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19 Minutes To Live Helicopter Combat In Vietnam

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19 Minutes to Live Helicopter Combat in Vietnam

19 Minutes to Live   Helicopter Combat in Vietnam Book
Author : Lew Jennings
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2017-07-13
ISBN : 9781548484538
File Size : 48,7 Mb
Language : Ennglish


19 Minutes to Live Helicopter Combat in Vietnam Book PDF/Epub Download

"19 Minutes to Live" illustrates the incredible courage and determination of helicopter pilots and crews supporting those heroes that carried a rucksack and a rifle in Vietnam. Over 12,000 helicopters were used in the Vietnam War, which is why it became known as "The Helicopter War". Almost half of the helicopters, 5,086, were lost. Helicopter pilots and crews accounted for nearly 10 percent of all the US casualties suffered in Vietnam, with nearly 5,000 killed and an untold number of wounded. Lew Jennings flew over 700 Air Cavalry Cobra Gunship Helicopter missions and received Three Distinguished Flying Crosses for Valor. This memoir describes first-hand the harrowing experiences of helicopter pilots and crews in combat operations, from the far South to the DMZ, including the infamous Ashau Valley, Hamburger Hill, LZ Airborne and others.


Chickenhawk Book
Author : Robert Mason
Publisher : Penguin
Release : 2005-03-29
ISBN : 110117515X
File Size : 45,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Chickenhawk Book PDF/Epub Download

A true, bestselling story from the battlefield that faithfully portrays the horror, the madness, and the trauma of the Vietnam War More than half a million copies of Chickenhawk have been sold since it was first published in 1983. Now with a new afterword by the author and photographs taken by him during the conflict, this straight-from-the-shoulder account tells the electrifying truth about the helicopter war in Vietnam. This is Robert Mason’s astounding personal story of men at war. A veteran of more than one thousand combat missions, Mason gives staggering descriptions that cut to the heart of the combat experience: the fear and belligerence, the quiet insights and raging madness, the lasting friendships and sudden death—the extreme emotions of a "chickenhawk" in constant danger. "Very simply the best book so far about Vietnam." -St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Hornet 33

Hornet 33 Book
Author : Ed Denny
Publisher : McFarland
Release : 2016-10-13
ISBN : 1476625719
File Size : 29,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Hornet 33 Book PDF/Epub Download

Combat helicopter pilots in the Vietnam War flew each mission facing the possibility of imminent death. Begun as a series of attempted letters to the Department of Veterans Affairs, this compelling memoir of an aircraft commander in the 116th Assault Helicopter Company—“The Hornets”—relates his experience of the war in frank detail. From supporting the 25th Infantry Division’s invasion of Cambodia, to flying the lead aircraft in the 101st Airmobile Division’s pivotal Operation Lam Son 719 invasion of Laos to cut the Ho Chi Minh Trail at LZ Hope, the author recounts the traumatic events of his service from March 1970 to March 1971.

Undaunted Valor

Undaunted Valor Book
Author : Matt Jackson
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2023-02-28
ISBN : 9781960249074
File Size : 24,8 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Undaunted Valor Book PDF/Epub Download

Download Undaunted Valor book written by Matt Jackson and published by with total hardcover pages 0 . Available in PDF, EPUB, and Kindle, read book directly with any devices anywhere and anytime.

Summary of Lew Jennings s 19 Minutes to Live

Summary of Lew Jennings s 19 Minutes to Live Book
Author : Everest Media
Publisher : Everest Media LLC
Release : 2022-07-24T22:59:00Z
ISBN : 0987650XXX
File Size : 44,5 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Summary of Lew Jennings s 19 Minutes to Live Book PDF/Epub Download

Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book. Sample Book Insights: #1 I had dreamed of flying since I was a toddler, and I had earned my Pilot’s license at age 19. I was working fulltime and attending community college at night. My draft classification was IA, and I knew in the back of my mind that I could be called to serve in the military at any time. #2 The average life expectancy of an Army Helicopter Pilot in combat was only 19 minutes. I was ecstatic and couldn’t sign the papers fast enough. I was a soldier first and a Pilot second in the Army, which meant that I would be sent to Fort Polk, Louisiana, for Basic Combat Training as an Infantryman before attending flight school. #3 My father had arranged for me to fly for the first time in a helicopter. I was shocked at how difficult it was to fly, and I was soon called up to start my processing. I took all the written tests, received a flight physical, appeared before an acceptance board, and received orders for my first assignment: Basic Infantry Combat Training at Fort Polk, Louisiana.


