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First Steps In Research

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First Steps in Research

First Steps in Research Book
Author : Kobus Maree
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2019
ISBN : 9780627037092
File Size : 45,7 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


First Steps in Research Book PDF/Epub Download

A theoretical and practical guide on how to conduct and report on research at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Uses the most current perspectives in the field; both locally and internationally; to facilitate the understanding and application of theories; goals; methods and strategies. Aimed at scholars; academics; researchers; and Master's and doctoral students who are conceptualising and conducting research

First Steps in Research

First Steps in Research Book
Author : Kobus Maree
Publisher : Van Schaik Publishers
Release : 2007
ISBN : 0987650XXX
File Size : 24,7 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


First Steps in Research Book PDF/Epub Download

This much-needed title is an introductory text for novice researchers - undergraduate students or junior postgraduate students who are encountering research methodology for the first time.

First Steps in Research

First Steps in Research Book
Author : Kobus Maree
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2016
ISBN : 9780627033698
File Size : 45,6 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


First Steps in Research Book PDF/Epub Download

Download First Steps in Research book written by Kobus Maree and published by with total hardcover pages 424 . Available in PDF, EPUB, and Kindle, read book directly with any devices anywhere and anytime.

First Steps In Research and Statistics

First Steps In Research and Statistics Book
Author : Dennis Howitt,Duncan Cramer
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2003-09-02
ISBN : 1134635494
File Size : 34,9 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


First Steps In Research and Statistics Book PDF/Epub Download

First Steps in Research and Statistics is a new, very accessible approach to learning about quantitative methods. No previous knowledge or experience is assumed and every stage of the research process is covered. Key topics include: * Formulating your research questions * How to choose the right statistical test for your research design * Important research issues, such as questionnaire design, ethics, sampling, reliability and validity * Conducting simple statistics to explore relationships and differences in your data * Using statistics to explore relationships and differences in your data * Writing up your research report and presenting statistics Simple and helpful worksheets and flow diagrams guide you through the research stages. Each chapter contains exercises with answers to check whether you've understood.

Essential First Steps to Data Analysis

Essential First Steps to Data Analysis Book
Author : Carol S. Parke
Publisher : SAGE
Release : 2013
ISBN : 1412997518
File Size : 47,6 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Essential First Steps to Data Analysis Book PDF/Epub Download

The purpose of this book is to provide instruction and guidance on preparing quantitative data sets prior to answering a study's research questions. Preparation may involve data management and manipulation tasks, data organization, structural changes to data files, or conducting preliminary analysis such as examining the scale of a variable, the validity of assumptions or the nature and extent of missing data. The oresultso from these essential first steps can also help guide a researcher in selecting the most appropriate statistical tests for his/her study. The book is intended to serve as a supplemental text in statistics or research courses offered in graduate programs in education, counseling, school psychology, behavioral sciences, and social sciences as well as undergraduate programs that contain a heavy emphasis on statistics. The content and issues covered are also beneficial for faculty and researchers who are knowledgeable about research design and able to use a statistical software package, but are unsure of the first steps to take with their data. Increasingly, faculty are forming partnerships with schools, clinics, and other institutions to help them analyze data in their extensive databases. This book can serve as a reference for helping them get existing data files in an appropriate form to run statistical analysis. This book is not a replacement for a statistics textbook. It assumes that readers have some knowledge of basic statistical concepts and use of statistical software, or that they will be learning these concepts and skills concurrently throughout the course. SPSS was chosen to illustrate the preparation, evaluation, and manipulation of data. However, students or researchers who do not use SPSS will benefit from the content since the overall structure and pedagogical approach of the book focuses heavily on the data issues and decisions to be made.

