: visual, palpation, interrogation and listening/smelling. The second section describes the various diagnostic models in Chinese medicine, including The Eight Principles; zangfu organ pattern; the Six stages, four levels and san jiao; the twelve regular channels and eight extraordinary vessels; and the Five Phases.

Foundations of Theory for Ancient Chinese Medicine

Foundations of Theory for Ancient Chinese Medicine Book
Author : Guohui Liu
Publisher : Singing Dragon
Release : 2015-06-21
ISBN : 0857012118
File Size : 52,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Foundations of Theory for Ancient Chinese Medicine Book PDF/Epub Download

Discussion of Cold Damage (Shang Han Lun) and contemporary texts of ancient China form the bedrock of modern Chinese medicine practice, yet these classic texts contain many concepts that are either hard to understand or confusing. Based on over thirty years' medical practice, and study of the texts, this book explains the concepts involved so that the clinical applications of the ancient texts can be better understood and put into practice. The author looks at the larger context of ancient Chinese culture and philosophy in terms of theoretical knowledge, scholarly approach, and mindset in order to explain the basis for the medical texts. He also discusses the work of later Chinese medical scholars in elucidating the texts. He then goes on to look at more specific issues, such as the six conformations, zang-fu organ theory, the theory of qi and blood, the theory of qi transformation, and how these are understood in the ancient texts. He also discusses shao yang and tai yang theory; the element of time, and its place in understanding six conformations diseases. This remarkable work of scholarship will clarify many questions about the interpretation of the ancient texts for modern use, and will find a place on the bookshelf of every practitioner of Chinese medicine, as well as on those of scholars of Chinese medicine.

A Field Guide to the Hu ngd N ijing S w n

A Field Guide to the Hu  ngd   N  ijing S  w  n Book
Author : Amy Chang
Publisher : Singing Dragon
Release : 2021-03-18
ISBN : 0857013742
File Size : 29,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


A Field Guide to the Hu ngd N ijing S w n Book PDF/Epub Download

The most important classical text of Chinese Medicine, The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Chinese Medicine is often seen as daunting by students who are faced with a variety of different translations, of which some may not be reliable. This introductory guide makes it accessible to all, providing a summary of each chapter which emphasises the clinical relevance of the text. The author draws out how the text can be used to inform and improve clinical practice. It avoids overly scholarly discussions, and does not dwell on the minutiae of translation, making this book an easy and enlightening read.

Fundamentals of Chinese Fingernail Image Diagnosis FID

Fundamentals of Chinese Fingernail Image Diagnosis  FID  Book
Author : Jie-Jia Li,Jian-Ping Fu,Jack Li
Publisher : Singing Dragon
Release : 2014-02-21
ISBN : 0857010808
File Size : 37,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Fundamentals of Chinese Fingernail Image Diagnosis FID Book PDF/Epub Download

This book is a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of Chinese Fingernail Image Diagnosis (FID), a non-invasive clinical examination which can assess an individual's state of health. FID can be used as an auxiliary diagnostic method to provide diagnostic clues and proper guidance for treatment. One great strength of this method is its non-invasive nature. Formed by blood and Qi between the nail bed and nail plate, the fingernail image can be used to observe pathological changes within the body. This book equips readers with the knowledge needed to analyse fingernail images and assess them for diagnostic purposes. Covering the origins of Fingernail Image Diagnosis, methods of examination and the practical application of FID for assisting diagnosis in a wide range of common disorders, the authors provide a complete guide to FID, with illustrations, visuals and detailed case examples. This practical quick reference guide and introduction to FID will be useful for anyone interested in diagnostic techniques, especially those working in the fields of Chinese Medicine, integrative medicine and alternative healthcare.