Firebirds Book
Author : Chuck Carlock
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 1995
ISBN : 0987650XXX
File Size : 52,5 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Firebirds Book PDF/Epub Download

At age 19, Chuck Carlock volunteered to become a helicopter pilot, convinced that by the time he finished training, the Vietnam War would be over. Little did he know that he would see some of the war's most intense combat. This dramatic, first-person account propels readers into the chaos of machine-to-machine combat, chronicling some of the most ferocious combat undergone during the years of American involvement in Vietnam. 30 photos.

Black Cat 2 1

Black Cat 2 1 Book
Author : Bob Ford
Publisher : BrownBooks.ORM
Release : 2015-01-12
ISBN : 1612542441
File Size : 53,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Black Cat 2 1 Book PDF/Epub Download

“This moving memoir about the gritty life of a military helicopter pilot fills a gap in the genre of Vietnam literature.”—Foreword Reviews In the Vietnam War, 2,197 helicopter pilots and 2,717 crew members were killed. Black Cat 2-1 is the story of one pilot who made it home and the valiant men he served with who risked their lives for the troops on the ground. Bob Ford invites readers into the Huey helicopters he flew on more than 1,000 missions when he and his men dared to protect and rescue. For those whose voices were silenced in that faraway place or who have never told their stories, he creates a tribute that reads like a thriller, captures the humor of men at war, and resounds with respect for those who served with honor. An Oklahoma Book Award Finalist “Bob Ford’s account of his year in the command seat of his ship of salvation is a priceless contribution to the literary canon of that war.”—David A. Maurer, Special Forces veteran, author of The Dying Place “[Ford] brings to life his story so the reader can experience what it may have been like—and how the troops felt at the time. With moments that feel like they were written for a movie, Black Cat 2-1 will take you in the air over Vietnam and through some of the hardest missions you could expect.”—Week99er “This memoir is hard to beat.”—Air & Space/Smithsonian “Capably written.”—Publishers Weekly “Refreshing . . . evocative descriptions of combat flying.”—The VVA Veteran

This is Minuteman

This is Minuteman Book
Author : Wayne Chasson
Publisher : Huey Books
Release : 2019-12-15
ISBN : 9781946875501
File Size : 35,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


This is Minuteman Book PDF/Epub Download

Relive six decades of flying helicopters in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, and the National Guard. From the tragic to the ridiculous, it's all here in refreshing candor and lifelike detail in this gritty and honest memoir-with humility, humor, and gratitude-as he himself is still trying to figure out how he made it through alive.

Low Level Hell

Low Level Hell Book
Author : Hugh L. Mills, Jr.
Publisher : Presidio Press
Release : 2009-01-16
ISBN : 0307537927
File Size : 37,5 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Low Level Hell Book PDF/Epub Download

The aeroscouts of the 1st Infantry Division had three words emblazoned on their unit patch: Low Level Hell. It was then and continues today as the perfect concise definition of what these intrepid aviators experienced as they ranged the skies of Vietnam from the Cambodian border to the Iron Triangle. The Outcasts, as they were known, flew low and slow, aerial eyes of the division in search of the enemy. Too often for longevity’s sake they found the Viet Cong and the fight was on. These young pilots (19-22 years old) “invented” the book as they went along. Praise for Low Level Hell “An absolutely splendid and engrossing book. The most compelling part is the accounts of his many air-to-ground engagements. There were moments when I literally held my breath.”—Dr. Charles H. Cureton, Chief Historian, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine (TRADOC) Command “Low Level Hell is the best ‘bird’s eye view’ of the helicopter war in Vietnam in print today. No volume better describes the feelings from the cockpit. Mills has captured the realities of a select group of aviators who shot craps with death on every mission.”—R.S. Maxham, Director, U.S. Army Aviation Museum

Dust Off Army Aeromedical Evacuation in Vietnam

Dust Off  Army Aeromedical Evacuation in Vietnam Book
Author : Peter Dorland,James Nanney
Publisher :
Release : 2012-04
ISBN : 1105637832
File Size : 50,5 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Dust Off Army Aeromedical Evacuation in Vietnam Book PDF/Epub Download

Drawing on its first experiments with helicopters in Korea, the Army in Vietnam came to rely almost entirely on the helicopler for medical evacuation. The Dust Off and Medevac helicopter ambulance units tested and perfected for medical use the Army's new helicopler, the UH- I (" Huey" Iroquois), and developed several new devices that helped save thousands of American lives between 1962 and 1973, The pilots of these helicopters displayed courage and devotion to duty that earned widespread respect from soldiers. This book explains early problems of medevac in Vietnam, recounts the valor of crews, and describes the movement of patients to in-theater Army hospitals. It also shows the effect that helicopters had on traditonal procedures. The widespread use of the helicopter for medical evacuation in America since the Vietnam War testifies to the broader issues raised by this study, and of the relevance of Army history to the civilian community.