Basic Steps in Planning Nursing Research

Basic Steps in Planning Nursing Research Book
Author : Pamela J. Brink,Marilynn J. Wood
Publisher : Jones & Bartlett Learning
Release : 2001
ISBN : 9780763715717
File Size : 20,9 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Basic Steps in Planning Nursing Research Book PDF/Epub Download

This text explores the theory, rationale, and literature behind nursing research, viewing the research proposal as a problem-solving process and focusing on the beginning phase of research, the research plan. It shows how to write a researchable question, develop a research problem, use and critique

First Steps in Research

First Steps in Research Book
Author : Stuart B. Porter
Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
Release : 2008-01-01
ISBN : 0443103984
File Size : 24,9 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


First Steps in Research Book PDF/Epub Download

This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. It covers the steps necessary to plan and undertake a research project and will use clear examples to illustrate what at times are difficult concepts.

A Practical Guide to Biomedical Research

A Practical Guide to Biomedical Research Book
Author : Peter Agger,Robert S. Stephenson,J. Michael Hasenkam
Publisher : Springer
Release : 2017-10-27
ISBN : 3319635824
File Size : 35,9 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


A Practical Guide to Biomedical Research Book PDF/Epub Download

This book advises and supports novice researchers in taking their first steps into the world of scientific research. Through practical tips and tricks presented in a clear, concise and step-wise manner, the book describes the entire research process from idea to publication. It also gives the reader insight into the vast opportunities a research career can provide. The books target demographic is aspiring researchers within the biomedical professions, be it medical students, young doctors, nurses, engineers, physiotherapists etc. The book will help aspirational inexperienced researchers turn their intentions into actions, providing crucial guidance for successful entry into the field of biomedical research.

Understanding Business Research

Understanding Business Research Book
Author : Bart L. Weathington,Christopher J. L. Cunningham,David J. Pittenger
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2012-08-20
ISBN : 1118342968
File Size : 41,9 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Understanding Business Research Book PDF/Epub Download

Explore the essential steps for data collection, reporting, and analysis in business research Understanding Business Research offers a comprehensive introduction to the entire process of designing, conducting, interpreting, and reporting findings in the business environment. With an emphasis on the human factor, the book presents a complete set of tools for tackling complex behavioral and social processes that are a part of data collection in industry settings. Utilizing numerous real-world examples throughout, the authors begin by presenting an overview of the research process, outlining key ideas relating to the business environment, ethics, and empirical methods. Quantitative techniques and considerations that are specific to business research, including sampling and the use of assessments, surveys, and objective measures are also introduced. Subsequent chapters outline both common and specialized research designs for business data, including: Correlational Research Single Variable Between-Subjects Research Correlated Groups Designs Qualitative and Mixed-Method Research Between-Subjects Designs Between-Subjects Factorial Designs Research with Categorical Data Each chapter is organized using an accessible, comprehensive pedagogy that ensures a fluid presentation. Case studies showcase the real-world applications of the discussed topics while critical thinking exercises and Knowledge Checks supply questions that allow readers to test their comprehension of the presented material. Numerous graphics illustrate the visual nature of the research, and chapter-end glossaries outline definitions of key terms. In addition, detailed appendices provide a review of basic concepts and the most commonly used statistical tables. Requiring only a basic understanding of statistics, Understanding Business Research is an excellent book for courses on business statistics as well as business and management science research methods at the graduate level. The book is also a valuable resource for practitioners in business, finance, and management science who utilize qualitative and quantitative research methods in their everyday work.

Project Based Inquiry Units for Young Children

Project Based Inquiry Units for Young Children Book
Author : Colleen MacDonell
Publisher : ABC-CLIO
Release : 2006
ISBN : 1586832174
File Size : 44,9 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Project Based Inquiry Units for Young Children Book PDF/Epub Download

Explains how stories and informational texts can be used to promote research and inquiry in children from preschool through grade two.