Pricking the Vessels

Pricking the Vessels Book
Author : Henry McCann
Publisher : Singing Dragon
Release : 2014-02-21
ISBN : 0857011391
File Size : 54,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Pricking the Vessels Book PDF/Epub Download

The first text on bloodletting therapy for Western practitioners of Chinese medicine, this authoritative text explores the theory and function of bloodletting, and provides detailed instruction on its clinical use. Bloodletting therapy, which works to remove internal and external disruptions to the system through the withdrawal of small quantities of blood, has numerous benefits, especially concerning the treatment of complex or chronic disease. Yet the technique is often met with alarm in the West and side-lined in favour of less controversial treatments such as fine-needle acupuncture, and moxibustion. This book provides a concise overview of its theory, historical and contemporary relevance, and clinical guidance. With detailed reference to the classic texts, the author clarifies the fundamental Chinese medical theory related to blood and the network vessels, and provides an in-depth discussion of the benefits of and practice guidelines for bloodletting. The book includes a chapter on the classical acupuncture techniques of Tung Ching Chang whose work is attracting increasing attention in the West. Through the exploration of classic texts and contemporary standards, the book provides everything needed to gain a comprehensive understanding of the technique and to encourage its use as a viable treatment option in the West. It will be an invaluable addition to the resources available for acupuncturists, as well as students and practitioners of Chinese medicine more generally, including those interested in all Chinese approaches to health.

The Mirrors at Barnard Hall

The Mirrors at Barnard Hall Book
Author : Jenny Hickman
Publisher : Jenny Hickman
Release : 2012
ISBN : 147005177X
File Size : 54,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


The Mirrors at Barnard Hall Book PDF/Epub Download

Callista Franklyns return to her familys mansion in the English countryside stirs up more than memories of ghostly childhood friends when she discovers the very real, and very handsome, Nick Dalton in the reflection of her antique mirror. The problem? Beyond the fact that he appears to reside in a mirror, historical records say Nick died in 1902. Callista is intrigued by Nicks claim that the year is 1902, so she investigates and uncovers a timeline of suspicious crimes and enchanted mirrors that connect her to the twentieth century. She also realizes that shes falling for Nick, who is condemned to be murdered in August. As the date of Nicks impending death approaches, Callista must decide if shes willing to risk changing history and erasing her place in the modern world in order to prevent the tragic crime and save the man she loves.

Illustrated Home Book of the World s Great Nations

Illustrated Home Book of the World s Great Nations Book
Author : Thomas Powell
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1888
ISBN : 0987650XXX
File Size : 28,5 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Illustrated Home Book of the World s Great Nations Book PDF/Epub Download

Download Illustrated Home Book of the World s Great Nations book written by Thomas Powell and published by with total hardcover pages 678 . Available in PDF, EPUB, and Kindle, read book directly with any devices anywhere and anytime.

Mirror Mirror

Mirror  Mirror Book
Author : Mark Pendergrast
Publisher : Basic Books
Release : 2009-04-28
ISBN : 0786729902
File Size : 47,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Mirror Mirror Book PDF/Epub Download

Of all human inventions, the mirror is perhaps the one most closely connected to our own consciousness. As our first technology for contemplation of the self, the mirror is arguably as important an invention as the wheel. Mirror Mirror is the fascinating story of the mirror's invention, refinement, and use in an astonishing range of human activities -- from the fantastic mirrored rooms that wealthy Romans created for their orgies to the mirror's key role in the use and understanding of light. Pendergrast spins tales of the 2,500year mystery of whether Archimedes and his "burning mirror" really set faraway Roman ships on fire; the medieval Venetian glassmakers, who perfected the technique of making large, flat mirrors from clear glass and for whom any attempt to leave their cloistered island was punishable by death; Isaac Newton, whose experiments with sunlight on mirrors once left him blinded for three days; the artist David Hockney, who holds controversial ideas about Renaissance artists and their use of optical devices; and George Ellery Hale, the manic-depressive astronomer and telescope enthusiast who inspired (and gave his name to) the twentieth century's largest ground-based telescope. Like mirrors themselves, Mirror Mirror is a book of endless wonder and fascination.


Reflection Book
Author : Elizabeth Lim
Publisher : Disney Electronic Content
Release : 2018-03-27
ISBN : 1368001602
File Size : 34,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Reflection Book PDF/Epub Download

What if Mulan had to travel to the Underworld? When Captain Shang is mortally wounded by Shan Yu in battle, Mulan must travel to the Underworld, Diyu, in order to save him from certain death. But King Yama, the ruler of Diyu, is not willing to give Shang up easily. With the help of Shang's great lion guardian ShiShi, Mulan must traverse Diyu to find Shang's spirit, face harrowing obstacles, and leave by sunrise--or become King Yama's prisoner forever. Moreover, Mulan is still disguised as the soldier called Ping, wrestling with the decision to reveal her true identity to her closest friend. Will Mulan be able to save Shang before it's too late? Will he ever be able to trust her again? Or will she lose him--and be lost in the Underworld--forever?