Guts N Gunships

Guts  N Gunships Book
Author : Mark Garrison
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2015-10
ISBN : 9781629670539
File Size : 42,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Guts N Gunships Book PDF/Epub Download

Mark Garrison recounts his experiences from being on the short list for the draft during the Vietnam War, to signing up to be a helicopter pilot, and his tour of duty with the Crocodiles and Alligators of the 119th Assault Helicopter Company.

To the Limit

To the Limit Book
Author : Tom A. Johnson
Publisher : Potomac Books, Inc.
Release : 2006
ISBN : 1597974463
File Size : 24,7 Mb
Language : Ennglish


To the Limit Book PDF/Epub Download

Helicopter pilots in Vietnam kidded one another about being nothing but glorified bus drivers. But these "rotor heads" saved thousands of American lives while performing what the Army classified as the most dangerous job it had to offer. One in eighteen did not return home. Tom A. Johnson flew the UH-1 "Iroquois" -- better known as the "Huey" -- in the 229th Assault Helicopter Battalion of the First Air Cavalry Division. From June 1967 through June 1968, he accumulated an astonishing 1,600 flying hours (1,150 combat and 450 noncombat). His battalion was one of the most highly decorated units in the Vietnam War and, as part of the famous First Air Cavalry Division, helped redefine modern warfare. With tremendous flying skill, Johnson survived rescue missions and key battles that included those for Hue and Khe Sanh and operations in the A Shau and Song Re valleys, while many of his comrades did not. His heartfelt and riveting memoir will strike a chord with any soldier who ever flew in the ubiquitous Huey and any reader with an interest in how the Vietnam War was really fought.

Snake Pilot

Snake Pilot Book
Author : Randy R. Zahn
Publisher : Potomac Books, Inc.
Release : 2003
ISBN : 1574885650
File Size : 55,8 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Snake Pilot Book PDF/Epub Download

Flies the reader into combat with the same elite air cavalry unit portrayed in the film "Apocalypse Now"


Dispatches Book
Author : Michael Herr
Publisher : Vintage
Release : 2011-11-30
ISBN : 0307814165
File Size : 46,7 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Dispatches Book PDF/Epub Download

"The best book to have been written about the Vietnam War" (The New York Times Book Review); an instant classic straight from the front lines. From its terrifying opening pages to its final eloquent words, Dispatches makes us see, in unforgettable and unflinching detail, the chaos and fervor of the war and the surreal insanity of life in that singular combat zone. Michael Herr’s unsparing, unorthodox retellings of the day-to-day events in Vietnam take on the force of poetry, rendering clarity from one of the most incomprehensible and nightmarish events of our time. Dispatches is among the most blistering and compassionate accounts of war in our literature.

Fields of Fire

Fields of Fire Book
Author : James Webb
Publisher : Canelo
Release : 2019-04-29
ISBN : 1788635191
File Size : 35,7 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Fields of Fire Book PDF/Epub Download

James Webb’s classic, scorching novel of the Vietnam War. They each had their reasons for becoming a Marine. They each had their illusions. Goodrich came fresh from Harvard. Snake got the tattoo before he even got the uniform. Hodges was haunted by the spirits of family heroes. Three young men, from vastly different worlds, were plunged into a white-hot, murderous melting pot of jungle warfare in the An Hoa Basin, Vietnam, 1969. They had no way of knowing what awaited them. For nothing could have prepared them for the madness of what they found. And in the heat and horror of battle they took on new identities, took on each other, and were reborn in fields of fire... Fields of Fire is a searing story of poetic power, razor-sharp observation, and non-stop combat, perfect for fans of Tim O’Brien, Karl Marlantes and Apocalypse Now. Praise for Fields of Fire ‘Few writers since Stephen Crane have portrayed men at war with such a ring of steely truth’ The Houston Post ‘A novel of such fullness and impact, one is tempted to compare it to Norman Mailer’s The Naked and the Dead’The Oregonian ‘Webb gives us an extraordinary range of acutely observed people, not one a stereotype ... Fields of Fire is a stunner’ Newsweek ‘Webb pulls off the scabs and looks directly, unflinchingly on the open wounds of the Sixties’ Philadelphia Inquirer ‘The unmistakable sound of truth’ Time

Air Force heroes in Vietnam

Air Force heroes in Vietnam Book
Author : Anonim
Publisher : DIANE Publishing
Release : 2023-06-02
ISBN : 9781428993938
File Size : 22,8 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Air Force heroes in Vietnam Book PDF/Epub Download

Download Air Force heroes in Vietnam book written by and published by DIANE Publishing with total hardcover pages . Available in PDF, EPUB, and Kindle, read book directly with any devices anywhere and anytime.