First and Second Steps in Statistics

First  and Second  Steps in Statistics Book
Author : Daniel B Wright,Kamala London
Publisher : SAGE
Release : 2009-03-18
ISBN : 1446242781
File Size : 43,7 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


First and Second Steps in Statistics Book PDF/Epub Download

'This engagingly written and nicely opinionated book is a blend of friendly introduction and concisely applicable detail. No-one can recall every statistical formula, but if they have this book they will know where to look' - Professor Jon May, University of Plymouth 'This is one of the best books I have come across for teaching introductory statistics. The illustrative examples are engaging and often humorous and the explanations of 'difficult' concepts are written in a wonderfully clear and intuitive way' - Nick Allum, University of Essex Selected as an Outstanding Academic Title by Choice Magazine, January 2010 First (and Second) Steps in Statistics, Second Edition provides a clear and concise introduction to the main statistical procedures used in the social and behavioural sciences and is perfect for the statistics student starting their journey. The rationale and procedure for analyzing data are presented through exciting examples with an emphasis on understanding rather than computation. It is ideally suited for introductory courses in statistics given its gentle beginning, yet progressive treatment of topics. In addition to descriptive statistics, graphs, t-tests, oneway ANOVAs, Chi-square, and simple linear regression, this Second Edition now includes some new, more advanced topic areas as well as a host of additional examples to help students confidently progress through their studies and apply the techniques in lab work, reports and research projects. Key features of this new edition: - the reoganization of the first three chapters giving more attention to univariate statistics and providing more examples to work through at this level - more advanced 'second step' content has been added on factorial ANOVA and multiple regression - the robust methods chapter from the first edition is now spread throughout the book, and is linked with common teaching practices. - many more examples have been added to enhance the book's practical potential. - a host of exercises as well as further reading sections at the end of every chapter. An accompanying Web page includes information for each chapter using the statistical packages SPSS and R.

Research Methods for Postgraduates

Research Methods for Postgraduates Book
Author : Tony Greenfield,Sue Greener
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2016-08-25
ISBN : 1118762991
File Size : 33,9 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Research Methods for Postgraduates Book PDF/Epub Download

An indispensable reference for postgraduates, providing up to date guidance in all subject areas Methods for Postgraduates brings together guidance for postgraduate students on how to organise, plan and do research from an interdisciplinary perspective. In this new edition, the already wide-ranging coverage is enhanced by the addition of new chapters on social media, evaluating the research process, Kansei engineering and medical research reporting. The extensive updates also provide the latest guidance on issues relevant to postgraduates in all subject areas, from writing a proposal and securing research funds, to data analysis and the presentation of research, through to intellectual property protection and career opportunities. This thoroughly revised new edition provides: Clear and concise advice from distinguished international researchers on how to plan, organise and conduct research. New chapters explore social media in research, evaluate the research process, Kansei engineering and discuss the reporting of medical research. Check lists and diagrams throughout. Praise for the second edition: “... the most useful book any new postgraduate could ever buy.” (New Scientist) “The book certainly merits its acceptance as essential reading for postgraduates and will be valuable to anyone associated in any way with research or with presentation of technical or scientific information of any kind.”(Robotica) Like its predecessors, the third edition of Research Methods for Postgraduates is accessible and comprehensive, and is a must-read for any postgraduate student.

Research Basics

Research Basics Book
Author : James V. Spickard
Publisher : SAGE Publications
Release : 2016-09-15
ISBN : 1483387232
File Size : 20,9 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Research Basics Book PDF/Epub Download

Research Basics: Design to Data Analysis in Six Steps offers a fresh and creative approach to the research process based on author James V. Spickard’s decades of teaching experience. Using an intuitive six-step model, readers learn how to craft a research question and then identify a logical process for answering it. Conversational writing and multi-disciplinary examples illuminate the model’s simplicity and power, effectively connecting the “hows” and “whys” behind social science research. Students using this book will learn how to turn their research questions into results.