Discussion of Cold Damage Shang Han Lun

Discussion of Cold Damage  Shang Han Lun  Book
Author : Guohui Liu
Publisher : Singing Dragon
Release : 2015-11-21
ISBN : 0857012002
File Size : 41,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Discussion of Cold Damage Shang Han Lun Book PDF/Epub Download

A major new translation of the Chinese classic Shang Han Lun by scholar and medical doctor Guohui Liu makes this foundational text fully accessible to English speaking clinicians for the first time. Extensive study and research underpins the translation; the author's understanding of both classical and modern Chinese enables him to interpret fully the ancient work within the theory of Chinese medicine. An extensive commentary explains the translation, the difficulties with the text, how it has been subsequently translated and expands on the theory laid out in the original text to reach an understanding that can be applied in the clinic for diagnosis and treatment. The value of this classic text lies primarily in its establishment of a basic framework for differentiation and treatment, but it also presents 112 formulas and 88 medicinal substances, which are commonly applied in clinical work for various conditions. In this edition, the 112 formulas are fully explained in the context of the clinical experiences of well-known ancient and modern doctors, and they are also laid out in two appendices, cross referenced to the text.


Mirrors Book
Author : Eduardo Galeano
Publisher : Bold Type Books
Release : 2009-05-26
ISBN : 0786744707
File Size : 42,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Mirrors Book PDF/Epub Download

Throughout his career, Eduardo Galeano has turned our understanding of history and reality on its head. Isabelle Allende said his works “invade the reader's mind, to persuade him or her to surrender to the charm of his writing and power of his idealism.” Mirrors, Galeano's most ambitious project since Memory of Fire, is an unofficial history of the world seen through history's unseen, unheard, and forgotten. As Galeano notes: “Official history has it that Vasco Núñez de Balboa was the first man to see, from a summit in Panama, the two oceans at once. Were the people who lived there blind??” Recalling the lives of artists, writers, gods, and visionaries, from the Garden of Eden to twenty-first-century New York, of the black slaves who built the White House and the women erased by men's fears, and told in hundreds of kaleidoscopic vignettes, Mirrors is a magic mosaic of our humanity.

Derek Jarman and Lyric Film

Derek Jarman and Lyric Film Book
Author : Steven Dillon
Publisher : University of Texas Press
Release : 2004-04-01
ISBN : 9780292702240
File Size : 43,5 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Derek Jarman and Lyric Film Book PDF/Epub Download

Derek Jarman was the most important independent filmmaker in England during the 1980s. Using emblems and symbols in associative contexts, rather than conventional, cause-and-effect narrative, he created films noteworthy for their lyricism and poetic feeling and for their exploration of the gay experience. His style of filmmaking also links Jarman with other prominent directors of lyric film, including Pier Paolo Pasolini, Andrei Tarkovsky, Jean Cocteau, and Jean Genet. This pathfinding book places Derek Jarman in the tradition of lyric film and offers incisive readings of all eleven of his feature-length films, from Sebastiane to Blue. Steven Dillon looks at Jarman and other directors working in a similar vein to establish how lyric films are composed through the use of visual imagery and actual poetry. He then traces Jarman's use of imagery (notably mirrors and the sea) in his films and discusses in detail the relationship between cinematic representations and sexual identity. This insightful reading of Jarman's work helps us better understand how films such as The Last of England and The Garden can be said to cohere and mean without being reduced to clear messages. Above all, Dillon's book reveals how truly beautiful and brilliant Jarman's movies are.

Ariadne s Thread

Ariadne s Thread Book
Author : William F. Hansen
Publisher : Cornell University Press
Release : 2002
ISBN : 9780801436703
File Size : 31,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Ariadne s Thread Book PDF/Epub Download

"Ariadne's Thread is a mini-encyclopedia of more than a hundred such international oral tales, all present in the literature of ancient Greece and Rome. It takes into account writings, including early Jewish and Christian literature, recorded in or translated into Greek or Latin by writers of any nationality. As a result, this book will be invaluable not only to classicists and folklorists but also to a wide range of other readers who are interested in stories and storytelling."--BOOK JACKET.