Rattler One Seven

Rattler One Seven Book
Author : Chuck Gross
Publisher : University of North Texas Press
Release : 2006-06-13
ISBN : 1574412213
File Size : 22,8 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Rattler One Seven Book PDF/Epub Download

Rattler One-Seven puts you in the helicopter seat, to see the war in Vietnam through the eyes of an inexperienced pilot as he transforms himself into a seasoned combat veteran. At the age of twenty, Chuck Gross spent his 1970-71 tour with the 71st Assault Helicopter Company flying UH-1 Huey helicopters. He inserted special operations teams into Laos and participated in Lam Son 719, a misbegotten attempt to assault and cut the Ho Chi Minh Trail, during which his helicopter was shot down and he was stranded in the field.

The Huey in Vietnam

The Huey in Vietnam Book
Author : David Doyle
Publisher : Schiffer Military History
Release : 2021-10-28
ISBN : 9780764362750
File Size : 53,5 Mb
Language : Ennglish


The Huey in Vietnam Book PDF/Epub Download

Few implements of war are as representative of the US presence in Vietnam as the Bell Huey UH-1-series helicopters. Whether serving in the role of troop transport for airborne assault, supply transports, aerial gunships, or medical evacuation, the Huey was seemingly everywhere. The versatile aircraft, officially the "Iroquois," was affectionately known to all as the "Huey," a name derived from its early model designation of HU-1A. The Huey, later redesignated UH-1, was a mainstay during America's presence in Vietnam, and 11 Huey crewmen earned the Medal of Honor. Through carefully researched archival documents and photographs, the history of this iconic helicopter, and the men who flew it, is told in this illustrated volume.


Huey Book
Author : Jay Groen,David Groen
Publisher : Artha Publishing
Release : 2014-03-14
ISBN : 9780991355204
File Size : 36,6 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Huey Book PDF/Epub Download

John Vanvorden--the Flying Dutchman--is a Vietnam pilot and one of the rugged few who know the danger and thrill of combat while piloting the U.S. Army's UH-1H "Huey" Iroquois helicopter. He experiences screaming descents into hot landing zones to place military assault troops and rescue wounded soldiers. He has the clarity of mind to survive seven days of horror in a Vietnamese jungle swamp while the psychology of a fellow soldier is severely tested. He's got the guts to buck military orders and battle his own brass to pursue an investigation when a botched operation spells disaster for the men under him. Based on the authors' personal experiences in the Vietnam War, Huey is an authentic, action-filled book of historical fiction. Originally published 30 years ago, this moving novel became a New York Times bestseller within days of publishing. Editorial Reviews "Those who have read the classic book of helicopter combat in Vietnam, "Chickenhawk" by Robert Mason, but who still have an appetite for more books of that sort can do no better than to read this novel." - "The VVA Veteran," Books in Review II Book Excerpt: From eight thousand feet, the Flying Dutchman flew his chopper into a nose-high attitude and peeled off into a single-ship approach. His passengers were looking straight down at the ground from the open doorway. Before anyone could blink, they were diving toward the ground at four thousand feet a minute, about as fast as a helicopter can come out of the sky with its main rotor still attached. The 12.7's opened up. Tracer rounds looked like basketballs zooming by. The supersonic bullets popped as they passed, breaking the sound barrier. When a bullet found its mark, it smacked the ship like a baseball bat. As soon as the troops on the ground had hefted the two critical cases into each side, John blasted out low level, taking fire from the ground. He knew the Huey didn't have long before it became battered magnesium. . . .


Jokers Book
Author : Vern Hammill,Edward Kral
Publisher : CreateSpace
Release : 2014-12-04
ISBN : 9781502594464
File Size : 32,9 Mb
Language : Ennglish


Jokers Book PDF/Epub Download

Jokers - War, Love & Helicopter Pilots...What Could go Wrong?

They Marched Into Sunlight

They Marched Into Sunlight Book
Author : David Maraniss
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2003-10-14
ISBN : 0743262557
File Size : 34,5 Mb
Language : Ennglish


They Marched Into Sunlight Book PDF/Epub Download

David Maraniss tells the epic story of Vietnam and the sixties through the events of a few gripping, passionate days of war and peace in October 1967. With meticulous and captivating detail, They Marched Into Sunlight brings that catastrophic time back to life while examining questions about the meaning of dissent and the official manipulation of truth—issues that are as relevant today as they were decades ago. In a seamless narrative, Maraniss weaves together the stories of three very different worlds: the death and heroism of soldiers in Vietnam, the anger and anxiety of antiwar students back home, and the confusion and obfuscating behavior of officials in Washington. To understand what happens to the people in these interconnected stories is to understand America's anguish. Based on thousands of primary documents and 180 on-the-record interviews, the book describes the battles that evoked cultural and political conflicts that still reverberate.