First Steps in Statistics

First Steps in Statistics Book
Author : Daniel B. Wright
Publisher : Sage Publications (CA)
Release : 2002
ISBN : 9780761951629
File Size : 51,6 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


First Steps in Statistics Book PDF/Epub Download

P. 10.

Qualitative Research from Start to Finish First Edition

Qualitative Research from Start to Finish  First Edition Book
Author : Robert K. Yin
Publisher : Guilford Press
Release : 2011-09-26
ISBN : 1606239783
File Size : 30,5 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Qualitative Research from Start to Finish First Edition Book PDF/Epub Download

This lively, practical text presents a fresh and comprehensive approach to doing qualitative research. The book offers a unique balance of theory and clear-cut choices for customizing every phase of a qualitative study. A scholarly mix of classic and contemporary studies from multiple disciplines provides compelling, field-based examples of the full range of qualitative approaches. Readers learn about adaptive ways of designing studies, collecting data, analyzing data, and reporting findings. Key aspects of the researcher's craft are addressed, such as fieldwork options, the five phases of data analysis (with and without using computer-based software), and how to incorporate the researcher's “declarative” and “reflective” selves into a final report. Ideal for graduate-level courses, the text includes:* Discussions of ethnography, grounded theory, phenomenology, feminist research, and other approaches.* Instructions for creating a study bank to get a new study started.* End-of-chapter exercises and a semester-long, field-based project.* Quick study boxes, research vignettes, sample studies, and a glossary.* Previews for sections within chapters, and chapter recaps.* Discussion of the place of qualitative research among other social science methods, including mixed methods research.

Taking the First Steps Outside

Taking the First Steps Outside Book
Author : Helen Bilton,Gabriela Bento,Gisela Dias
Publisher : Taylor & Francis
Release : 2016-11-10
ISBN : 1317418492
File Size : 43,9 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Taking the First Steps Outside Book PDF/Epub Download

Can one be too young to play outside? This unique and compelling book charts the experiences of a group of under-three-year-olds as they explore their natural outdoor environment, followed by caring and attentive adults. It deconstructs the myths that underestimate under threes and celebrates the importance of connecting children with the natural world and the influence of positive relationships in this early stage of life. Taking the First Steps Outside draws on all aspects of working outdoors, focusing on different steps of the project, main achievements and obstacles, implemented strategies and benefits for the development of young children. Features include: Stunning photographs of children exploring the outdoor environment, who are interested, thoughtful, persistent and successful Detailed descriptions of real events, illustrating how the outdoor space can be an educational context for under threes Insight into the role of the adult, as they observe and reflect upon children’s learning Advice on choosing the right resources and facilities to create a good outdoor learning environment for the young child Advice about risky play and promoting challenging and positive opportunities in the natural environment Guidance on how to set up an outdoor project for children under three Written to support all students, teachers, practitioners and managers working with under threes, this essential guide will help you to develop your knowledge, build confidence and gain the ability to co-explore outdoors with children.

Listening to People

Listening to People Book
Author : Annette Lareau
Publisher : University of Chicago Press
Release : 2021-10-08
ISBN : 022680660X
File Size : 27,7 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Listening to People Book PDF/Epub Download

A down-to-earth, practical guide for interview and participant observation and analysis. In-depth interviews and close observation are essential to the work of social scientists, but inserting one’s researcher-self into the lives of others can be daunting, especially early on. Esteemed sociologist Annette Lareau is here to help. Lareau’s clear, insightful, and personal guide is not your average methods text. It promises to reduce researcher anxiety while illuminating the best methods for first-rate research practice. As the title of this book suggests, Lareau considers listening to be the core element of interviewing and observation. A researcher must listen to people as she collects data, listen to feedback as she describes what she is learning, listen to the findings of others as they delve into the existing literature on topics, and listen to herself in order to sift and prioritize some aspects of the study over others. By listening in these different ways, researchers will discover connections, reconsider assumptions, catch mistakes, develop and assess new ideas, weigh priorities, ponder new directions, and undertake numerous adjustments—all of which will make their contributions clearer and more valuable. Accessibly written and full of practical, easy-to-follow guidance, this book will help both novice and experienced researchers to do their very best work. Qualitative research is an inherently uncertain project, but with Lareau’s help, you can alleviate anxiety and focus on success.