So Many Secrets

So Many Secrets Book
Author : C. D. Koehler
Publisher : Xulon Press
Release : 2012-03
ISBN : 1619966468
File Size : 20,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


So Many Secrets Book PDF/Epub Download

Citizens of the First Kingdom have enjoyed three months of peace and tranquility since the daring rescue of their beloved princess. But the serenity is shattered when the sacred Hall of Mirrors is violated, and a powerful gnomen relic is stolen. The supernatural crime bears the stench of the trollian emperor who is orchestrating a sinister plot to annihilate the little people. Risking their lives to recover the priceless artifact, the Jersey girls and friends enter forbidden lands where terrifying monsters lurk and dangers abound. Tensions mount as mystic allies and vicious enemies amass, placing the girls and gnomes in the middle of the deadly final clash.

The 48 Laws Of Power

The 48 Laws Of Power Book
Author : Robert Greene
Publisher : Profile Books
Release : 2010-09-03
ISBN : 1847651348
File Size : 24,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


The 48 Laws Of Power Book PDF/Epub Download

THE MILLION COPY INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER Drawn from 3,000 years of the history of power, this is the definitive guide to help readers achieve for themselves what Queen Elizabeth I, Henry Kissinger, Louis XIV and Machiavelli learnt the hard way. Law 1: Never outshine the master Law 2: Never put too much trust in friends; learn how to use enemies Law 3: Conceal your intentions Law 4: Always say less than necessary. The text is bold and elegant, laid out in black and red throughout and replete with fables and unique word sculptures. The 48 laws are illustrated through the tactics, triumphs and failures of great figures from the past who have wielded - or been victimised by - power. ___________________________________ (From the Playboy interview with Jay-Z, April 2003) PLAYBOY: Rap careers are usually over fast: one or two hits, then styles change and a new guy comes along. Why have you endured while other rappers haven't? JAY-Z: I would say that it's from still being able to relate to people. It's natural to lose yourself when you have success, to start surrounding yourself with fake people. In The 48 Laws of Power, it says the worst thing you can do is build a fortress around yourself. I still got the people who grew up with me, my cousin and my childhood friends. This guy right here (gestures to the studio manager), he's my friend, and he told me that one of my records, Volume Three, was wack. People set higher standards for me, and I love it.

The Stepsister Scheme

The Stepsister Scheme Book
Author : Jim C. Hines
Publisher : Astra Publishing House
Release : 2009-01-06
ISBN : 1440658692
File Size : 26,8 Mb
Language : Ennglish


The Stepsister Scheme Book PDF/Epub Download

What would happen if an author went back to the darker themes of the original fairy tales for his plots, and then crossed the Disney princesses with Charlie's Angels? What's delivered is The Stepsister Scheme?a whole new take on what happened to Cinderella and her prince after the wedding. And with Jim C. Hines penning the tale readers can bet it won't be "and they lived happily ever after."

The Jewish Story Finder

The Jewish Story Finder Book
Author : Sharon Barcan Elswit
Publisher : McFarland
Release : 2012-08-02
ISBN : 0786492864
File Size : 53,7 Mb
Language : Ennglish


The Jewish Story Finder Book PDF/Epub Download

Storytelling, as oral tradition and in writing, has long played a central role in Jewish society. Family, educators, and clergy employ stories to transmit Jewish culture, traditions, and values. This comprehensive bibliography identifies 668 Jewish folktales by title and subject, summarizing plot lines for easy access to the right story for any occasion. Some centuries old and others freshly imagined, the tales include animal fables, supernatural yarns, and anecdotes for festivals and holidays. Themes include justice, community, cause and effect, and mitzvahs, or good deeds. This second edition nearly doubles the number of stories and expands the guide’s global reach, with new pieces from Turkey, Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, and Chile. Subject cross-references and a glossary complete the volume, a living tool for understanding the ever-evolving world of Jewish folklore.