Handbook of Research Methodology

Handbook of Research Methodology Book
Author : 9781545703403
Publisher : Educreation Publishing
Release : 2023-03-24
ISBN : 0987650XXX
File Size : 32,6 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Handbook of Research Methodology Book PDF/Epub Download

This comprehensive Handbook is aimed at both academic researchers and practitioners in the field of research. The book's 8 chapters, provide in-depth coverage of research methods based on the revised syllabus of various universities especially considering the students of under graduate, post graduate and doctorate level. This book is a product of extensive literature survey made by the authors. The authors have made sincere efforts to write the book in simple language. The book comprises all the aspects according to new syllabus of PCI and APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow. Though this book is intended for the use of pharmacy students of any level yet it can also be useful to students of applied fields and medical students. The book deals with interdisciplinary fields such as finding research problems, writing research proposals, obtaining funds for research, selecting research designs, searching the literature and review, collection of data and analysis, preparation of thesis, writing research papers for journals, citation and listing of references, preparation of visual materials, oral and poster presentation in conferences, minutes of meetings, and ethical issues in research. At the end of every chapter and book some questions related to chapter have been mentioned for the support of students to understand the subject. Valuable suggestions for the improvement of this book are most welcome.

Negotiating the Complexities of Qualitative Research in Higher Education

Negotiating the Complexities of Qualitative Research in Higher Education Book
Author : Susan R. Jones,Vasti Torres,Jan Arminio
Publisher : Routledge
Release : 2013-07-24
ISBN : 113634165X
File Size : 49,7 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Negotiating the Complexities of Qualitative Research in Higher Education Book PDF/Epub Download

Negotiating the Complexities of Qualitative Research in Higher Education illuminates the complex nature of qualitative research, while attending to issues of application. This text addresses the fundamentals of research through discussion of strategies, ethical issues, and challenges in higher education. In addition to walking through the methodological steps, this text considers the conceptual reasons behind qualitative research and explores how to conduct qualitative research that is rigorous, thoughtful, and theoretically coherent. Seasoned researchers Jones, Torres, and Arminio combine high-level theory with practical applications and examples, showing how research in higher education can produce improved learning outcomes for students, especially those who have been historically marginalized. This book will help students in higher education and Student Affairs graduate programs to cultivate an appreciation for the complexity and ambiguity of the research and the ways to think thorough questions and tensions that emerge in the process. New in This Edition: Updated citations and content throughout to reflect the newest thinking and scholarship Expansion of current exemplars of qualitative research New exercises, activities, and examples throughout to bolster accessibility of theory A new chapter on Theoretical Perspectives with attention to new perspectives increasingly used in higher education and Student Affairs A new chapter on Challenges in Data Collection

Survey Methods in Community Medicine

Survey Methods in Community Medicine Book
Author : Joseph Herbert Abramson,Z. H. Abramson
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1999
ISBN : 9780443061639
File Size : 42,7 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


Survey Methods in Community Medicine Book PDF/Epub Download

Presenting the newest edition of this popular text, providing a guide to the basics of planning a medical survey. Doctors, students, and anyone interested in conducting medical surveys will benefit from this practical, systematic, and accessible guide to the design, conduct, and analysis of studies. Also, all new practical advice on investigating a community, as well as coverage of the basics of the subject, i.e. formulating the objectives, methods of collecting data, and more!

First Steps in Mathematics

First Steps in Mathematics Book
Author : Sue Willis,Wendy Devlin,Lorraine Jacob
Publisher : First Steps
Release : 2005-01-01
ISBN : 9780975998694
File Size : 36,8 Mb
Language : En, Es, Fr and De


First Steps in Mathematics Book PDF/Epub Download

Provides teachers with a range of practical tools to improve the mathematical learning for all students